Sunday, July 5, 2020

Lots Of Changes In Two Months

This is 1/2 of the backyard of the house where we live now.  It is the only grassy area on 130 acres of mountainside.  Oh there is a grass of sorts on the mountain.  The cows love it.  But let me back up.

When I last posted, I wrote that we were preparing to move to a mountain property in California.  It's located in the Sierra Nevada mountains and is south east of Bakersfield.

I was packing boxes like crazy because a semi was coming on May 2nd to be loaded and my grandson was on his way to pick us up to drive across country to our new home.

Well, if something can go wrong, it will.  On April 30 I developed a 103 temperature.  My daughter called the ER to see if my husband could take me there.  The news has said to call the ER before going due to the Corona virus situation.  Upon arrival I was given a test and because of the high fever they admitted me to the ward reserved for the virus treatment.  They told me the results would be back the next day.  However, a local hospital had been having daily drive through testing which caused a backlog of test results.  My test took 4 days to return a negative result. Even though they moved me out of the ward to a new room, I really had to push to be released.  One thing I will say is that Elkhart General Hospital really did have what seemed to me to be a good system for keeping me and their employees save from the virus.

I went home to my family who worked diligently to finished packing what I had left undone. I had been allergic to the antibiotics that were given to me in the hospital which gave me a heck of a rash.  They gave me a different med to take at home with an order to rest and instructions to boost my immune system.

I have pretty much been off line because my computer stuff was last to get set up.  Then when it was unboxed I could not find my monitor cables.  I drove myself crazy looking and relooking in boxes.  Finally I just ordered a new one because I could not deal with the anxiety of looking anymore.  I miss Comcast.  We have Direst TV and Viasat which I will learn to live with.  Before we moved in Alyssa got Hughes and a Land Line so now we have two internet services but no cell service.  They tell us AT&T is going to put up a tower and if and when they do we'll have to switch from Verizon.  It's funny, if you have Apple can talk to others with Apple but no one else.

When the packing was done and the truck was loaded and gone off we went in a 15 passenger van.  4 adults, 3 children and 5 well behaved dogs.  Sounds crazy huh!  But it all worked out.  We traveled only a few hours each day and stayed in Air BNB houses along the way.  Our route took us through the Rocky Mountains.  My granddaughter in law bought Terry cans of Oxygen to use in the higher altitudes. I had never been west of Illinois so even though the trip was tiring, it was also exciting to see places I had never seen or imagined I WOULD ever see.

Meanwhile, the realtor was sort of overlooking some of the contracted work that was supposed to be done on the house.  Our land is a 1/2 hour drive off the highway on a twisty turning mountain road.  Two of the contractors that were supposed to be refinishing the floors in the entire house and painting decided to quit.  Our house is too far a drive.  There is a Air BNB house just down the road from our property so we contracted to stay there for two weeks after new contractors were located.

My grandson had electricians do several repairs and changes to the electric system. The seller had left a lot of things that had to be removed from the property.  The creek that runs along the road had flooded a few years ago washing a lot of debris from properties above us on the near mountains and a lot of that had to be removed.  The new contractor that was hired to paint and apply epoxy to the floors was way behind schedule and had done an inferior job so they were asked not to return.  We still have to put new cabinets in the kitchen.

Our home is built of cement and built right into the side of the mountain.  All walls inside are cement.  Needless to say I won't be hanging much on the walls.

Our bedroom is actually a suite.  An outside door opens into our bedroom which has almost an entire wall of windows that look out to a mountain across the road.  We have a 7 x 12 walk in closet.  There is another room off the bedroom that could be another larger walk in closet but I chose to use it for my sewing room.  There is a large bathroom.  All that is closed off for privacy with a hall way door. 

We have a large kitchen and will be putting new cabinets in and a booth kitchen table.  There is a laundry room and VERY large pantry off the kitchen with a door that opens onto the cement deck and walk way that surrounds the main upper level.  There is another bathroom which is smaller and a small bedroom that will be for the boys.  This hallway has the door to the lower level.  The hall and kitchen have doorways to the second living room which have yet to be refinished, though the walls are painted.  There are HUGE windowed sliding doors that open into another open room that will become the dining room.  It is open to what I call the Entertainment Room. We have a huge sectional and TV there and behind it the kids have a play area.  That room is about 25 x 30.

