Sunday, November 12, 2017

It's Slow Stitching

When I was young, I did a LOT of stitching.  Making clothes, embroidery on clothes, cross stitching on clothes with waste canvas were second nature to me.

When I went to work full time when Laurie was in 1st Grade, being a full time working mom with a husband who was an over-the-road truck driver, canning and gardening took more time than I actually had.  Hand and machine sewing were put on the back burner.

I have always loved old Crazy Quilts, but not the frau frau pieces with laces and silk ribbon.  I loved the pioneer crazy quilts that were stitched and embellished with beautifully hand stitched seams and motifs.

I never understood the Slow Stitching Movement until now.  That's me...intrigued with hand stitched inchies 10 years after their fad.  Loving the look of Boro stitched fabrics long after "everyone" was talking about it.

I Googled the definition of Slow Stitching and found a few blog posts about it.  It is referred to as stitching a slow project by hand, whether it is cross stitched, quilted, embroidered or appliqued.  It is taking the time to reflect on what you are sewing.  That makes sense to me right now.  Add FOCUS and RESTFUL to the description. Reserving time for me without a break to let the dogs out or do anything for anyone else but ME.  I have much been lacking that in my life, especially now with my grandson's family living with us for the next several months.

So I will not refer to Boro stitching the patches on this jacket anymore.  It is Slow Stitching and it's restful.  Now I will have to find time to machine sew.  Finding quiet time for THAT is more difficult.

I am linking this post to Kathy's Quilts who encourages Sunday Slow Stitching.

Grateful:  Today I am grateful for quiet time used think deep thoughts to better understand myself and others.

Are you able to dedicate quiet time to just think about whatever pops in your mind?  Looking out the window is good for that too!
xx, Carol

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Ok, It's NOT Boro But It's ME!

I was bound and determined to get this Cupcake quilt done.  I didn't bother to see when I started it.  It's the first quilt I ever made and was meant to be for my daughter.  I wanted to hand quilt it and I wanted to hand stitch a cupcake in the center of each block.  I really didn't procrastinate working on  it.  But if you have been around here for a while, you know that my daughter and I have a tempestuous relationship that I refer to The Crazy Train or liken it to a roller coaster ride.  Every time there was a pump in the track, I put the quilt aside.  Our last episode involved everyone in the house and will probably not be rectified for a very long time..if ever.  So I finished the stitching.  I do have to bind it, but I'll do that the next time I get out my cutter and mat.  I'm not in a hurry to finish it totally.  I really loved stitching these blocks, but as I went along I was concerned how the stitching would line up on the back.  Truly I didn't worry about it after I started because what the heck, they were pretty darned close.  I figured the first quilt was a learning experience and that my first quilt should definitely be for my daughter.
 Here is a picture of the blocks on the back.  I used a few of left over blocks from the front and the rest are of the brown and pink cupcake fabric.  The picture looks a little wonky, but when you see the whole back, the stitching along the seams line up pretty well.

My blog friend Cathy nudged me to show some stitching on this blog so thank you Cathy.  I really AM stitching again.  Besides almost finishing the quilt, I have been doing some hand stitching to mend/reattach embellishments  on a few pieces of clothes for Alyssa. 

Then there is my desire to boro stitch.  Partner that with an unwillingness to dye fabrics for the patches, I determined that I would use scraps of fabrics I like, doing my OWN take on this kind of handwork.  I really didn't know where to start, but took the advice of another of my blog friends, Jenclair who advised me to just start pinning and then stitch.

Here is the start to the pinning.  The patches ARE straight, though the jacket is hanging and was not flat for the picture.  Yes, I was in a hurry to get a picture taken.  I am not going to leave any frayed edges on the pieces.  I am not agonizing over placement or theme too much.  But I can tell you that when I am done, I'm going to love this jacket.

I received the first prompt for the block I will make for The Endeavourers Group.  NATURE.  Now I know that you think...Nature...Birds...pond etc and you are pretty sure you know where I will go with it.  You will be surprised as I was.  I even started a Notebook with a thought plan.  THAT was another surprise for me.  I  AM  GOING  TO  HAVE  A  PLAN!!  In the past I have stitched thoughts on the fly and never thought it out.  Thank you Renee for a post you did some time ago about designing a Crazy Quilt Block.

Grateful:  Today I am so very grateful for Corey and Alyssa.  Earlier in the fall I made a list of all things that needed to be done around the yard and house to winterize for the coming cold.  When I went out to cut back a few plants, there they were, covering chairs, taking in landscape decor, picking up hoses, etc. etc. etc. and asking if there was anything else beside the list that they could do.   It was such a tremendous help and they got it done in about an hour.  I can't imagine how long it would have taken Terry and I.

What thing are YOU thankful today?  What are your stitching plans?  Do you have a project you are excited about?

xx, Carol