Monday, January 9, 2017


There is a fad going on right now that you may have heard of.  Mannequining.   Here is a pic of our joke about it in our house.  My dogs love to do the Mannequin! They do this daily, same pose, most often this spot.  Anyway, I can't post without a picture so I chose my mutts.

We like to support the Habitat for Humanity Restore and often discover some really cool things there.  If not cool we get really good deals.  Like the leather garden gloves I found for only $4 a pair.  During a recent trip I found a floor embroidery frame for less than $20 which was a pretty good deal.  It's a place to shop and to donate home items as well.

I'm pretty sure that I will be doing hand quilting in the future.  Since I received a rather nice cash gift at Christmas, off I went to Joann's with a 60% off coupon in hand to buy a PVC floor quilting frame. After the coupon was applied the price was only $44.  I'm pretty sure I would have paid more than that to make it myself.

It's been a difficult year for me.  Losing my father-in-law has been hard on both Terry and I.  We received more sad news from my sister-in-law.  She went through cancer treatment during last fall only to have it return in full force as soon as the chemo left her system.  Stage IV.  We are having a hard time grasping the fact that there is no cure.

My vocabulary and spelling is pretty good.  I take pride in it really.  My daughter and then my grandsons used to ask me why I "know so much" and spell so well.  I always tell them that I have always loved to read and when I saw a word that I didn't know the meaning of I always looked it up in the dictionary.  I am happy to say that my grandsons also love to read.  However, they don't really read books, but find many useful and interesting things to read on the internet.  The other day when I was looking up a word on an on-line site, I was offered the opportunity to have a word and definition sent to my e-mail each day so I signed right up for it.  The site also offers word games.  Here's a link if you'd like to check it out.  Dictionary

Have you tried the new Oreo Thins?  Even if you don't like Oreo cookies, you may want to give them a try.  They are the BEST NEW THING!!

If you are looking for an interesting read, you may want to check out these two links.

A Good Read

Another Good Read

Thankful:  Good reads.  A good book.  An interesting article.  The newspaper.  Today I am thankful that I can read well.

Do you hand quilt and if so do you have any tips for me?


Rhonda said...

My advice for quilting is find a thimble that fits you well & then needle size is going to be important.

kathyinozarks said...

good morning, thank you for the link for the word of the day-I just signed up-that sounds like a cool way of learning. I have been back to reading again since last year this time and really enjoying it-I do that when there is nothing if interest on the tv.
we have a habitat for humanity not too far away from us too-about a 30 minute drive and I have picked up some nice things there too. Ours has really expanded now too-a great place for little or big construction projects too. I find most all of my craft tools and supplies from garage sales and resale shops too-I have found some amazing items. I haven't been to a joanns store in over a year now-their coupons are the best-our store is over an hour a way in the "big" city so not something I would do on my own anymore.
have a good day

Pamela said...

One thing I like about reading books on my iPad is that I can touch a word I don't know and the definition pops up. I think reading a lot has helped my spelling.
I have seen many types of Oreos in Japan, but I haven't seen those yet.
I do hand quilt. Instead of loading up my needle with several stitches, I do one stitch at a time with my left hand on top and right hand underneath. It takes longer but I can make even stitches that way.

Penny said...

Good for you on your purchases!!! We have a lot of thrift stores around here: Habitat, Goodwill, Humane Society, Council on Aging... I visit all of them, but not at one time. Its always fun to go 'treasure' hunting. I have been known to donate something and a week later realize I want it back - so I buy it back *smile*!! Sure enough it goes back six months later *smile*

jinxxxygirl said...

I don't quilt Carol but i do READ!!! I too have a good vocabularly and i'm good at spelling...hmmm... must be something to that reading Aaawww your puppies are so cute... Back in the day (80's) remember Madonna did that song 'Vogue' and all the kids would pose for that song ....anyway what once was old is new again...

I'm so sorry to hear about your sister in law Carol ... to go thru all the hell of chemo to only have it not work....I will keep all of you in my thoughts....Hugs! deb

barbara woods said...

No don't have the time , have to finish and get them to the one I am giving them to.

Jeanna said...

I have one of those pvc quit frames from JoAnn's. I've never even taken it out of the box. Please let me know if you like yours.

Terri said...

LOVE the doc picture!! They are so sweet!

So sorry to hear about your sister-in-law!

I love to read, too, but try not to do too much of it because when I do read, I don't do anything else and will often times read until late at night and finish the book! :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Carol,so sorry to hear about your SIL,such sad news for you all.
I have noticed since i have stopped reading my spelling has gone down hill.
We have oreo's here but i havent seen the thins.
Hope you have a lovely day Carol.

Robbie said... sorry for your SIL....I too love to read but don't have the time to do so...SO, I listen to books! ALOT...when I'm drying my hair (use earplugs), when I'm cleaning, driving in the car. I have an old IPOD and I can download books free from the library. I love reading...just found another new author (for me!) named David Bell...really good mystery books, which I read mostly or your dogs!

jenclair said...

Losing the ones we care about is so hard. You have too much bad news about illness and loved ones, Carol, and I hope that 2017 will be more about good news. Stitching always helps me through the hard parts, so maybe the hand quilting be good for dealing with stress and grief.

