Friday, March 29, 2019

Birds and Where The Heck Is Carol

 Terry and I were driving on a road near us that runs along the St. Joseph River.  Several times we have seen an Eagle in the area, but never close enough to get a picture.  As we were driving, I saw an Eagle fly as if to land in a tree.  Terry immediately turned around so we could find it and luckily it perched prettily and I was able to get several pictures.

I LOVE big birds so you can imagine how thrilled I was. The area where this is has a small wooded island so I'm hoping that there is a nest there.  Last year a young Eagle was flying low over our house.  I couldn't believe my eyes. I second guessed myself.  Was that REALLY an Eagle?  Now I'm pretty sure it was.
I have 3 crows.  Yes they ARE mine!!  They come every year.  Last year two of them had babies and one of them went off to have babies of it's own. It is a family of 4 and they come around, but they are not MY crows.  MY crows come every day to find the bread I leave in the driveway for them to find.  They know my face.  When they see me, the call to me and I call back.  If they come and there is no bread for them, one of them will sit in the tree in front of my patio door and look in and Caw to get our attention to let us know they are "waiting".  He will wait there while the other two wait in a tree across the street waiting for me to open the garage door and bring their treat.  After I go back in, they swoop in and grab a piece.  My three crows bring joy and I love it that they know me.

We are relieved that our fish in the pond survived the Polar Vortex.  The Koi didn't, but they need air in the winter and I refuse to put a heater in the pond.  I told Terry he will just have to find joy in the Goldfish.

So that leaves Where Is Carol?  Well right here.  The last time I posted, I mentioned that my MIL fell and broke her hip. Two weeks in the hospital and then to rehab.  Since my FIL passed we have not had a very good relationship with my MIL because of the horrible way she treated my FIL before he died. Terry's sis was basically taking care of her when she came home.  But my MIL is a hateful person and told my SIL off so she washed her hands of the deal.  Sometimes words and lack of gratitude just cut too deep. I'm not sure where the situation is headed, but I hope my BIL will be able to work something out with her.

At least after my MIL's fall, I decided I better get that Bone Density test my doc has urged me to get for a few years.  Results were good and the only suggestion was to take a high dose of vitamin D-3 for a month.

THEN...Oh you thought that was all?  Enough??  No, I wish.  I am currently uncomfortable with a case of Shingles.  Along my waist, right where my waistband is. And if you think that you can only get Shingles once...well that is not true.  Terry has had them twice so I am worried he will catch them from me as they are contagious.  I had wanted to get a vaccine for them but didn't because it is a live virus vaccine and with Terry's weakened immune system his doc advised against it.

My grandson moved from Oregon and has settled near Los Angeles for the time being.  For sure his move from Indiana is permanent because he got a driver's license out there and plated his cars with CA plates.  That is at least Semi-Permanent to me.

I have been stitching a bit, mostly hand work and working on the next Challenge for the Endeavourer's Group.

Grateful:  I am grateful for technology.  My grandson calls Terry at least every other day, mostly everyday.  We get pictures and videos everyday from either Corey or Alyssa.

I am not so patiently waiting for spring weather.  I THINK it's coming.  How's the weather where YOU are?
xx, Carol


Rose said...

Oh, my goodness....I wondered what was happening in your world...kept thinking I should email. I sure hate that you have the shingles on top of everything else. I know the hatefulness/ungratefulness gets old.

Glad the kids have settled, or even semi-settled. Yes, thank God for technology, though there are times I wonder if it is a blessing. But sure makes it nice to communicate and not feel so far from everyone.

Spring is trying to arrive here...a bit rainy today, but I don't think it will amount to much.

FlashinScissors said...

Hi Carol
Ooooh, shingles, poor you! Hope that goes away soon!
Nice to read about the eagle and your crows. We used to have a family of 4 crows visiting but we haven’t seen them for some time now. I think they were put off by building works nearby, but really we don’t know! Everywhere you go in this country people are building new houses so I think the wildlife is probably suffering!
But strangely we’ve had a smaller bird visiting that doesn’t normally, a black cap, and I’m sure there are others too, so that’s good anyway!
It was good to catch up with you. Look forward to seeing your next quilt for The Endeavourers!
Barbara xx

Roberta Warshaw said...

Well, that is a lot to take in! I hope the shingles don't last too long. I had the shot once but I had such a bad reaction I would not recommend it to anyone. And it isn't even guaranteed to work!

Lucky you that your grandson calls so much. I never hear from mine. It has been months. I try not to worry. it is what it is.

You are right. If he is in CA he will never be back! Ha! No one ever comes back from there!

Momma Bear said...

You would Love it here on the peninsula, then. We have lots of big birds wheeling around over the house. I see eagles and hawks and have crows who visit and say hello. I feed mine periodically too I call them the yeti patrol and they get the table scraps and innards and fat when I cook big. If i put them out in the morning they all gather and say hello.
Ive also a couple of humming bird feeders and while I only see one or two at a time, I know there are more as they can empty a 1 cup feeder in a week in the winter!
for the last week we have been visited by a pair of ducks who cleaned up under the bird feeder so I put out water and some more seed at their level and they ate all of it!
The Chickens next door like to eat my slugs, and good riddance! This year I put all my tulip bulbs in the raised beds, to foil the rotten rabbits, who ate them all last year.

