Friday, March 11, 2016

Random Stuff

A new obsession started here

The Temperature Afghan gave me a renewed interest in crochet.

I was ripe for the pickin' when Christine posted a picture of this shawl. I searched for a pattern but only found the shawl for sale on some site I had never heard of before, kind of similar to Etsy but for manufactured products. I love this Boho look.  TOTALLY love it.  So I checked my yarn stash.  Nope...need to buy a few more colors. Ok, yes I know I am supposed to be destashing but I plan to use my stash making scarves for the homeless so buying more yarn is all good.  I'm sure you will see more of this project in the future.

If you use yarn that comes in a twisted skein, you may be interested in this post at Fiber Flux.
It's a great tutorial on how to wind yarn into a center pull ball.  Even if you buy skeins that are not twisted, I think it is a useful to wind the skein into a ball when it nears the end before it begins to tangle.

Most anyone who reads here knows I dislike Facebook.  One of my blog friends turned Facebook friend as well shared a FB post that explains how "liking" certain posts will lead to crap in your news feed which was one of my beefs with FB. I have been cleaning up my news feed and refrain  from "liking" and leave a short comment if I want the poster to know I read it. I have clicked the "don't see" on shared posts of political pages I don't want also.  It has helped a lot because there are friends that I want to see what they are sharing and I HAVE found a couple of groups that I enjoy seeing posts made such as Crazy Quilt groups.

I want to thank every single one of my friends that continue to blog and try to make a comment to let you know how much I appreciate this community.  I don't mind comment verifications.  How about the ones that show you a picture and want you to click on the ones that are similar.  Sometimes I wonder "is that a river or a lake".  Sometimes I don't click them all just to see if my choices will pass...they don't.  This is a far better system than Captia.

We have had a doctor or some other appointment each day this week.  Our March calendar is full and it sure disturbs my day for getting much stitching done.  I think it's part of the reason I got the crochet but again.

I am a little disappointed in the CQJP this year as the main blog does not have a link list of participants that have a blog.  I haven't complained or asked about it because having helped to set up the blogs for the Bead Journal Project for a couple of years I know how much work it is.  Still the project has lost the feel of being a community and challenge to complete a block a month.  I'll continue to stitch blocks, but I'm not sure I'll send them to be posted on the block.

I am in shock at how many conversations I over hear while waiting in the doctor's offices between people that do not follow who is running for president and do not plan to vote.  I don't talk about it here but I am a very political person who has worked on many campaigns.  The lack of interest in utilizing the right to vote is appalling to me.  Even if you don't vote for president, I can't see why everyone would not take an interest in local elections.

Does anyone else think that the new Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau is a breath of fresh air?
I remember his father and hope his son is loved there as well.

I am totally hooked on the TV show "Better Call Saul" and "How to Get Away With Murder" and "The Vikings".  There are a couple of shows I want to watch on stations that are not cable but I always forget about them.  We have Netfix and On Demand so that helps to "binge".

Are you working on any projects right now?  Are you totally sick of the TV coverage of the elections already? Are you watching anything worthy of your time on TV? Do you use a streaming service...I'm interested to know about that.

So, I leave you with a thought for the day.

Our Emotions Go Where Our Thoughts Have Been. I don't know who said it, but it is something that I strongly believe in.

And, of course it's hard not to share a pooch pic.  Here they are...BFFs.


jinxxxygirl said...

Sigh... we are not political people.... we used to vote religiously... we've kinda fallen out of the habit.. don't know a thing about the Prime Minister.....We don't care for the shows you mentioned...lets see.. at the moment its The Walking Dead... NCIS... The Chronicles of Shanara... The American Pickers.....Castle.....We have Dish and are totally dissatisfied with it.....we don't use any other service....Other than the occassional postcard or sketch theres not much else artwise going on...sigh... Painting walls... thats pretty much my life right Hugs1 deb

Jeanna said...

I love the temperature shawls. I find crocheting relaxing and feel so accomplished when I finish a project. Of course, my projects are not anything difficult so it provides for almost instant gratification. Knitting is the same for me.

My March is also full and I'm looking forward to getting things settled and into a routine.

Cute pooches, too!

jenclair said...

I, too, love the Boho look. Have always gravitated toward the bohemian, gypsy style. I do enjoy seeing what people post on FB, but not the political posts which have little to do with facts to consider and a lot to do with propaganda for either party. I find these posts offensive and simplistic have friends on both sides of the aisle posting mean-spirited, unhelpful political remarks, and like you, frequently click the "don't see" choice.

Terri said...

Love the pooch pic! :-)

Yes, I'm tired of the politics already! I'll be glad when it's all over with. ANd my opinion on voting - if you don't like who is running for, or already is, president - get out and vote and do something about it! :-)

I like that shawl too!!

The only show I've watched regularly in the last couple years was Downton Abbey!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I loved this post! So many things to think about. Re the shawl - have you checked on Ravelry? They might have the pattern for free (or for a nominal charge to download). I think I read the same post about 'liking' things on facebook and have now done the proper steps to reduce the junk - and I won't be liking anything anymore. I simply don't have time to wade through all the excess crap that ends up in my account. I don't mind the comment verification systems for blogs at all - sure a whole lot better than getting a ton of spam! I understand the necessity for them, and it really only takes a couple of seconds. I'm not a member of CQJP - probably should be, but it's something I have on the back burner for 'some day'. And yes Justin Trudeau is definitely a breath of fresh air - not everybody is happy with his policies but I like him - it remains to be seen if he is able to make good on his promises. As for what's happening in the US right now - it has me very scared. It seems the news here in Canada is loaded with what's happening in the the detriment of our Canadian news. Favourite tv show for me is 'Person Of Interest'. And, finally - no streaming service for me, so no help to you. There - a comment filled with randomness!!

