Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Put January to Bed

Corey DeLater Jr:
This is my new great grandson, named for his father Corey. The kids were visiting here from Halloween to right after Christmas.  They left a couple of times to travel to Florida where Alyssa's family is and to take care of their business there.

When they left for home, the baby was due in a little less than a month. It is a 30 hour drive from our house to where they stay.  We were on pins and needles until they got home because they headed right into the first snow storm that hit here.  They travel in a 5th wheel so they could stop whenever they needed to.  It took them 5 days to get home. 

We were so relieved when little Corey was born healthy and happy.  I already know I'll call him Corey J. (J for jr.)

I already introduced you to Max.  He is turning out to be a great little dog.  HOWEVER, Harley did have a bit of a time adjusting to the attention Max gets, but it's all good now except that Harley is teaching Max all of his bad habits, and Max is teaching Harley the ones Max already knew.

One thing Max taught Harley is that it's OK..NOT...to climb on the table.  Well my sewing machine is now on the dining room table.  When we left the house the other day, I cleared the table except for my machine.  I put the foot pedal in my sewing room and didn't think they would mess with the cord which on the table next to the machine.  Well I was wrong and that darned Harley destroyed it.  Which leads to the NEXT January issue.

Terry's Motorized Recliner:

Terry has a recliner that has a motor that lifts the leg rest.  The motor died with the leg rest raised.  A replacement motor is $150.  He thinks he can fix it with parts he has in his back garage but it's been too cold to go out there.  I switched places with it and another recliner we have.  I told him not to bother fixing it because I will buy a new one in the spring.  BUT, he tried the electric cord from it on my sewing machine and VUWLAH....Sewing machine is fixed.

Computer Issues Resurfaced:

I was AWOL from the internet for a little while.  It seems that Microsoft wants my Win 7 to be Win 10.  I had downloaded a file to deny that update as MS is trying to do it without permission.  But some issue happened in my last episode so off to the shop it went and it's all good now.

The REALLY distressing News:

Terry's sister that has been battling cancer for the last 3 years is losing the battle.  The docs told her they cannot control it any longer.  She is now under the care of a Hospice Doctor.


His brother's daughter who is about 50 fell and injured her back.  A few days later her leg swelled with a terrible infection...not related to the fall.  She has been in the hospital for a week with the back injury, the infected leg, fluid around her lungs, Pneumonia and now an MRI showed spots on her lungs and liver.  No diagnoses on them yet so we are keeping faith there is no cancer involved. 

I am grateful for oh so many things.  In particular right at this very moment I am grateful that we have not let all these issues get us down.

I really just needed to make this post to put January and all it's issues behind us.


Mary Ann Tate said...

Congratulations on the new family member. Sorta makes everything worth it...right:)

Janine @ Rainbow Hare said...

I'm glad to see the back of January too. It has not been a good month for anyone I've spoken to. So let's start the year again now! Your new great grandson is adorable and I'm glad your sewing machine is fixed. I'm very sorry to hear about Terry's sister, though. I've been wondering how she is getting on. I hope she will be happy and comfortable during her time in the hospice. I think hospices provide very good care and, certainly here, they are much better than being in hospital. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for his brother's daughter. This year I've been thinking about freedoms rather than gratitudes and I find it makes me feel more grateful. Right now, I'm free to sit in a warm house visiting blogland and free from hunger and I realise how fortunate that is compared with so many people. I wish you a very happy February :)

Timaree said...

I love the stories about the dogs and that your husband could fix the sewing machine cord. Our dog did that to a computer cord and barely left enough wire for my husband to reattach it by the charging end! Dogs! I love them so much in spite of their mischief. One thing we know is, they don’t do it to hurt someone!

As for the health issues of your family - how horrible. What a rough time for all. Why can’t death come gently?

And last, what a little bundle of happiness and hope! Welcome little Corey J. Hope he brings his great grandpa some joy at during this hard time.

Debra said...

Oh my friend-I'm so sorry for all the bad family news-but thrilled for your new grandbaby. And he is a doll!

Roberta Warshaw said...

Congratulations on the new great grand son! How exciting.

I am sorry for the other not so great news. Everything all at once. Nothing like it.

But that baby........

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Congrats on your new great grandson.

Sorry to read about Terry's sister and his brother's daughter.

Love, hugs & prayers for all of you at this time ~ FlowerLady

Kit said...

So very sorry to hear of your family troubles. I will keep them in my prayers. Your great grandson is lovely! Welcome Corey J. :) Kit

Robbie said...

Well, I certainly hope all the 'bad' is behind you!!!! Onward and upward!!!!! Good thoughts being sent your way, my friend!!!! And congrats on that great grand baby!!! So glad everyone is safe and well...we found out we're going to be great grands this July! Woohoo!!! Who would have thought...I still think I'm 18! HA

Rose said...

What an awful lot to happen in such a short time. I do not even know where to begin. I know Terry's sister is not something new but that with his niece is. I hope she shows signs of improvement soon. And for sure hope no cancer. As for Corey Jr., I would call him CJ....LOL

OH, glad the cord works on your sewing machine!

Salty Pumpkin Studio said...

Prayers for ya'll
Adorable great grandson. Baby pictures are always spirit lifter.

Barbara said...

January was a study in opposites for you, and I agree except for the addition of Cory J. (acelebration!) farewell to a month we won’t miss.

jenclair said...

A new baby does help balance the distressing news. Congratulations on the latest Corey.

Pamela said...

You have a lot going on! I hope you have a good February. I love hearing about the dogs!