Thursday, May 25, 2017

What The Heck Is THAT!?!

What the Heck Is THIS?  Well, I'll tell you in a minute.

First, thank you for sticking with me as I have been absent for about a month.  Hopefully I will get back in the groove of posting on a more regular basis.  I had a really good routine going.  I would get up each day at about 5 AM to be sure my grandson got up for work, do all my computer stuff like reading and writing blogs, paying bills and catching up on the news.  Then my grandson moved out.  My routine crashed into sleeping until about 8AM.  Then Terry would get up a short time later.  He does that when the dogs wake him up to eat.  For some reason they think they can't eat before he gets up.  Silly dogs.  Then I hate to leave him alone so I do all that computer stuff on the laptop.  I HATE the laptop.  It's Win 10 and does not cooperate with Android apps so posting on he blog is a pain because for some reason I can't move pics around or put the cursor where I want it to be.  So that's my excuse for being gone for a while.

Ok, Now to the story.  One morning about a month ago we went out to the pond.  There in the water was something we have never seen before and we have had a pond for at LEAST 40 years.  It was some tubular looking something that almost looked like Nature's fibrous rope with black specks inside.  So, of course I took a picture after I surmised it must be frog eggs.  OMGosh, yes it was.  About a billion of them that are now all small tadpoles.  Last year we had so many, but they died.  I investigated and found that tadpoles eat algae.  Every year Terry treats the pond to kill leaf debris and algae. This year we never got over to the supplier to buy the treatment so we have decided to find out what will happen when all these frogs grow legs.  I wonder if there is a market for frogs, lol.

There are other things going on around this house and I'll let you know all about them.  Hope you come back to see what's up.  

Today I am grateful for all things nature, especially for my frogs.  I share a lot of time with them.

What's new with you?  Have you ever watched frogs grow?