The lower level needs to be painted etc.  There is a HUGE room with french doors that open into a cover patio. (It is covered by the deck on the upper level).  This area has a bathroom and walk in closet and another finished room that could be another bedroom and also has french doors to the outside.

There is a workshop outside that is as long as the home.  There is a rather small grass back yard which is shown in the picture.  It only shows the left side of the yard.  It's the only "grassy" area I have seen.  HOWEVER, Terry and I have not been to the top of the mountain, though Alyssa and Corey have and plan to build a home at the top.  Our home is at about 2500'.  The top of the mountain is about 4200'.

We need to fix a couple breaks in the fence.  Cows from the land that is kitty corner from us (probably 600 acres) wander the road and our mountain.  They come to the side where one of the creeks are and hang out.  One of our dogs is good at chasing them off.  The other dogs except Tyson do a good job of dodging hoofs.  Tyson has learned to keep his distance.

These mountain people can be friendly but not friends. The custom is to keep your gate closed and locked if you don't want company.  We keep ours locked because we have heard since the Covid outbreak there are a lot of strangers around.  We have heard they are stealing mail.  Since Terry gets his meds via mail, we have taken a PO box.  A bit of an inconvenience since the Post Office is a 1/2 hour drive of twists and turns.   We got one of those Gater/Kaboto kind of off road vehicles but ours is a Polaris.  It's meant for off road driving but really, no one cares what you do up here on the mountain.

There is wild life here.  LOTS of different birds.  There are also mountain lions, coyote (which Max has already met and was smart to come back to me) bobcats and who knows what.  The other side of our mountain is government land.  I am told there are bears there.  We were driving the Polaris on the property and a just gigantic bird swooped down at our windshield.  Max was running along beside us and we think he might have been the target.  We didn't get a good look at what it was but the wingspan was huge.  It wasn't a condor because it had a yellow beak.  We are going to keep our eye out.  One of the first things I did was order a bird book for California.

We have been to Bakersfield several times.  It is supposed to be the eighth largest California City.  I don't like it much because of the traffic and don't like to navigate the Hummer in small car thick traffic.  But we have also been to Tehachapi.  It's the kind of small town Terry and I loved when we were younger.  But I do like the Walmart there better than Bakersfield.

Gosh, there is so much more to tell.  For now I just wanted to document some of my thoughts on being here and to let you know we are alive and well and loving living in isolation so far.

Grateful:  Grateful to be alive.  We have chickens.  We had two goats that wondered off and most probably became Coyote Supper.

xx, Carol

Friday, May 1, 2020

A Scene From A Book

This is how far I got on the May 1 theme before I had to get serious about packing for the move.  Can you tell it's the scene from Gone With The Wind where Scarlet gets the idea to use the drapes to make a new dress.  When I think about it, my mind sees the scene from the movie with Scarlet wearing the dress and hat. Missing here is Scarlet herself.  She is packed away in the project box waiting to be completed.

Gone With The Wind has always been one of my favorite books as the movie is too. I didn't read the sequel book because I just didn't think a different author  could capture the spirit of GWTW.

Being of the Baby Boomer generation, I grew up watching old movies.  I loved all the old actors especially the dashing Clark Gable.  I read ALL THE TIME.  One of the things I loved best about the book was exploring each character's personality.  What influenced the women to be the way they were.  I couldn't identify with any one of them.  There wasn't much about Scarlet for me to like.  My favorite line from the movie anyway was Prissy  saying "I Don't Know Nothing About Birthing Babies".  It's been my reply to many questions I have been asked.

I don't have much more to say about this piece.  My first start on this Challenge was Stephen King's IT.  I don't recall why I switched gears to GWTW. I didn't get stalled on it, but like a lot of people around the world right now, we had a lot of illness at home these past 3 months.  Terry's illness looked a lot like C19 virus. He really did think he was going to die.  I was then sick for about a week, but nothing as bad as Terry.  We both would have been tested if there was a test to be had here at the time.

Grateful:  REALLY grateful to be moving to a wonderful place to shelter in place.

Be safe and stay healthy.
xx, Carol

Monday, April 20, 2020

This Is Where We'll Be

This is where we are moving. We are leaving a little sooner than we thought and the race is on to finish packing before the container gets here. This property is 150 acres full of creeks with a spring fed pond.  It even has a mountain top.  It was a ranch at one time and still has a cowboy bunk house and the once used cattle trails. This picture is the upper deck. There is a covered walk-out deck below it. The lower one is like an outdoor room.  My grandson found this property for us.  He will build a home there soon. 

