Sunday, April 21, 2019

Ed and Bonnie - Good Neighbors

Today my friend Rose who blogs as Pics & Pieces posted a piece about her helpful neighbor.  It got me thinking about some of our best neighbors.  I think the one at the top of our list would be Ed. 

We moved in our home in 1976.  Ed quickly came across the street to introduce himself and bring us a whirly-gig he had made from yarn and dowel rods.  We cherished it until the weather just killed it from old age. We were in our early 20s while Ed had just retired from the local newspaper.  Shortly after we moved in, Terry was laid off . One morning shortly before Easter we woke up to find a ham on the hood of our car.

Ed became like a grandfather to us.  He would come over and ask Terry for help or to fix this or that.  Ed would bring us a gift of some crafty item he had made or some tool he told Terry he knew he would never use again but Terry would, like post hole diggers..  We had his wooden butterflies on our fence for many years until they also died a weathered death. Ed's wife Bonnie would bring us her specially decorated Santa cookies at Christmas.  Laurie would be sure to take them a piece of birthday cake when we celebrated birthdays including her dog's birthday.  They loved that.

We kind of resented Ed and Bonnie's son.  He was Terry's age and we hardly ever saw him come to see or help his dad.

When Ed died, he left a little monetary gift to us. We felt honored that he loved us that much, as we loved him.  He left the house to his son and his pride and joy his Model T Ford that Ed always drove in the local parade and their Air Stream travel trailer.  Soon the son and his wife moved in the house.  Sold the Model T Ford and the Air Stream RV.  He also came over and asked Terry to give him back the post hole diggers. On principle, Terry refused.

We miss seeing Ed and Bonnie across the street and our visits to pass a bit of time.  Needless to say we don't interact much with his son except for a friendly wave.  We DID take their trash can back up to their house when the son was in the hospital because that's what neighbors do.

I think we are good neighbors that are willing to help.  That is the Spirit of America, don't you think?

Grateful:  Today I am grateful that Terry and I have remained the good neighbors that we were taught to be.

Do you have a neighbor that is special to you?  I hope so.

Happy Easter

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Something New Here

My kitchen faucet has been a problem for about a year.  Terry replaced parts to keep it from dripping.  About a month later...dripping again.  Three times.  When my grandson bought his new RV, it had a faucet similar to this one.  I absolutely fell in love with it.  I could not find one in the stores, but I didn't look too hard in plumbing fixture stores.  Finally I got serious and started looking on line.  I found just what I wanted at  The price was right so I ordered it.  I pretty much figured that Terry would not be able to install it because it meant laying under the sink and using both arms, but usually my younger grandson Ky will come to help.  He calls working with Papa the Brain and he Brawn.  When I hoped that faucet Terry looked at it like he had never seen those hook ups before.  No problem, I called Abe's plumbing to come on over, lol.  Well, you know how one thing leads to another.  Before that plumber came to the house I was going to have to get off my butt and wash down cabinets, ceramic tiles and appliances, scrub the floor and put down a new area rug.  Oh, those are all things I needed to do, but that plumber coming into my house put me in action.  One great thing was that I had to clean out the stuff that had accumulated in the cabinet UNDER the sink.  How many cleaning products do I REALLY need, lol. So here it is and I absolutely love it.  A long time ago when the pull down faucets came out I ran out to buy it.  It wasn't THAT long before the dang thing would not retract.  I like that this once has a holder to put it in.  The facet swivels and the sprayer has a long hose. I ALMOST bought a new sink too, but I really don't need one.  But I really should paint the walls that are not ceramic tile.  One thing always leads to another.

There HAS been some stitching going on too. I added patches to my Boro jacket.  The Cubs and other teams are on one sleeve.  I have Tiger fabrics to go on the other.  I decided this jacket does not have to be done before I wear it.

I am also working on the next reveal for the Endeavourers Group and CUTTING (UGH) fabric for a quilt to Nic.

Terry and I are working at cleaning out the garage that we park our car in.  Terry is a hoarder of sorts.  This is a slow moving project and there have been "WORDS" regarding what NEEDS to be kept and what should go in that big black trash bag in the corner, lol.  Well, like I tell him, any progress is PROGRESS.  We might be done by the end of the summer.  Several years ago I bought him a cabinet system that is at the one whole end of the garage.  When we are done, if it doesn't fit in those cabinets it goes OUT.  26 feet of cabinet is PLENTY of room.  Don't you agree?

Grateful:  Today I am grateful that after 46 years our WORDS are quickly forgotten.

What about you.  Do you have any spring cleaning projects you are working on?
xx, Carol