Sweetpea said...

OMGosh, that skein winding tutorial was just the ticket ! Have saved it in my knitting file and am going to attempt the toilet tissue roll method at my next opportunity - THANK YOU. As for f'book .... I've noticed a marked difference since bringing all those tips into play and it's much more tolerable over there of late. Hooray!!!
Awwww, sweet pups.

Barbara said...

Hey Carol, so where to begin with a comment?! Must do it compactly, so here I go. Love the shawl and will be watching what you do. My daughter knitted one for me and I love it! Makes me feel like the granny I am. Twisted skeins are a pain, so I will check your link, thanks! Blah, also hate FB! I have an account with my husband and kids as my "friends", but that's it. Wouldn't even have that if it wasn't required to enjoy a group I like. Still hate it though, and have left so many times I've lost count. Yes, young Trudeau is a breath of fresh air. Wish he didn't make me feel so old! TV shows? I know I'm missing something good, but I don't watch it much. We do have the news on a lot though, and also Seinfeld reruns. Lol! Had Netflix once on the 30 day free trial, and I didn't use it once in 30 days. Again, I'm sure I'm missing something good. I love your quote, and although I didn't make it up, I've said it too. It's about the result of negative thinking, and it's a good thought for everyday. Love your pooches!

Maria said...

Lovely photo of those pooches! In my state we are gearing up for our local government elections next Saturday. But the hype of your presidential elections seems to go on so that shawl that you're thinking of making. :-)

Janine @ Rainbow Hare said...

That bohemian shawl is gorgeous. I'm looking forward to seeing your shawl grow. I hate fb too. I dip my toe once in a while and abandon again. I think there are some groups I'd probably like to join but I hate being bombarded by advertising and the blatant plagarism of words and pictures passing about with no possibility of discovering their author. I shall try your tips and see if that helps. I didn't know there was a don't see button. I also agree with you about voting. It worries me a lot that we are getting to stage where we are governed by people that so few people have actually voted for.

Timaree said...

I enjoyed your musings! I am still working on my temp afghan plus an old one and another new one. One row a day wasn't enough! I am hoping to have these all done by the end of the year but have also started a shawl and a dishcloth. Now I am feeling swamped but I think it's more that I have a bad cold than too much to do!

Think about this, if people aren't going to pay attention to what's going on politically, then it's best they DON'T vote don't you think? Some you have to really wonder where they get their info too. I am all for everyone voting but only if they actually have a real opinion!

Finishing with a doggie pic is always good!

Yesteryear Embroideries said...

How cute are those doggies! I use Facebook for my vintage shop I own only. I post my daily specials and such. And I have very strict privacy settings. I have another Facebook for just my children. With them being in the service, and scattered it is how I can keep in touch with them. It is private for only them and me. I love that pretty crochet shawl! Cant wait to see what you crochet!

Jan said...

I don't get any net work tv so only stream netflix and amazon. Just finished watching the first season of Better Call Saul and loved it! Waiting now for Game of Thrones, last years season. I'm a year behind the networks! Love that shawl at the front of your post. I don't wear shawls but for some reason people think I do because I have received several as gifts. I guess I look like the sort of woman who would wear one, I dunno. I don't see any political ads, just have to field cold calls on the phone, that isn't too bad yet.
Cute pups!!

barbara woods said...

I got my crochet out again to make another baby blanket for the next g-g, hugs

DVArtist said...

What a wonderful post. Lost of info. I have been thinking of picking up my crochet or knitting needles again, but I am so into my painting that there is no time. Lots of doctors apts here as well. Life has been topsy turvy since 2016 hit and I am doing my best to change that energy. Thank you for stopping by with your wonderful words. Lot's of TV, movies, on demand, netflix here. I listen more than I watch. Off cable shows I watch are The Walking Dead, and a few stupid "reality" shows. Love the photo of the dogs.
Wishing you a beautiful day.

Thoeria said...

I've found Fiber Flux to have some really great tutorials....especially for a starter as me:)
I don't much follow overseas elections....we've got our hands full on this side of the ocean with corruption and buddy-buddy government posts being the norm. I don't often voice my views on my blog....but I do get annoyed with political ignorance and bigotry...guess it's thanks to having lived through a very colourful period in South African history! I love listening to people moan and complain about the political situation and then when given an opportunity to make some small difference they do.....NOTHING! Go figure......
I haven't heard of any of those shows except for Vikings...which I watched the first few episodes of and then it fell by the wayside! Waiting for Game of Thrones.....LOVE the show!

Quilting Stories said...

Hi Carol! I am happy to see two other pictures of the shawl that I did not know, and eager to see the progress of yours. As regards mine, I have put the fringes (it took me two days and a lot of yarn that I had to order!). My daughter is so happy with it! Just after giving it I started a new one for me in darker colors... shawl obsession!!! Happy spring!

Deepa said...

Hi Carol,

Hi Carol! Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving your lovely comment. It enabled me to discover yours too :) I too have recently got addicted to crocheting.I've just completed a hat for my daughter and though its not without mistakes,I am quite happy with it. Hopefully you'll soon gather the suitable yarn and start off the Afghan.
Warm regards..and Happy Easter!!!