Friday, February 16, 2018

They Are Cawing My Name

It's been a while since I talked birds around here.  For a very long time I have had three crows that have lived somewhere near me.  I think they live in a stand of Pines on the other side of the house to the west of ours.  I often hear them flying overhead cawing to each other.  But when there is a lot of snow on the ground, they perch in the trees across the street cawing like crazy.  I hear them and go outside to put out bread.  I call to them, Come And Get It, and go back into the house to watch.  One always stays in the trees to watch and call to them if there is danger.  Two strut around at the end of the drive way, making their way to where I have placed the bread on a tote lid so it doesn't fall deep into the snow.  The crows take turns getting bread, but one always stands guard in the trees.  I love these three birds.  I have no idea if they are the same three that have always come to visit and call to me, but I like to think that they are.  I have always said if I ever opened any kind of shop, I would name it Three Crows in honor of the birds that I admire so much.

Grateful:  And just to leave you with a smile on your face, here is a picture of two of my friends that have captured my heart.  They are BFFs and most always together and always touching while they sleep.  Here Bosco's butt is Harely's pillow.  I'm grateful that Corey brought Harley to our home.  He keeps me laughing with his antics.

Do you have a pet or wildlife animal that makes YOUR heart sing?  I love to hear your stories.
xx, Carol