Friday, August 12, 2016

Peaceful Passing

Saying goodbye was not easy.
I loved you as if you were mine.
You were one of a kind and there will never be another like you. It's true.  A good man is hard to find.
 We knew it was your time.  You saw your mother and brother who you missed so much.  You relived fond memories...we knew that because you talked about them when you could not talk to us.
You will always be with your son and with me.
In our hearts and in our mind you will never be forgotten.

My father- in-law passed peacefully on August 11, 2016 at 10:10 PM.

Monday, August 8, 2016

I Asked for a Table--I GOT a TABLE!!

Remember when I mentioned that I was trying to figure out how to put a pull out cutting table in My Room?  I wanted to free up the dining room table so we could actually sit at it. Heck, when I met with my health insurance salesman we arranged to meet at a local cafe because I didn't want to clear my dining room table!!

I asked Terry to make a table that could pull out from under a counter that my Singer Presser sits on.  No matter what I ask Terry to make for me...he does.  So off we went to Menards to buy a piece of sanded 1/2" plywood, 3/4" x 2" strips of birch to frame it, and drawer slide outs.  The slides pull out 100%.

Here is a side view of the table with my 18 x 24 mat placed on it.(That's Bosco laying under it.  This is both dogs favorite spot when they are in my room.  Usually there is a doggy bed there.  Tyson cried until I put it back.)

I guess I'll have to move the bed when I am actually using the table, but anything to keep my puppies happy.

Here is a front view.  The table must stick out a little bit from under the counter, but that's OK.

Having the table located in this spot My Room caused me to rething about what is on my counter above it.  The drawers above it contain some of my bead items so I moved them and actually made it more of a sewing center.  I like to use 12 x 12 scrapbook containers as project boxes so they are what I switched into that spot.

This is the shelf above my computer desk.  I love to look up at these babies while I am thinking about what to say when I write blog posts and comments.

There are two of my mouse witches I made last year and some doll gifts from a couple of my blog friends.

I think of you guys every time I look at them.

So, I have put the temp afghan aside for now due to the 90 degree weather.  I am keeping track of the temperatures but really don't think I catch up until the weather cools off.

I need to start the next block in Kathy's class.  Of course I am still putzing around the pond.  We spend time with Terry's dad every day, stay close with his sis who is having an awful time with side effects of Chemo treatment.

To my friend Jenclair...thank you for inspiring me to actually pick up a book I can get interested in. You made me realize how much I love to get lost in a book.  I am now reading Every Breath You Take by Ann Rule.

What is filling YOUR days?  Are you like me and feel guilty that you don't get done all that you want to?

Friday, August 5, 2016

Another Mystery? Go See

A few months ago I was so excited because we had literally thousands of tadpoles in the pond.  What the heck happened to them?  I researched a little and found that they eat algae.  Since Terry was putting algae killer in the pond, they may have starved to death.

Then about a week ago I saw about 10 LARGE tadpoles.  No legs yet.  So back to Google.  It takes about 3 months for tadpoles to develope legs. So that means if there ARE tadpoles left, I should see frogs any time now.

But look at THIS guy.  He was on a rock.  I was pretty sure he wasn't one of my tadpoles.  My fish girl says these are Tree Frog babies and I have hundreds of them hopping around, but mostly hiding under the deck, I think.  I love my little frogs and look for them daily.

Oh look at my friend!!  Do you think that HE thinks that he is a turtle? I just love this frog.  I have tried to watch to see how he gets under that shell.  I just have to know if he backs in or WHAT!!  The other day there was a smaller frog and a baby frog out there, but I have not seen them again.  And there have been no frog serenades at night.  I wonder if they remain quiet when it's hot.  I haven't even heard any croaking in the day.  I miss their conversations.

The viney bush growing next to the Chief is a Trumpet Vine.  I have seen other Trumpet Vines in the area that are blooming like crazy.  Right now mine only has a little blooming cluster near the bottom.  My Rose of Sharon have just started blooming also.  I always remember that mine bloom in August, but I have seen others around the neighborhood blooming like crazy already.  I love Rose of Sharon and fight to keep them every year because the multiply like crazy and Terry hates them.  I don't know why he thinks he has any control over what plants we have around this house, lol.  The ground cover that I planted in the rocks are spreading nicely but I am continually washing away spider webs.  I saw a couple of those Tree Frog babies caught in the webs so I have made it a daily ritual.  Plus, we have not had rain so the plants need to be watered.
  We are continuing to enhance and improve the pond area as time and temperature allow.

We still have some of the boards that my BIL disposed of when he put in a new deck.  Terry has made a boardwalk out to the deck that has the table on it.  He has also added a wood deck under the swing.  I think his next project will be to build a boardwalk where the patio blocks are.  We also have a picnic table that is not shown here that Terry uses as a catchall for his tools when he is working.  I think I'll move those patio blocks under it.  Keeping the picnic table in the pond area was my concession when we put a glass table on the deck.  Terry never saw a table that doesn't deserve to hold a tool, lol.

We have not been working outside in the past week or so.  The temps have been in the high 80s and low 90s with the humidity at about 1000%.  It's not healthy for Terry to be out there.  I suffered heat exhaustion a few years ago and have not done well in this kind of heat ever since.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Who Ever Said Money Can't Buy Happiness!!

Whoever said it was NUTS!!

It would buy me a lot of happiness.  Get a new house that Terry doesn't have to worry about repairing.  Likewise for the car.  Several family members need stuff and I would be so HAPPY to give it to them.  Medical help for Terry that is out of out financial reach.  My grands can use some of that too.  My daughter could use a more renting and moving and single parent struggling.  How about the Pet Refuge?  I KNOW they would love to share my HAPPINESS!!  I would be so HAPPY to make some little kids happy...and some elders too.

Recently the large Mega Million jackpot was won by someone around the Indianapolis Indiana area.  The winning number was drawn the day my brother in law passed through on his return trip from visiting family in Tennessee.  We got a lot of mileage in joking about him being the one that won and keeping it a secret from us.  It was during the time my father in law was in the hospital so I saw him everyday.  One day I brought him a picture of a house blueprint from the paper and asked him to add it to our wish list.    Sometime in the conversation each day someone would pop up and say Glenn will buy it.  We even planned to tell him that he had a great disguise when they showed the winner on TV.  DANG WINNERs  had an agent accept it in order to conceal their identity..  You can do that in Indiana if you accept the prize as an LLC.  So, we had great fun teasing Glenn.  It's always nice to dream about how you would spend that kind of money.  For me it's mostly about how I can make others as happy as I would be.

How about you.  Do you play the lottery and dream about how you would spend the money?  It seems like those jackpots increase to high values pretty quickly now.  Do YOU think money can buy happiness?

On second thought, maybe money can't buy me happiness, but ENHANCE my happiness!