Corey wanted to fly us out to CA, but we wanted to rent a car and drive there.  The final plan is for us all to travel across country in a 15 seat van.  Plenty of seating and room for our dogs.  Lots of windows to see the country.  Terry has seen a lot of this country but I have never been anywhere but Niagara Falls and Mammoth Cave State Park.

I probably won't be on the internet much this week or for the next few weeks for that matter. 

Grateful:  Needless to say I am grateful to be able to move to be close to our grands and great grands.  To be able to see the side of this country that I have always longed to see.

Today I saw a Pileated Woodpecker in the back yard.  I have never seen one before.  Today will be a good day!

Stay well and be safe.
xx, Carol

Thursday, April 9, 2020

Easter Came Early

I usually send a box to my grands each month.  This month the Easter Bunny did it for me.  Our Easter Bunny went to the Wakarusa Dime Store to be sure he got plenty of their very special Jumbo Jelly Beans, Gummies, and other novelty Easter items.  Even though the store is closed until the Shelter In Place order is lifted, a very nice lady answered the phone when I called to see if items could be ordered and picked up at the curb.  They aren't doing that but she assured me if the Easter Bunny placed an order on line it could then be shipped directly to the kids saving the Bunny a trip across country.  From the look of this photo, it seems the delivery was a success.  Nic's big smile is because he is holding a bag of false teeth gummies.

We go to Wakarusa a couple times a year.  We never miss stopping in the store to buy and to browse.  They have just about every candy you can imagine and all of the candy you used to buy when you were a kid.  It's not really a Dime Store, it's a candy shop.  Our area is blessed with at least three great candy shops, but Jumbo Jelly Beans are a must for Easter.  I'm not sure if they are exclusive to the store, but I have never seen them anywhere else.

Well, I have good news.  Terry has recovered from his falls and no longer feels pain on his backside.  Whatever kind of virus he had is gone.  AND...wait for it....we are really moving.  The first property is still in limbo so onward and upward we went right to 150 acres with several creeks, a great house, several...yes several..historical buildings on the property which the realtor called cowboy cabins since the property used to be a ranch.  My grandson bought it.  The house is 2300 square feet with a upper and lower level fully finished.  We will share the house while my grandson builds a house for them.  The property is about 1/2 hour drive to Bakersfield.  It is definitely a great place for kids to grow up and dogs to roam.  But not MINE.  Harley needs a Super Max kennel.

So inspections need to be done which should be completed within two weeks. I started packing boxes.  I expect that we will move at the beginning of June.

Yesterday it was 71 degrees.  This morning there was snow in the air when I let the dogs out. Spring is not here yet.  I think the rodent lied.

I am limiting participation on social media. Making masks is a great cause but that seems to be all anyone is posting about on FB and also Virus news and their opinions of the mess Trump put us in.  There is just too much too read to make me angry.

Grateful:  There is a lot to be grateful for. Especially each new day and a future of seeing our great grands every day.

What happy thing has happened to you recently?

xx, Carol

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

I Am Not An Ostrich

Here is a picture of some of the fabric I have pulled to use in the next Endeavourer Challenge.  I'm pretty sure no one would guess my subject just by seeing this fabric.  Oh, I see I left a brown wood fabric out of the picture.  That clue helped you, didn't it, lol.

Typically when you think of an Ostrich, an image flashes in your thoughts.  It's of an Ostrich with his head stuck in the sand.  I am not an Ostrich but I am mighty sick of hearing about the C-19 virus.  Tired of thinking about and reading about people making masks.  Alarmed that our, and other countries, only defense seems to be a Shelter In Place defense.  I am experiencing a bout of anxiety over all this.  I am distancing myself.  Yes I am. From people.  From some news, from most of FB and from some blogs.  People posting and commenting different points of view have me stressed. Are THEY like the Ostrich?  I don't know.  It doesn't warrant an argument.  Like everyone else, I dread when I receive the quarterly  statement from our financial planner regarding our investments.

So, on a lighter, happier note I present Mr. and Mrs. M. (M for Mallard).

Just about every year we have a visit from a Mallard couple.  Last year they nested in our front yard under the Honeysuckle.