Timaree said...

A tough year indeed! Or shall we say two years since the bad news spans two of them.

Hand quilting worked out best for me with super thin batting. I especially liked a cotton batt I bought that was all natural but it was a thin one and not overly warm but for looks and small stitches, you couldn't beat it! Here is a link to what I used (the first one that came up and not necessarily the cheapest): Enjoy your quilting! Between the making of the quilt top to the quilting to the using or gifting of the quilt there is a whole lot of time spent enjoying yourself for the price!

Jan said...

Not sure why dogs look so funny upside down but they do! So sorry to hear about your SIL. I hope you all can find ways to cope with such sad news.
You know I'm a big reader too, I've subscribed to AWordADay for years and enjoy the quote at the bottom each day too. I do a lot of hand stitching but I'm not really working on big quilts so my stitches are more organic than precise.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

So sorry about your dear SIL. Cancer is such a horrible disease and it robs us of so many loved ones far too soon. I love to read too - pretty much anything and everything - but I don't take as much time with it as I'd like. It comes down to stitching or reading and most times stitching seems to win out. I think well-read people do have a good vocabulary. When our boys were small and were being taught to write stories in school I was astounded to discover that the teachers weren't correcting their spelling. Their excuse? It was more important to get their ideas down on paper and that correct spelling would happen later. Ummm??? Really? To my mind if you start out life spelling 'cat' 'kat' then it will be 'kat' for the duration. Wrong is wrong. Today I am grateful I learned to read phonetically and that I taught my boys the same thing.

Janine @ Rainbow Hare said...

So sorry to here about your SIL, Carol. I hope everything goes as well as it can for her.
I love words too. I did an English Degree and my very favourite thing about it was online access to the OED.
I will check out you Good Read links :)

Susan said...

I do hand quilt, bu you don't want my tips, trust me. I don't use a thimble. Sometimes I use a hoop or a frame and sometimes not. You were right to buy that frame. Although you could put the piping together, the four pieces that come in the commercial frame for holding the quilt are so much better than anything you could make for that purpose. The first time I bought one of those was so far in the past, the cost was less than the $44 you paid. =)

Debra said...

The weirdest thing-I have never made a quilt or even tried it. My grandma made many. She taught me all the other handwork that I still use today, but we never got around to making quilts. I do love them-especially the old ones....But there are some amazing modern ones that I love for the design and color. So it's odd that I haven't gotten into quilting. Maybe you will inspire me to get at it!

Yesteryear Embroideries said...

Love your dogs doing the Mannequining, LOL Habitat for Humanity Restore is a really great place......especially when you have projects to fix at home.......they have wonderful doors, windows, and just about everything else. My heart goes out to you and Terry for your loss and I am so sorry to hear about your sister-in-law. I love the dictionary site! Wonderful!

Eggs In My Pocket said...

Your dogs photo made me smile! I love to go to the "Restore". They have so many wonderful things there. Hope your sister in law very sorry.

Rose said...

I am so sorry to hear about your Sean. How did you find him? Oh, I love the picture of your Bubbie cat sleeps like that.

Deepa said...

Prayers for your SIL - I am hearing the word Cancer too frequently now a days :( . Thank you for the dictionary link - me and my daughter spent some time playing the vocabulary and spelling games :)

Kit said...

So very sorry to hear about your SIL. So hard on a family when cancer visits. I will keep you in my thoughts. Kit

DVArtist said...

First thank you for the very lovely comment on my blog. Your words run deep and encourage me. I have placed your blog link on my sidebar so I can keep up with you better.I do not hand quilt so I am looking forward to see what you create. I get a word a day to keep up on my Spanish. No one around here to speak with so I try to stay on top of it. I think the English word a day sounds good too and I am going to link up with it. I remember when your FIL passed and I am so sorry. The passing of family takes something out of us and we have to find that love and connection to fill it up again. I am still working on that. I am truly sorry to hear about your SIL. A special hug for your DH and love to you both.

Cheryl said...

Sorry to hear of your Sister in law's health being threatened... sigh. Sometimes the "stuff" in life is a little bit overwhelming isn't it?

I used to embroider and quilt a lot... Currently, I have a few cross stitch kits that I am going to start--- only doing one half of the "x's" so that my seven year old grandaughter can do the other half and have a completed cross stitch piece made by the two of us :-) I am in the market to buy some wooden embroidery hoops. I have seen where people have taken crochet doilies and used the embroidery hoops to make dream catchers... sounds cute huh.

My quilting advice? Do SMALL projects. A purse, a table runner, Christmas stockings etc. Don't get boggled down on doing a queen size quilt with matching pillow shams. lol
big hugs,

Deb said...

Two of my favorite places to donate are Habitat for Humanity and the Humane Society Restores both are wonderful causes and when I can love to browse the shops too. One of the things I would say in hand quilting is don't try to make teeny tiny stitches at first, stitch what feels good for you and your fingers. Also a hoop or frame or none will depend on the project and personal preference. Most of the time I don't use a thimble but have one for those areas that are thick.

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