Wednesday, October 16, 2019

In Limbo

This looks a lot worse by camera than it does in reality.  The doc told me he would make an inch incision for Carpal Tunnel surgery.  When I took the bandages off I felt sure this was 3 inches.  I measured it and it's 1-1/4.  It certainly has messed up my Life Line, lol.

So, it was a good thing to do.  I no longer have numbness in my hand.  The incision is healing nicely.  The doctor has not released me yet.  The next appointment is around November 20.  If you have this surgery, obey the doctor's advice of No Pulling, No Pushing, and No Twisting. Pushing for me included shopping carts at the grocery store, which I didn't realize at the time and paid for by wearing a brace for a day.

Before I had the surgery, I stitched and sandwiched a quilt for Corey Jr. and one for Nic. This is the top fabric for Corey Jr's.  I did get it quilted in straight lines.  Nic's is blocks of Marvel Comics.  I only have Nic's flimsy done.  Both are sandwiched with flannel for the batting since they live in Downtown LA. 
This is the backing. It kind of makes the quilt reversible.


While waiting for my hand to heal a little more, I dug around in my stash for upholstery fabric that I could use to stitch a new purse/bag. I wanted something that would go with a new fall jacket I bought.  In reality, it will probably be too cold to use it before I get it done.

I'm not using a pattern.  Just a simple tote.  I'm going to learn how to add a center pocket divider and a recessed zipper closing.  It should be pretty easy, but I just need the quiet time to think about how to do it using suggestions from Utube tutorials.
October is a busy month for us.  Terry has 6 doctors and sees each quarterly and October is the month.  Add lab work and x-rays and that pretty much fills up our days.

Grateful:  I still find something to be grateful for everyday.  Today I thought a moment about some things that make my day better.  The top of the list right now is NO DRAMA.  Life has been serene and I'll try to keep it that way if possible.  I usually begin to be a bit depressed during the holidays so I will attempt to ward it off.

Tell me, are you stitching for the holidays yet.  How soon do you start to make holiday plans?
xx, Carol