This year it's pretty cold here and we have not been outside to chase them out of the pond.  For me, there is something soothing about this pair visiting.  Terry must feel it too because he told me to let them be.  So, there they are.  They visit every day about daybreak and stay for a bit.  Swimming quickly, lounging and throwing their heads quickly under the water and back up to wash the water over their backs.  I watch for a while but when I look away for just a second...a tiny little second...they are gone.  We are wondering where their nest is this year.  I can only hope it is not where the dogs can get the chicks when they hatch.

We have been staying in and I have been rescheduling some of Terry's doctor appointments.  Yesterday Terry noticed that one of the tires on the car was very low.  So he decided to fill it. (We have an air compressor.  He fell and had difficulty getting up.  When he did get up he fell again.  It's hard for me to help him because he has no use really of his left arm and it hurts to raise it or to be pulled on as he uses his good arm to try to raise himself up.  Now his back hurts.  If this Corona thing wasn't going on, I might have convinced him to go for an xray just to be on the safe side.  We'll keep an eye on it.

Grateful.  Today I am grateful for the diversions provided by Nature and also grateful that I am the kind of person who enjoys them.

xx, Carol

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Facebook Surprised Me

Have you ever received one of these notices on a Facebook post?  No?  Good.  Me either.  HOWEVER, my grandson has a FB presence that is just hard to explain.  He calls it his FB life which is not the same as his private life.

He posted a ...  I'll call it a meme since it is hard for me to remember where he shared it from.  Anyway, you may have seen it because I'm sure it's been viral.  It is false info that there has been a virus outbreak in every election year since I can't remember how long ago.  Being the old person that I am, I remember approximately when most of the virus that were listed occurred.

I pretty much don't comment on Facebook political posts.  I usually shake my head when I read what some people think.  Oh, why don't they have one of those SMH emoji included with the Like, Laugh, Sad, Love and Angry emoji.  I'd use That one a lot.

Anyway, my grandson received this notice regarding that virus post.   You might say GOOD.  But it only makes me wonder how FB would track who shared the original post.  How do they track who shared a shared post?  It's yet another scary thing about FB.  I had read that there were hundreds of Trump posts that were removed for the Fake News error.

I was surprised to see how long it's been since I posted.  We have been busy.  We have been lazy.  We have been waiting..patiently and not so patiently.  For too many darned things. Anxiously waiting.

Yesterday I started my next Endeavourer Challenge.  Today I'm going to set my sewing machine back up. (it's been down while I sorted and organized my room).  THAT should set some wheels in motion!

Grateful:  That we have not been sick yet this winter.

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Have You Seen A .co?

A while ago I started seeing videos pop up on my FB news feed.  I had seen the Tasty brand in the kitchen utensils shelves at Walmart but I was still leary of  clicking on a link on FB.  So off I went to the Google Machine to find out about Tasty and what the heck was a .co. (You KNOW I'm technologically challenged).  Anyway, here is what I found out about .co:

1. What does .CO mean (suffix)? What is the meaning of .CO? What is .CO in a web address?

Every website lives within a domain space such as .com  .net   .biz and others.  Introduced to satisfy the need for short memorable web addresses.  CO is a new domain extension that offers you a global option for branding your online presence.  For some reason they cost more than a .com.

So, I should have guessed.

Well anyway, I found on line and let me just say there are a ton of recipes there that are quick and easy. If you want to try the rib recipe I tried you can see it here.  I made mine in the oven and had great results.

So, I'm still spinning my wheels trying to think of what scene from a book I want to depict in the Endeavourer Challenge.  I MAY be onto something...for the third time.

Terry had the cataract surgery yesterday.  I can tell you that I am relieved to have had it done.  For a moment I was scared when they took his BP and said it was high.  The Systolic rate was good but the Diastolic rate was high. But it all went off without a hitch.

I can't seem to make any headway on stitching when my day is interrupted with doctor appointments.   I need to set up a new embroidery project but I need to clear my head first.

Grateful:  It's hard to mention just one thing.  I'll choose Harley, Terry's Min Pin.  They love each other so much and I'm glad that Corey gave this dog to Terry.  By now he would have driven Corey crazy for all the things that Terry just overlooks.  What a dog.

Let me know if you check out Tasty.
xx, Carol

Friday, February 7, 2020

Stuck On New Endeavourers Theme

This is really not a political post.  I promise. But after our Congress fell off a cliff this past week I was pretty upset with how things are going here in the USA.  I know many are pleased...and I am certainly pleased with our 401 account but not so much with other things.

