Monday, September 12, 2016

Traditional Quilt Class Finally for Me

 These are the last two blocks I completed in Kathy Shawl's On Line Traditional Quilt Class.

They went together SO smoothly. I completed both in two days after my FIL came home from the hospital and before he passed.

Kathy immediately sent me the instructions for the final block which was Paper Pieced.  Auggghhh.  You see that Not A Word in the comics a lot.  Well, anyway you do in Snoopy.  I'm pretty sure it translates to "I just can't get into this paper pieced block and I know I never really will".

Then my FIL passed and I had to clear the dining room table of everything that didn't belong there.
Lots of company coming in and out and my clutter is always an embarrassment for me to family that doesn't understand it.

I don't know when I actually decided to call the class done for me, but it is.

Someone mentioned on their blog that they were washing and pressing all of their fabrics.  At the time I thought "Are they crazy?"  Well that got a little seed growing and all of a sudden when I was doing loads of know the not really dirty things...I would throw a few pieces of fabric in a laundry bag and toss it in the wash.

You can't press that much fabric with your iron...not me anyway.  The next post will show you the best present Terry ever gave me.  And I never asked for it.  He just found it all on his own.  I may have not even known it existed back then.  I'll show you in the next post.

I read an article about the Pro and Con of washing fabric before you stitch blocks.  I have always washed fabric before I sewed clothes so for me it was a no brainer.  So tell me what you think or what YOU do. And while you are thinking about that, let me know how you sort your fabric because that is certainly the next step in the process of washing and pressing.

I'm back in the swing of posting again.  Thank you to every one that continues to maintain a blog and to every one that leaves comments here.  I absolutely LOVE the blog community and ALL of the friends I have made through belonging.
xx, Carol


Janine @ Rainbow Hare said...

I'm glad you're back in the swing of posting Carol. Your latest block looks lovely. I usually pre-wash fabrics unless they are made by someone I have found is reliable on not shrinking in past. And I always use a colour catcher the first time I was a quilt. Annoyingly, I find that if I try to iron in my sewing room it trips the fuses all around the house. For some reason that doesn't happen in the laundry room and, I think, the kitchen is ok but with patchwork it involves going backwards and forwards a lot. I'm looking forward to seeing your best present in your next post :) x

jenclair said...

Great blocks, Carol! I still tend to wash most of my fabrics before using them, but not always. Reds for sure--just in case they bleed.

Penny said...

I always wash my fabric before I use it. I don't have a problem because I work small and pretty much use fat quarters for everything - so they are easy to press before I cut into them. Hmmmm I wondering if you got a Mangle iron????

kathyinozarks said...

I have always washed my quilt fabrics before sewing with them, it get rid of all the starch or whatever they put in fabric these days to give you the real feel of the fabric. I know many do not wash first as they like sewing wwih it that way-so one of those things depends on each quilter.
no method for pressing-I just set up my vintage ironing board in my living room which is next to my craft room and steam press away lol My craft room is too small now to set up the ironing board
My Mom loved loved paper piecing especially for detailed stars and small blocks-she was into these tiny blocks that were paper piecing-I have no patience for that lol

Robbie said...

Nicely done there lady!!! Block looks great!!! To be honest, since I dye most of my fabric it's washed. BUT do I wash commercial fabric...99% of the time NOT...but every so often I will...not sure why but at times I do...most of my work is hung on the wall and not on beds so....did your hubby find you a 'mangle'!!! We used one as kids...we'd have to iron pillow cases, name it! But I loved that bugger!!!

Barbara said...

Ditto on loving blogging! I've tried and left it all, but always continue to blog. I don't wash fabrics before using them. I like a Pickers look, so if they shrink, it's OK. Pressing and sorting?? Yeah right, in my dreams. Lol.

Anonymous said...

Hi Carol ,love your project ,yes i never know whether to wash the fabric or not,hope your day is a good one xx

Renee said...

The blocks are lovely. I am so very sorry for the loss of your FIL. (((Hugs)))

Mary Ann said...

Kudos to you for finishing Kathy's traditional blocks. Not for me though. I do like English Paper Piecing though. Imagine me saying that after claiming never to ever quilt ever.

I usually wash 100% cotton fabric before I make something. Sometimes I cheat and dampen the fabric and then press with a hot iron. I'm always worried about the shrinkage.

Susan said...

Love your block. I am way behind, but not just on that class! I don't pre-wash fabrics. Sometimes I check a navy or red, but even those rarely bleed, and shrinkage is minimal on the fabrics I buy. There are also color catchers to throw in. Honestly, I rarely wash my quilts, either. Sometimes, I hang them over a railing outside on a nice breezy day and let them air. At night in Arizona, LOL.

Organizing fabric - I've tried every method there is. The way that works best with the way I sew is to group fabrics by type - batiks, civil war repros, solids, r/w/b for American Heroes, etc. If I have a lot of something, I may have more than one container separating colors. For instance, I have a large tote that has pink CW on one side and brown on the other. I have a large tote of batiks where I sorted them into giant baggies I found - not closed up, of course, but they are color sorted, and I can just grab the color range I want. I don't think there is one perfect way. Every way has some kind of disadvantage.

Jeanna said...

Your blocks turned out beautifully! Curves scare me so I am in awe of yours.

I haven't tried paper piecing yet but it is on my bucket list. I have the paper and a special 1/4" ruler thingy that I know absolutely nothing about yet.

Timaree said...

Your blocks are great. I would never finish a paper pieced quilt. Well, I haven't finished any quilt in the last decade so I guess I am done with making quilts. My eyes have trouble seeing the needle on the sewing machine. I have ironed fabrics with an iron. Lots of it!

Cathy said...

Paper piecing is NASTY! Aaaarrrrgh is right! Love your block - great job. I just got back from a week at the CQI retreat in Missouri, so I'm playing catch-up. I always wash fabrics first for garment sewing but NEVER wash them first for quilting. Cottons shrink, so you often end up with less than you need for a given pattern. Plus, I want the shrinkage to come after the sewing and quilting to get that nice puckery look and feel in the quilt.

KaHolly said...

Sorry about your FIL. A sad time in our lives when we lose a parent. I stopped by after seeing a comment you made on another's blog. Your blog name intrigued me, as I'm a quilter and a birder. I'd never thought to consider a presser! Will have to check into them. Paper piecing has its moments. I've made a lot of fun projects using pp, even a few smaller sized quilts. I like it for projects like wall hangings and bags. A little bit goes a long way! Enjoy your day! ~karen