Monday, November 26, 2018

Was Yesterday REALLY the last Sunday in November???

Just a few weeks ago when I looked out one of my patio doors I saw a huge potted petunia.  Remember that?  Well, this morning a looked out to see if the weather person was right.  Were we really getting 6 inches of snow today?  Well maybe we will.  At 5 AM it was raining.  I looked out at 7:30 AM and saw this.  I really was looking out to see if the timer was right on my Christmas lights.  I like to have them on so the kids on the school bus can see them on the way to school. 

Thankfully Thanksgiving went off without a hitch.  Alyssa is a gourmet cook and she prepared the meal and it was great.  The kids left for a week, but will be back this weekend and perhaps stay for Christmas.  We'll see.  They are coming back to town to pick up a new/used 5th wheel.  Her parents say they live like gypsies.  I think it's great that they can go where they want and have a place to live wherever they are.  They love it so it's all good.

I have decided to participate in the RSC in 2019 and have been searching for proper patterns to use for the blocks.  I have a serious stash of novelty print fabrics so I MAY have to add to my stash and explain to Terry why I NEED more fabric, lol.  I have always enjoyed posts by those that participate, but I never really paid attention to how many scrappy quilts they make at one time.  The color changes each month, so do you make a row of one color each month for each quilt? Who knew I would have so many questions.  There is a lot to think about.  If you have participated, please give me suggestions.  I don't want to be overwhelmed by committing to making too many, but I want to make a decent showing and to stay busy with the project. 

Grateful:  This might sound weird to you, but today I am feeling selfish and am grateful that I don't feel guilty about it.

How about you.  Do you have plans for the coming year for a long term sewing project?

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Making Pillowcases and Kiki

 Nic stayed with us while his mom and dad went on a business trip to Florida.  Though he is fun to have here, it disrupts our routine.  But that's OK.  I have vowed though that I am going to focus on machine sewing.  When we went to Joann's, Nic asked me to buy this fabric because he LOVES dinosaurs.  I didn't know that.  The last time he was here it was Captain America.
When Corey came home from vacation last summer, he gave us Harley, the Min Pin they got at a rescue south of Chicago.  His wife wanted another small dog and they found the perfect pooch at the Elkhart County Humane Society.  This is 6'4" Corey and 6" tall Kiki taking Nic Trick or Treating.  Kiki is a Chihuahua Pomeranian mix.  She is 5 years old, the same age as Tyson.  The two dogs get along great.  Kiki selected Corey as his person.  From the first minute she saw him she attached herself to him.  She is always on his lap, at his heels when he walks or in his arms.  They love each other and it's really cute to see the Gentle Giant and the tiniest pooch I have ever seen be great friends.

Grateful:  Today I am grateful that Corey found Kiki who has fit in so well with his family.  But I feel bad for the person who had to give Kiki up.  It's very apparent that she was well cared for and very loved.