When Terry was switching through channels the day after "the vote" he stopped on the History Channel.  They were playing the Mel Gibson movie The Patriot.  Well I have seen it a few times.  And yes I know it is fiction loosely based on incidents that might have happened during the Revolutionary War. But there was one scene that grabbed my heart and has stayed with me.  It was the scene after Mel Gibson's character's son was killed in battle.  As a father, he just wanted to quit and go home.  But he found a tattered flag in his son's saddlebag.  The next scene shows Mel riding back to the depressed troups flying that tattered Revolutionary Flag.  Everyone's spirits rose and they marched on in pride for the good of the emerging country.

So what does this have to do with the Endeavourers Challenge.  Well the next theme is to depict a scene from a book.  I got my mind stuck on capturing this scene from the movie.  I still can't get that scene  out of my mind.   I just keep thinking if every single person in this country would remember why our country was formed and fight to keep our country an actual Republic maybe the division would mend.. 

So..this challenge is going to be a REAL challenge. I have absolutely no idea about what the subject will be, but even so I have a design kicking around on how I will portray it.

Grateful:  Today I am grateful for books.  I have loved reading all my life.  When I was a kid I loved to walk to the library.  They would only let you check out 3 books at a time.  I read them pretty quickly.  My mother would ridicule me telling me she was tired of seeing me with my nose in a book.
Perhaps that is why I have encouraged my daughter and my grandsons to read.  Mission accomplished with my grands, not so much my daughter.

There, I have this off my mind and I can move on.  Maybe I should start a new book for inspiration.
xx, Carol

Saturday, February 1, 2020

Endeavourers - Wishes

I read this Jean Houston quote on one of my blog friends posts.

"At the height of laughter the Universe is flung into a kaleidoscope of new possibilities."

As described in the Merriam-Webster dictionary a wish can be a desire.  Or it can be an invocation of good or evil fortune on someone.  I had to really think about the concept. I never wish as a prayer for anything.  Never. I just don't believe in that type of wishes.  However I do often say a wish for something good for someone else such as "I wish you luck" or "Best Wishes for whatever the person may be wishing for" and I say it with honesty. I'm pretty sure I never wish ill will to anyone except if I wish what an evil person has done will be done to them.  You know...Do Unto Others....

The last quarter of the year is always a difficult time for me.  This year didn't fail to provide the usual turmoils with family relationships but also added fear for Terry's health.  I could just NOT get into this challenge.  I actually had 3 false starts with 3 different designs.  My fingers would just not do what my mind was telling them. I just put it all aside.

Then I read the above mentioned quote.  It really gave me something to think about.  The family stuff had settled down.  The meds the Cardiologist prescribed for Terry were doing their job.  The first land deal that fell through but The Universe surprised us with a much better option.  I was not joyous yet.  But I knew that the best thing for me to do with this challenge was to do what I find calming and that is Slow Stitching.  I have been wanting to work with the hex shape again.  I used a ruler that I recently got from Missouri Star Quilt Co. as the base for a perfect hex shape and enlarged it to an 8" hex shape.  I put aside my fears that about a million french knots would not be acceptable for an art quilt. But I forged ahead, my mind and spirit took over and were healing themselves.

The little girl in my piece is making a wish on a dandelion that has gone to seed.  How many times did you do that when you were young?  I know I blew them apart all the time, but I don't recall making wishes.  This little girl's wish blew into the wind joining all the other wishes swirling and spreading across the world.

Sometimes a wish comes true.  Many times Terry has said he wishes that we had moved west when we were young.  Well, that wish is sort of coming true.  We didn't do it then, but we will now.  Fingers crossed. 

Birthday Candles, Wish Bones, Coins Tossed In A Fountain, First Star in a Night Sky.  What is your favorite or thing most often wished on?

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Changes are coming in 2020

January has always been a time for me to reflect on the past and look forward to the future.  This year I am determined not to look to the past but make plans for the future.

The new decade certainly encourages me to make changes mostly mentally and surely physically.  I’m like most that would like to lose a few pounds. I’m pretty sure it’s getting close to the time that I will need a cataract removed.  I could list a couple more things but I honestly don’t have a mindset for them.

I am REALLY surprised that for the first time in my life I am considering cancelling my newspaper subscription.  The paper is getting smaller and smaller.  Since I subscribe to the Washington Post and the local TV stations are always posting news on Facebook I already know most of the news by the time I read the paper.  I admit that I like having the daily crossword puzzle but I'm pretty sure I can get them on line somewhere.  I no longer pour over the sale adds to see what stores have to offer that I don't need.  It’s a conflict for me because honest news reporting is so important especially during this politically turbulent time.

