Friday, March 29, 2019

Birds and Where The Heck Is Carol

 Terry and I were driving on a road near us that runs along the St. Joseph River.  Several times we have seen an Eagle in the area, but never close enough to get a picture.  As we were driving, I saw an Eagle fly as if to land in a tree.  Terry immediately turned around so we could find it and luckily it perched prettily and I was able to get several pictures.

I LOVE big birds so you can imagine how thrilled I was. The area where this is has a small wooded island so I'm hoping that there is a nest there.  Last year a young Eagle was flying low over our house.  I couldn't believe my eyes. I second guessed myself.  Was that REALLY an Eagle?  Now I'm pretty sure it was.
I have 3 crows.  Yes they ARE mine!!  They come every year.  Last year two of them had babies and one of them went off to have babies of it's own. It is a family of 4 and they come around, but they are not MY crows.  MY crows come every day to find the bread I leave in the driveway for them to find.  They know my face.  When they see me, the call to me and I call back.  If they come and there is no bread for them, one of them will sit in the tree in front of my patio door and look in and Caw to get our attention to let us know they are "waiting".  He will wait there while the other two wait in a tree across the street waiting for me to open the garage door and bring their treat.  After I go back in, they swoop in and grab a piece.  My three crows bring joy and I love it that they know me.

We are relieved that our fish in the pond survived the Polar Vortex.  The Koi didn't, but they need air in the winter and I refuse to put a heater in the pond.  I told Terry he will just have to find joy in the Goldfish.

So that leaves Where Is Carol?  Well right here.  The last time I posted, I mentioned that my MIL fell and broke her hip. Two weeks in the hospital and then to rehab.  Since my FIL passed we have not had a very good relationship with my MIL because of the horrible way she treated my FIL before he died. Terry's sis was basically taking care of her when she came home.  But my MIL is a hateful person and told my SIL off so she washed her hands of the deal.  Sometimes words and lack of gratitude just cut too deep. I'm not sure where the situation is headed, but I hope my BIL will be able to work something out with her.

At least after my MIL's fall, I decided I better get that Bone Density test my doc has urged me to get for a few years.  Results were good and the only suggestion was to take a high dose of vitamin D-3 for a month.

THEN...Oh you thought that was all?  Enough??  No, I wish.  I am currently uncomfortable with a case of Shingles.  Along my waist, right where my waistband is. And if you think that you can only get Shingles once...well that is not true.  Terry has had them twice so I am worried he will catch them from me as they are contagious.  I had wanted to get a vaccine for them but didn't because it is a live virus vaccine and with Terry's weakened immune system his doc advised against it.

My grandson moved from Oregon and has settled near Los Angeles for the time being.  For sure his move from Indiana is permanent because he got a driver's license out there and plated his cars with CA plates.  That is at least Semi-Permanent to me.

I have been stitching a bit, mostly hand work and working on the next Challenge for the Endeavourer's Group.

Grateful:  I am grateful for technology.  My grandson calls Terry at least every other day, mostly everyday.  We get pictures and videos everyday from either Corey or Alyssa.

I am not so patiently waiting for spring weather.  I THINK it's coming.  How's the weather where YOU are?
xx, Carol

Monday, March 4, 2019

Gratification Lifts Your Spirits

 This was going to be the year I would get serious about making quilts.  I have all the tools.  I have great books.  I subscribed to some awesome U-tube videos.

I have been stitching blocks that I haven't shown yet, really for a lack of time to post them.  January and February brought family issues.  My favorite niece was in the hospital and now rehab for almost 2 months with a deadly leg infection that almost killed her.  (Be careful where you get your pedicures done).  The day after Marcella's funeral my mother-in-law fell and broke her hip.  Two weeks in the hospital and now in rehab.  She expects us to visit every day, but that is pretty much impossible with Terry battling too many headaches.
But it has still had us running around too much as all of these health facilities are in different towns.  Even though the towns pretty much run into each other, it's still a lot of travel.

BUT.  When I made the basket weave piece for the Endeavourer's group, I had way more material than I needed so I decided to turn it into a small quilt that I will send to Corey J.  It's 36" square and probably the right size to cover his legs in a carrier.  They just moved to LA so I suppose they won't be needing quilts, lol.

Anyway, my original plan was to stitch in the black ditches but since my ditches don't line up I decided to tie the quilt.  I used flannel for the batting and a piece of this black "love" fabric for the back.  You may think the colors are not appropriate for a baby, but they dress Corey in red a lot and the decor in their RV is black.

So you might wonder about the title of this post.  Even though I didn't execute the pattern perfectly, I am so happy to have completed this little quilt. In the future I am SURE that I will make a "stained glass" quilt because I love the effect even though I didn't pull it off on this one.  Completing this quilt gave me GREAT satisfaction and it was a great learning experience.

Grateful:  Today I am grateful that I have been relatively healthy.  I'm ALMOST grateful that the weather is in the single digits because we stay home when it's this cold, lol.

Tell me, are you self taught in the craft you love the most, or did you take lessons.
xx, Carol