Monday, April 30, 2018

The Endeavourers Challenge -Change/Transformation

I gave a lot of thought to how I would depict the Change/ Transformation Challenge.  I researched, drew a draft of the piece, and selected fabric.  Then stalled.  I just could not start.

Another idea popped in my head.  I made notes in my journal for this group but that's where I stalled.

If you are one of my followers, you know that my family has issues.  I call them the Crazy Train.  I came up with the design for this piece after that last time the Crazy Train stopped at my house.

You may remember that my grandson and his family moved from our home to their own home.  Well, the events that lead up to that move were not so peaceable.  Corey is Bi-Polar and refuses to take medication.  His mood swings can be difficult to deal with.

This piece depicts my transformation after realizing that I will not have to deal with his crazies anymore.  It started with the Blah-Blah-Blah which exploded into flames.  The flames broke off in every direction.  I was left feeling relieved, relaxed, and free.  I let my spirits float to the heavens toward the Sun which is my personal Icon for "Everything Will Be OK".

The pieces on this block are hand appliqued using the Freezer Paper Method.  I need a lot more practice on the technique, but I pretty much like it.  If you hand applique using a different method, I would love to hear what YOU like.

Grateful:  Today I am grateful to be living alone in the house with Terry and our two dogs.  Corey took Tyson (who is his dog) and left Harley here because Harley and Bosco are BFFs.

Monday, April 16, 2018

Where Have I Been?

A few blog friends have asked me where I have been since I haven't posted in over a month.  Well, let me tell you a lot of things can happen in a month!!  A month ago I told you about a great sale at Lowes on carpet with free installation, they move furniture and they pay the sales tax.  I wanted to paint walls before the carpet came.  However, I injured my back which put me a week behind while I recovered.   Most of our walls are stained and varnished barn siding so one gallon of paint was way more than I needed.  I chose a really pale green.   I tested it in the bathroom first.  It was a hit so I moved on to the living room. Now I have new carpet and clean walls.  I had cleaned and dusted everything in the room from ceiling to floor.  Now I can't bring myself to hang anything on the walls, but of course I will.  See that Viking lamp in the picture?  My daughter bought it for Corey when he was little. (He's 23 now) and lost his love for the lamp a long time ago.  Terry and I love that lamp and it's been in our living room ever since Corey gave it up.  Our room is eclectic with a mix of American Indian and Big Cats...and that Viking Lamp.  I suspect it won't be long before I am watching furniture ads, but new blinds come first.  I guess I'll probably work over the whole house, but I'll take my time.  I have decided to sell a lot of the stuff we have been keeping for too long.  I have a 10 place setting of Fiesta Ware with a lot of serving pieces and their is a Pfaltzgraff set of Gourmet in the attic that can go too.  I don't want to leave a lot of stuff around to dispose of that the kids don't want.

I've carted off a lot of stuff from my craft to Goodwill.  I've sent some things and fabric to blog friends that I thought might like/use certain things I had.  I have a lot more to go, but need to find places that can use what I have.

Corey and his family have moved into a house they bought in South Bend.  I suspect they will continue to remodel it then either flip it or rent if they continue with their plan to  move west in the fall.  When they moved, they took Tyson with them.  He IS Corey's dog.  However, they left the Devil Dog otherwise known as Harley with us.  He and Bosco cannot be separated.

Now I start the task of getting back into the groove of stitching and plan to start a new quilt.

I leave you with a picture of the Devil Dog and a cute little story.

Sometimes Harley likes to jump up on the hamper in the bathroom to look out window to get a glimpse of a bird or squirrel.  While I was painting in the living room I heard him making a horribly vicious barking.  What in the heck did he SEE?  Well, it was another Harley that lives in the sliding mirror bathroom closet door.  He visits their often now when he is bored.
Today I am especially grateful for the entertainment our dogs provide.

How about you?  What crazy things do your pets do to entertain themselves?  Or, do you have Spring cleaning projects underway while not so patiently waiting for Spring to arrive?
xx, Carol