Of course I am like so many others who are giving up things we have held onto for too long.  That gets easier with each passing day.

I don’t like America’s Got Talent anymore. Most of the shows I don’t want to miss are either on premium channels or streaming.

My grandson gave me an I-pad for Christmas.  It's not as big a learning curve that I thought it would be. It is capable of doing a lot.  I should learn one of it's features a day but at this point it's one a week.  If you have one, tell me the feature you love the most.  Maybe I don't know of it yet.

The biggest change that’s coming is the move.  The owner accepted the offer and the property is in escrow.  The house and sheds will be removed replaced by another home and pole barn.  It all should take 4-5 months.  What I don’t look forward to is figuring out tv, internet and phone service. We will be in a dead zone for Verizon I think.

So here we go. 2020 please be a good year.

Grateful:  Life. Happy for each new day with Terry.

Oh. I almost forgot to tell you.  When my grandson was here he installed outdoor cameras around the house.  Terry had told him that Harley who is only 12” tall keeps jumping our 6’ privacy fence to get out of the yard. We couldn’t figure out where he was getting out.  Well we still haven’t got him on camera but Terry has a great time yelling at the dogs through the camera and watching them try to figure out where he is.

Saturday, January 18, 2020

Welcome 2020

I saw this quote on a blog today.  It pretty much depicts how I feel at the start of this year and how I hope to think about life in general.

I had a hard time with the present Endeavorer's challenge.  Looking back I might have found it more easy if I had read this quote when I started it.  I'll post more about that when I post the reveal on February 1st.

If I apply this concept to other areas of my life besides stitching, I will do more to make myself happy and not be manipulated by others to do what they want without considering  me.

This all sounds kind of morose, doesn't it.  Well, it's not.  I'm pretty darned happy right now, just trying to make decisions that will keep me that way.

I am continuing to sort out my room.  Soon I will have to decide what to take with us when we move.  Yes, I'm pretty sure a move is going to happen.  A bid was put on the land.  The house on it was listed as "needs to be remodeled".  What my grandson saw was a tear down.  Hopefully a deal on the land will work out and a modular home will be installed on the property.  It's 20 acres in Caliente, CA.  The weather there is not so appealing as we thought the desert would be, but it's a lot better than Northern Indiana.  We are keeping our fingers crossed that this deal will go through.

Grateful:  I'm just grateful for the internet where you can find info on just about everything!!

If I had to translate this post into a word, it would be free.  Free to sew what I want with out judging myself.  Free to live what could be our last 20 years  (hopefully) how we want to.  Free of guilt since I am truly sure a few will try to send us on a guilt trip to end all guilt trips.

How are YOU feeling at the start of this new decade?
xx, Carol

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Life is Like a Game of Checkers

I have been thinking a lot lately about life in general.  It seems to me that life is like a game of checkers played against an unknown opponent.  The object of the game is always to move forward.  When you misstep your man is taken and you have to advance on another path.  That's how I am feeling path is blocked so you try another.

The property we were looking at in California went bust.  The owner could not convey a clear deed.  I was pretty sure there would be a glitch because it had been on the market for a long time.  Anyway, the search is on and a place in Nevada looks interesting.  But looking at the first property really got us accustomed to the idea that we CAN move and began to really look forward to it.  There is so much to do here to get ready that I'm really looking forward to the process.  We'll clean the clutter and sort things to take, to sell and to gift.  Terry's focus has changed as well.  My Pack Rat husband is looking at his stash in a new light.  I see a big garage sale coming in the Spring.

Corey and Alyssa got me an Ipad for Christmas.  They told me I would love Apple and they are right.

They got Terry outside cameras installed on our home.  Terry keeps a watch on them when the dogs are outside.  Harley is an escape artist so Terry is waiting to catch him in the act of leaving the yard.  He is having a great time yelling at the dogs though one of the cameras.  They run like heck toward the house to see where Terry's voice is coming from when they can't see him.

My switch from my Win 7 desktop to a Win 10 model went smoothly.  It's a lot better than Win 8, that's for sure. Wonder why MS skipped Win 9.

