Saturday, June 23, 2018

A Little This - A Little That

This is what I see when I look out of my kitchen window.  The trumpet vine is filled with flowers that attract the Hummers all day long.  Unfortunately Black Ants love them too and they are finding their way into the house.  One of the many drawbacks of living on a crawl space foundation I guess.  I can see the pond from the bathroom window too, but when I look out, I mostly see the weeds that are taking over the back yard because we have had non stop record rains for the last two weeks.

I admit that I have avoided posting until Blogger had the comment issue corrected.  I knew they would fix it.  Though I am not a computer guru, I understand what they are up to and it's OK with me.  Keep it all in the Android platform and comply with all the rules the law has set up across the globe.  I have long favored Yahoo for my email, but admit that the enhancements to Gmail have me using it even more.  I have used Chrome for a long time and recently added an extension called Privacy Badger which has eliminated all those annoying adds that appear on the side bar when I am surfing the web.  You know the ones that haunt you because you happened to be shopping for something and the cookies keep the ads showing up even though you already made a purchase.

Since I like to respond to blog comments via a return e-mail, I am hoping the fix works for me.

***** Oh, I have one blog commenter who is anonymous.  Whoever you are, please reply to this post and include your email address.  Since I moderate comments, it won't appear on my blog.  You have previously asked me questions that I can't respond to and I rarely, if ever respond in the blog comments  IN the blog comments.*****

Here is a bit of news:  I am going to be a GREAT grandma.  I am already a great grandma, but now I am going to be an actual GREAT GRANDMA.  Corey's wife is about 2 months pregnant.  Too soon to know if it is a boy or girl.  I am keeping an eye on the CDC map of known ZIKA virus cases since they are planning to go to Miami to see her family in August.

When I get up in the morning I always grab a cup of coffee, let the dogs out and head to my room.  When they come back in, Harley always comes to my room to keep me company.  First he is chewing a bone.  The next time I look he is zonked out.  Then I look and Bosco is providing a pillow.  Pretty soon, they both get up and go back to bed with Terry.  It's our routine, lol.

Grateful:  Today, for my birds.  We have had two Blue Bird Broods and my Three Crows are now four.  Mom, Dad and Two Babies who have all come to visit.  I suspect my Third Crow has mated since I now have a second family visiting regularly.  Sorrowfully, I have only one frog so far as two have left the pond.

Tell me how YOUR June is going.
xx, Carol

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Most Current Info From Blogger on Comments

This is MY first post since blogger made recent changes to the Blogger Platform.  I have read a lot of posts of disgust that Blogger is yet again broken.  But my reply is they will work it out.  Here is a reply they made yesterday on the Blogger Help Forum:

Lucas - Community Specialist said:

Hi there,

Welcome to the Blogger Help Forum!

We're currently tweaking our emailing system, but we expect it to be working again within the next week. Thank you for your patience - we look forward to getting it out soon!

Appreciate your patience in this regards.


See, I told you help is on the way, LOL.

Grateful:  Today, I am grateful that Google still offers Blogger.