Wednesday, November 30, 2016

A Word--2017

I'm writing this post on the day after Thanksgiving.

There a so many things going on in the world sometimes it's hard to focus on yourself.  Your mental health which translates to your physical well being.

At the beginning of the year some people, including me, select a word of focus for the coming year.  By the time a few months have passed we forget what the heck that word WAS.  One word, thought, STATE OF MIND is always foremost in my personality.  I reflect on it often.  My intention through the coming year...better yet the rest of my life...will be to intensify it.  The state of being is GRATEFUL.

My WORD for 2017 is Grateful.  Each post will end with something I am grateful for, but will not include all those common things people include in a list.  It's a given that I am grateful for friends, family, my pet friends, my home etc.  Each time I post I'll look for some uncommon thing to realize and pay special attention to. Give that a shot...sometimes not so easy.  I'm going to add the list to my sidebar as well.

Today I am grateful for the birds that are visiting my feeders.  They give me joy to watch them coming and going.  They give me satisfaction knowing I am providing them with a habitat with food, water and shelter.   Birds.

Friday, November 25, 2016

Pinned (Not A Political Post)

Don't mind the lint on my black coat.

Most people have heard that some are wearing a safety pin.  I have read a lot about the Why and Why Not to wear one.  Then I read a recount of a lady that was wearing one and was approached in the grocery story by a woman and her small daughter who spoke broken english.  She asked questions about preparing a turkey and dressing.  The pin wearing lady was glad to offer conversation and advice.  When done, the little girl looked up at the lady  and pointed to the pin  and said that she had told her mother it would be okay to ask her.

Stories like this fill my heart with joy.  I AM that person wearing the pin.  A stranger might not know it because my facial expression is a frown.  I don't know why my lips turn down.  When I think of it, I turn them up.  Why isn't it normal for me?  Anyway, I decided to add a pin to my coat.  For good measure I added a heart charm.  I want people to know I am approachable.  That I am willing to be helpful.  It's not a political statement.  It's a personal one.

I'd be interested to hear you thoughts about wearing a safety pin whether they are political or not. If your comment is rude, I'll read it, I might respond to it, but I WILL delete it.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

An Easy Start For A Cupcake

Sometimes I think about why I write blog posts. I'm pretty sure that one of the reasons is for me to validate  that I am actually doing something I love and doing something useful.

Granted, I am a slow worker and let life get in the way of my focus. But I finally have a good start on my first quilt.  I found this free and easy pattern on line. It's meant to use fat quarters and the pattern is for a crib quilt and called for 16 blocks.  I improvised a little using yardage and fat quarters and enlarged the size to a little larger than a twin size.  I mean for it to be a throw quilt for my daughter that she can use on the couch if she wants to.  She collects cupcake items and I have had the fabric for a long time.  I have the same cupcake fabric in brown and will probably use it for the backing.

The fabric selection was a bit tough because I have vowed to use my stash and not go looking a something "new" because I don't have the right fabric color or shade.  The green fabric is the same shade of green in the cupcake fabric.  It has pink cows on it.  Laurie LOVES cows so it was a MUST to use it in the quilt.

I have been checking on batting and nearly fainted when I saw the price.  I should have bought of stash of it for retirement too!  Luckily there are sales and I have coupons!  I am thinking I would like to use warm and natural.  Is that a good choice?  Any suggestions will be appreciated.

Monday, November 14, 2016

The Girl On The Train

This is not a review or it kinda is.  I won't be talking about the story.

I used to be a constant reader.  When I was young I walked to the library and spent hours searching out books.  Sometime in my early thirties I stopped reading. Several of my blog friends are promote reading and have inspired me to reacquaint myself with the written story.

I didn't really know about this book until I heard they had made a movie of it.  We don't go to the theatre much so I decided to buy the book.  I usually like books better than the movie version anyway.

For me this book was really hard to get involved in.  I think at about page 60 or so I wanted to know where the tale was going.  But things happen and I put it down for a few days.  When I started reading again it was hard to remember what I had already read.  The last week of pre-election coverage sent me back to the book.  I really did want to know how it was going to end.  I have to say, I really didn't see the end coming.  It was more of ahh, haaa that OH WOW though.

The movie was rated 1-1/2 stars, a sure tell to me that I don't want to go.  I can see why...not much to work with here for a movie.

Since The Girl With The Dragon Tatoo was published, there are been a slew of "Girl" books hit the market.

If you read, or saw the movie The Girl On The Train, I'd love to know what you thought of either of them.

In the mean time, I'm going to read "Somebody I Used To Know" by David Bell.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

My Tree

My living room is 11 x 23 and filled with furniture.  Filled with chairs, really.  Add two patio doors into the mix and I can tell you I have a hard time finding space to add a Christmas Tree.  No, THIS is NOT my CHRISTMAS TREE!!  But this window is at one end of the room.  It's a spot that I like to decorate for Halloween which got me thinking about how much I love that the Halloween decor for it includes lights.

I was thinking that I would go outside and see if I could find an appropriate branch that I could recycle to be an indoor tree.  I didn't have much luck,

But when I walked through the Christmas display at Walmart, this "branch tree" caught my eye.  It's 48" tall wired with white lights.  It's not quite what I had in mind, but I brought it home anyway.

My Thanksgiving display is in honor of Indians.  I have a lot of Indian and Bison figurines in my home.  I added orange lights to the tree, my favorite Indian and a Buffalo (on the left).  I can turn either the white or orange lights off if I want, but I like them both on.  The vignette gives a soft glow on that end of the room.

I plan to leave the tree there until I need to have the air on and change the light color and decor with whatever holiday/event I am decorating for.

In case you wonder, we now leave the air conditioner in the window year round.  Terry is no longer able to remove and replace it.  We hate to depend on anyone else to do it.  I cover the front of the window with that shrink clear plastic which really does keep the cold air out.

This display reminds me of Thanksgiving and all that I have to be thankful for. I mentally enumerate them, ticking them off one by one with Terry and family always at the top. The list is never ending.