Picking a "WORD" for the New Year is passe' don't you think?  The only resolution I eve kept was not to forget to enter a check in our checkbook. Now I charge everything and love getting the cash back for using it.  So this year I made a promise to myself.  I will dispose of, one way or another, all those things that I have kept and never looked at.   I'm also cleaning out paper files and bought a new shredder yesterday.

Let me tell you about last Friday.  Do you have a REAL ID yet?  Well I got mine last October when I had to renew my license.  Terry never got his so the goal for Friday was to get it.  I gathered the paperwork that was needed to take to the DMV including his licence, social security card, birth certificate, two pieces of mail showing he is a resident and his army discharge card so it could be noted on the license that he is a Veteran.  When we got to the Elkhart DMV he was told the birth certificate was not  an original one so we would need to get one from the Health Department in St. Joseph County where he was born.  That meant driving over to South Bend.  Then I remembered that St. Joseph County has just opened a second Health Department office in Mishawaka which was closer than going into South Bend.  We stopped in Mishawaka only to find that they had a computer glitch and the certificate would not print with the doctor's signature.  Off we go to South Bend.  The clerk in the Health Department there told us that Terry's  birth certificate was an original but 72 years ago Indiana didn't list the sex of a baby and just started doing that in 2009.  Any birth certificate without the child's sex would not be accepted.  I'm telling you, Indiana is so backward.  So we paid $15 and off we went back to the DMV.  Luckily there is one in Mishawaka so we didn't have to drive that far. All that running around took the entire afternoon.

Now, our week is clear.  Next week his quarterly doc appoints start.  His cataract surgery will be at the end of February. 

Grateful:  Honestly I am grateful that I am in relatively good health.  Our lives would be a mess if I weren't.

Tell me what you are looking forward to happening in the New Year.
xx, Carol

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Not a Year End Recap

This is not a year end blog post that revisits what I have done this year.  Maybe next year I'll do that, but not today.  But I do wish everyone a Happy New Year.  I wish everyone peace and patience.

My grandson and his family came to visit for about 2 weeks before Christmas and left a couple of days after Christmas.  Coming here they ran into a bad storm in Nevada.  While traveling home they had mostly smooth sailing.  For that Terry and I are so grateful.

This is the Super Hero quilt I was working on for Nic.  It wasn't a Christmas gift and he loved it.  I had a lot of fabrics left so I made a matching pillow case for it.  Nic always loves whatever I make and he got good use out of it while visiting.

I still have more fabric left so I imagine I'll incorporate them into some scrappy project in the coming year.

One of the gifts we got Nic was Super Hero men.  I wanted him to have a place to keep them and to carry them with him while they travel.  The perfect answer was to stitch a drawstring back pack with left over Spiderman fabric.
I was happy that this gift was a big hit.

Corey brought his Boxer (Tyson) with them and a stray that they adopted (Tigger).  Tyson and my Bosco were great friends when they were pups and as they grew up until Corey moved.  We thought that dog friendship would continue but sadly it did not.  Tyson is such a gentle dog but developed a huge jealousy.  The two dogs tangled twice and it was exhausting trying to keep them a part.  MY dogs got along with every one.

The Hawk is one of my Spirit Animals.  If you are not into this, it's OK, just don't think I am nuts.  The hawk first came to me when Corey was in High School.  An Indian friend told me the Hawk was bringing a message.  Over time, I came to realize that The Hawk visits when I am concerned about something.  Hawk is my symbol to know whatever I am worrying about will be OK. Like when I was on my way to have surgery a Hawk flew next to my side of the car for what was about a mile. I immediately felt at ease.

It took Corey 4 days to travel from LA to my home when a huge storm in Nebraska closed the roads.  First, 2 Hawks visited my front deck.  I have never seen two Hawks fly together let alone perch together.  Then one Hawk returned every day until Corey was here.  The Hawk has not been back since that day.

So, when Corey was here he showed us a house that he is looking at in California in the desert with the Colorado River just one mile down the road.  He'll buy it for us to live in and if it does not work out, he has others to check out.  It would be a 4 hour drive from LA, but at least it's not 4 days.  So, if things work out we will make a move to California.  I can't believe I said that.  We'll see how it goes.

Grateful:  There is so much to be grateful for.  Right now, I'm thinking about how nice it was to see the kids and see my Great Grandson for the first time.  We have seen him so much on video chat that he really did seem to know us and love us already.  We got to see him stand alone for the first time and hear his version of Papa and Bama.

Happy New Year.
xx, Carol