Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween!!


Hope you celebrate like one does it better.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Happy Was Not Too Happy

This is Happy.  He is one of my daughter's 3 dogs.  He is a Blue Nose Pit Bull.  He is also the MOST timid dog I have ever met in my life.

Shortly after Laurie left my house last night, I received a frantic phone call.  It was hard to understand what she was saying, but what I got from her side of the line was that Happy had a fish hook stuck in his mouth.  Look at his lip.  You can see it hanging down.  I immediately called the Animal ER and told her I would meet her there.  (Oh yeah, my husband advised her to cut the hook and push it though to get it out.....NOT).

Happy is almost a year old and is a Rescue Dog.  You may remember that Laurie just moved into a different house and thinks Happy found that hook in the garage.  It was a large barbed hook.  I'm thinking it might have been the type used for Coho fishing which is a big sport here with the St. Joseph River running through this area.  Happy was given an anesthetic and the hook had to be cut out of his lip because it was multi-barbed.  3 hours and $250 later, Happy went home a little tired, but Happy!

Friday, October 14, 2016


I know, I know...Google knows too much about me.  It sometimes follows me around and gives me suggestions of stuff to buy that I ALREADY bought.  BUT.  When you wake up on your birthday and open your Google Page and there it is...Google in Birthday Mode and even says Happy Birthday Carol...well I HAVE to admit that I thought it was pretty cool.

Terry and I are going out today.  I'm not sure where we will end up.  For sure at Target because I received a rather large gift card from them for sheets that I bought whose content was misrepresented.  Not by Target but by the manufacturer...probably made in china.

We are meeting the kids at Golden Corral because GC sent me a free birthday meal and they are having a Shrimp Extravaganza.  GC is not my favorite place to go by any means but we're going by the kids budget so it's all good.

Today I am 65...medicare ready.  I was thinking yesterday how lucky I am that I was able to retire early and enjoy the past couple of years with Terry all day long.  If I hadn't retired, we would not have our dogs because we would not have gotten dogs until I could be home to housebreak them.  We love them so much and they are really great friends.

I was thinking back on so many things I am grateful for...far too many to mention.

So Happy Birthday to me!!  For the most part the past 65 years have been a blast!!