Linda in Calif. said...

Carol - I have been wondering about you. So glad to see your post. What a joy to have a friendship with your crows. Just too funny that they let you know to give them treats. As for the shingles, yes I do know you can get them twice, as I have my second case right now. They are on my face (darn it!) and I have to work. So embarrassing. I've been looking forward to turning 60 - just so I my vaccine. But no, I had to get them a month before! UGH. It's rare to get them 3 times, but I'm getting that shot. I do hope yours heals very quickly! Your shingle sister.

Pamela said...

How cool to see the eagle! I also like getting to see the big birds.

I'm sorry to hear about your health issues. I've heard shingles are painful.

I've been in Portugal and Spain the last two weeks, walking the Camino de Santiago. The weather has been gorgeous! Sunny and between 60 and 70 F every day. I'll soon be heading back to Japan and I hope the cherry blossoms are waiting for me.

Feel better soon!

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

This was a great post and catch up. Ouch, shingles. I don't know anything about them but it sounds painful.
I haven't been able to photograph an are lucky to catch these shots. And the aren't they amazing. We are understanding more and more how intelligent they are. Have you seen the stories of them bringing gifts to their people who feed them?
We are having lots of sun so the snow is melting slowly which is good because we are avoiding flooding. Glad you are back!

Robbie said...

Shingles is the son and DIL both have had it. Hubby is paranoid he may get it. We've both had the 1st injection but waiting for supply to come in to obtain 2nd injection. Love seeing the Eagles!!!! How cool!

Kit said...

Hello Carol! How good it is to see you. No springtime here yet. But all my snow is finally melting. I love that you have crows. They will love you forever. I am waiting for our local Osprey to return to their nest. Every year I watch the couple make a little family via camera. It is wonderful! You take care of yourself. I had shingles when I was 19 and it is not pleasant at all. :) Kit

Cathy said...

I loved your newsy post! What a thrill to see an eagle in the wild! Sorry to hear about your shingles - I hear they’re miserable. I know you can get things like that multiple times; my 32-year old daughter has had the chicken pox three times. I keep waiting for spring, too. xo

Salty Pumpkin Studio said...

Prayers you and yours for good health and good days
Weather matters not so much when it is Spring!
Prayers no bad storms and flooding

Debra said...

The eagle pics are great! And I love your story of your crows. Of course they're yours-crows are highly intelligent birds. I have always loved them. We have ravens that do aerial ballet here, while doing their 'crawk crawk' sound. They are amazing to watch. Too bad they also rob nests :(
So sorry about your family troubles-I guess everyone has something like that at times-I do hope things work out for you. And please do not break any bones!!!!

barbara woods said...

glad you are back

Janine @ Rainbow Hare said...

I was wondering where you were! Sorry to hear about your shingles. I've known people be in a lot of pain with them. I hope something sorts out with your MIL. It's a difficult situation. Maybe somewhere if she found somewhere residential she liked it would be better for all of you but easier said than done :(
I love your eagle pictures. It must be amazing to see one in real life and I'm looking forward to seeing your stitching.
I wish you a happy week and I hope you are soon feeling better :)

Barbara said...

Awesome Eagle photos, Carol! Good to keep bones healthy. I’m on 2,000 mg per day Vitamin D3 permanently. I must be older than you! Lol.
Spring is in NJ today, but not predicted for tomorrow.

Susan said...

What lovely pictures of the eagle! With snow on the trees, too. I was amused by your crow story. Do you know scientists are saying they are one smart bird? My son sent me a video of one in a series of experiments where there was food, but the bird had to use a tool to get it, and various things like sticks and straws were provided. It figured out quickly how to work something, and they kept changing the difficulty. It didn't take long any time for it to get the food. Then they put another bird in, and it quickly learned from the first one! I loved it. It sounds like your three are equally as smart!

I'm sorry about your MIL. Does she have dementia, or she's always been mean? I hope your Shingles clears up quickly and your DH doesn't get it. I wonder if the danger to Terry was worse with the shot or with you actually having them? I think I'd get the shot.

Yesteryear Embroideries said...

my goodness, you have certainly had enough things going on in your family.........on top of that with shingles outbreak. I hope you will feel better soon and all family issues get resolved. We do not have eagles how wonderful you were able to spot your pretty one! Hope it warms up for you soon!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

So sorry you have shingles - not something you would wish on anyone. Hope you soon feel better! Sorry about your MIL situation too - family dynamics certainly can be a trial, especially when one person is being overly difficult and not appreciative of efforts to help. On a better note - amazing eagle photos! I've been told there are some in this area now but I have yet to see them.

Jan said...

So fun to see the eagles and even more fun to be able to get a photo! I see them around here fairly regularly but rarely can get a decent photo. Actually never have got a decent photo. Yours is quite good. I feed my crows every morning too. I get such a kick out of them. I especially like it if I caught a mouse in the trap, I put that out for them and one lucky crow grabs it and flys away with it to eat in private. Sorry about your koi. Sorry about your family problems. I'm sure your good grandson makes up for a lot. Hope your shingles pass quickly and aren't too uncomfortable. I put tea tree oil on mine and they weren't too bad except for the itching when it was finally healing. I'm working on a new batik quilt. Spring is here, Steve already has mowed the grass twice and it needs it again. We are eating kale out of the garden. Your spring will amble in soon.