Friday, October 6, 2017

A Stitching Idea for Tast

I absolutely love anything Sugar Skull or Day of the Dead.  Heck, anything skeleton can jump into my cart!  When I was in our local Meijer store, I saw this tote on the shelf from about 5 aisles away and made a B-line to it and of course it JUMPED into my cart.

I am looking forward to the next stage of TAST.  I forget which name was selected to title it, but the stitches will be issued in Family Groups.  I'm thinking that I will use the Sugar Skull as the pattern to work the stitches on.  Perhaps I'll use a few blocks.  How many stitch families are there anyway?  I'll have to check in my reference books.

I can see that I will use this pattern for a lot of things.  I see purses, totes and pillows as possibilities.

Today when I went to edit my photo using Pic Monkey, the program would not let me save the edited picture unless I paid an annual 3.99 fee.  Well, that's worth it, but not if I could find a different free service.  I found the BeFunky Photo Editing Program and was free and easy to use so it's my new Go To program.

Grateful:  for free photo editing programs.

OK, so what else can I do with this Sugar Skull pattern?

What photo editing program do YOU use?

Are you planning to participate in TAST next year?
If you don't know about TAST, you can find out about it HERE
You can also look for TAST, or Take A Stitch Tuesday on Facebook

Have a great weekend.
xx, Carol


Barbara said...

First, what is TAST? Your skull pattern has me wondering what I would do with it too. I don’t know, maybe nothing since it’s so busy. I do like it though, and most all things like it!
I’ve been using the free version of photoshop, PSXpress. It’s easy, and did I say free? Lol.

Anonymous said...

Hi Carol yes i had the same problem with Pic Monkey,i did the same i found another free one.Love your skull and it would look awesome stitched,hope you have a lovely day my friend xx

Robbie said...

Love that skull!!!! WOW!! I could see doing a whole series of quilts using it!!! I don't manipulate my pics that often but times I need to reduce pixels/etc. or I want to do a panorama using several I use IRFANVIEW. It's free and I've used it for years!

Pamela said...

I edit my photos with the photo program that came with the mac computer. It works for me. I used to use Picassa, but that's not available any more.

I participated in TAST a few years ago and posted my stitches every Tuesday. I stopped for awhile, then starting using crazy quilt blocks to practice the stitches. The numbering system changed and I was confused about which ones I had done. I'm thinking about starting again in the new year.

Cathy said...

I gave up PicMonkey, too, when they started charging. And I've been having trouble with BeFunky too (been using them for months). So last time I used the service and then just took a screen shot instead of saving it the usual way. Thumbing the nose to them..... Sharon groups the stitches (a few years ago she offered some great stitch guides for a nominal fee) as: herringbone (and its myriad variations), chevron, Cretan, etc. I think there are at least 6-8 total, maybe more.

Debra said...

I'm going to check out the free program you mentioned. I actually wrote to Pic Monkey about that issue-I have been using it free for years-I only used the crop and brighten feature. Then all of a sudden-you weren't even allowed to save your edited photos! They wrote back a sugary note saying they wanted everyone to experience all the features of Pic Monkey...blabblabblab. so that was that for me.
I look forward to seeing some stitching here!!!

jenclair said...

I've only participated in TAST once and made prayer flags to practice new stitches on. I use Picasa mostly--and when I think about it PicMonkey, which I pay for but forget about using. I should try to find an alternative.

Timaree said...

It will be fun to see what you do with this! I don’t really edit my photos anymore. I use to have Photoshop (the lighter version) but now I am only using my Ipad and so I just gave it up. I crop with my Ipad tools and meld some photos into one with Pic Collage. That’s it so far.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Afraid I can't make any suggestions re the photo editing issue - I use whatever came with my computer. Great idea for TAST stitches!

Susan said...

That's interesting! I look forward to seeing what it's like after TAST is done with it. =) When I had a PC, eons ago, I used Photo Plus in the free edition. When I switched to MAC, they didn't make one for that platform, but I found Image Tricks. I can't get you a site to check because it recognizes my mac and will only bring me mac stuff. LOL You can search for Photo Plus free, though, and probably find it. Easy to use.

Janine @ Rainbow Hare said...

This skull will look amazing decorated in different stitches. I'm looking forward to watching your progress with it :)

Jeanna said...

I'm still using PicMonkey but may look around for another option soon. I'm not participating in TAST but I'll be watching what you come up with!

FlashinScissors said...

Sorry to be late commenting.
The day I saw your sugar skull here DH and I were out at a lovely restaurant who just happen to have a very similar picture as their logo. Theirs is a pineapple shape though. What were the odds of seeing two sugar skulls on the same day?!!
I love to read how people edit their photos, but I’ve never been brave enough to edit mine in any way. It takes me long enough just to write a post! Tee, hee!
Barbara x