Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Nine Down, Three To Go

OMGosh, I am finally getting back to stitching.

I wanted to sew.  Thought about it a lot when I couldn't.  Even bought new fabric.  That always gets the juices flowing.

Where was my focus? It really took me 2 days to get my mind to pay attention to what I needed to do. I read the instructions more than twice and still cut the wrong sizes from the wrong fabrics, then cut again. I laid out the pieces to form the block.  Stitched a few only to find I stitched the wrong sides together on a couple of them.  HOW DID I DO THAT?!? I thought I was paying close attention to the task at hand. Somehow before I knew it my focus was back.  The block went together easily.

This is the block for Lesson 9 of Kathy Shawl's traditional quilt class. The triangles are stitched on a paper grid.  I kind of liked that when I was stitching the grid. But in the end I really like just stitching squares into triangles without the paper.  But I like the finished block and like the fabrics I chose.

The pieces in my scrap piece box are slowly growing. For sure a scrap quilt is in my future.  The next lesson is a Dresden Block.

The one big thought I have after stitching this block is that I NEED a dedicated cutting table.  Not the dining room table.  Since lack of space is an issue I'm going to be working on an idea  to have a table that can slide under my sewing machine table that I can slide out when I need it. Maybe something like the keyboard tray on my computer desk.  I'll put Terry right on it!! LOL.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Here's a Little Mystery

Look at this!  Know what it is?  Probably.  The mystery question is WHERE is it?  I was shocked.  More in a minute.  I'll give you a little time to think about it.

Life was on hold since July 2 until today.  My father-in-law is coming home today to enjoy the rest of his life under the guiding hands of hospice.  Boy did that decision cause a stir in the family.  Someone put it in my mother-in-law's head that he could go to rehab and that is where she decided he would go but failed to tell her two daughters who have been taking care of him day and night  during his hospital stay.  Since I have been reading my recently received Medicare Manual I knew that was not an option so I asked her to please talk to the case worker to know what her options ARE.  She refused.  So here is info for you.  If you have a terminal illness, your options are hospice or a nursing home.  Since they had not made provisions for nursing home insurance, she realized that Hospice would be the best for everyone.  We will all do whatever we need to do to make these next months as comfortable for him as possible.

You have no idea what can happen to landscaping when it is neglected for 3 weeks.  Luckily I am able to try to catch up.  BUT, the pond cannot be neglected.  We add water every day which helps to add oxygen to the  water and keep the algae down.  We also have to clean the filter in the filtration box.  Have you guessed the mystery yet?

I do the box duty since it's hard for Terry to get the filter out.  The box is about 1/2 full of water and contains a net that catches debree.  The pump pulls the water through a filter to catch algae then sends the water out through a hose to be recycled to the pond.  We keep another filter under the pump to be sure that nothing gets sucked into the pump to ruin it.  I usually reach down in the water to get that little filter out.

The other day I lifted the filter box lid to see a little face with a forked tongue looking back at me.  He drew back in the water, but here it came again when it needed air. OMGOSH!! I hate these critters with a passion!!  I closed the intake flap so water would empty the box.  I thought I'd get that thing!!  But the best I could do was chuck him to the side of the pond where he scurried under the deck.  OK, so I can't see him so I'm not scared...but I know he's out there.

When Terry was cutting the grass he saw one of his sisters and a niece snake out in the front yard.  We hardly EVER see snakes.  What the heck is going on?!!?

Monday, July 11, 2016

Life on Hold

I've talked about my father-in-law before.  He has battled one cancer or another over the last 8 years.  He is 92 and does not easily give up.

He was having trouble walking.  Actually having trouble moving his left leg. About 5 days ago he entered the hospital to find out that he has a tumor on his spine and his lung cancer has grown.  He would not be able to take chemo, but they are treating the tumor with radiation.

We go go see him in the morning for 4-5 hours then go back in the evening for 3-4. Terry's youngest sister spends the night with him taking care of him.  The hospital he is in was once, in our opinion, the best in the area.  However, it has been bought by a large corporation and it has changed a lot.  Our family is not impressed.

We can't speculate what the next few days will bring, but we will be there to see him through it.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Another Block - CARD TRICK!!

I love this block!!  I like the fabric I chose.  I enjoyed learning how to piece it, though I needed to concentrate when stitching the pieces.

As each lesson becomes progressively more difficult, I "get" something in each one.  I think I especially learned the importance of squaring each pieced block before stitching the rows. Yes, I know I should have "got" that from the beginning, but sometimes it takes me a while.

I think the next lesson will be about paper piecing, though I have not had a chance to read through the instructions yet.

The most difficult thing for me in this learning process is selecting fabrics.  I am trying to use fabrics from my stash.