Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Boho Shawl In Progress and Other Stuff

Remember when I showed you a picture of a Bohemian Shawl that one of my blog friends was stitching?

After checking my yarn stash I found a few skeins and balls that fit the color scheme I wanted.  This is the start.  So far the top is about 18 inches across. I definitely didn't want a granny square look.  I started with a triangle of mesh stitching that I had to play with to get just the V angle I wanted.

I am dividing my stitching time between the Temperature Afghan, CQ blocks and this shawl.

I'm glad Easter is over.  Our family is pretty dysfunctional and holidays always lead to some kind of drama and this one was no different.  I slept almost all day Monday.  I thought maybe I was fighting off a bug, but now I am thinking that the holiday just zapped me.

Even though the weather is not cooperating very well, I try to go outside each day and do even just a little yard work. Today will be in the 60s and rain.  Then we will have yet another cool down with temps trying hard to reach the high 40s next week. It's a good thing I have stitching to keep me busy.

I continue to sort though closets looking for items to donate to my grandson's church rummage sale.  The more you go through things, the more things you realize you can live without. We have accumulated way too much stuff.

I am longing to look outside and see flowers blooming.  I am planning to fill my front deck with geraniums again.  I love to look at them and also their scent.  I AM going to cut back on our gardens.  Smaller areas and more bushes and mulch.  I will be 65 and Terry is 69.  His health keeps him from working outside much so I need to make out land more manageable. It's funny how much I resisted this change for the past couple of years and now I am embracing it.

Boscoe is going to the Vet on Friday.  Last year he weighed 106.  Sheila (our Vet) said she wanted us to try to keep his weight at about 100.  I am scared what the scale will say this year as he looks way more heavy to me.  In the summer we play the Run Boscoe Run game.  That's where I encourage him to run around the back yard several times until he gets tired..  Also, Boscoe and Tyson play hard in the summer.  Maybe I should switch his Vet visits to the Fall before he gains his winter weight!

Tell me what you are up to.  What are you looking forward to?  Are planning a vacation this year?  I would love to.  But Terry's health and living with 3 LARGE dogs pretty much limits us to day trips.

Have a good one!!

Friday, March 25, 2016

Happy Easter

No body says it better than Snoopy!!

I hate it when Easter comes early.  Where I live the temperatures are pretty warm right the low 50s but with rain.  Not really the kind of weather to show off pretty new Easter outfits.  Or hide eggs in the back yard!! 

I like Easter Dinner to be very simple.  The menu is not new with dishes my family looks forward to.  Ham, of course with lots of pineapple rings baked on top.  Polish Noodles.  Shredded hash brown casserole.  Green bean casserole.  Something Jello.  Bread Pudding.

I think we will go to the Farmers Market in South Bend tomorrow.  The Polish Bakery that made my wedding cake has a booth there.  On Saturdays they bring just about every Polish pastry known to the Polish.  It's hard not to buy one or a dozen of EVERYTHING!

How will you spend Easter?  What Easter family tradition do you look forward to?  What will your menu be?

Be Happy.  Be Safe.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

CQJP 2016 January Block

I cropped out a small shot of this block to appear in my blog roll because I didn't want the entire block to be seen and scare anyone off thinking this would be a political post!

These flags are my favorite seam on the block.  I think they are so cute.

                                                                          Here is the entire block.  I really should be calling this project the CQJP--Carol Quilt Journal Project.  So far, except for the first four blocks I stitched last year, each block has been about me, either something about me or something I like.

I'm going to try something different with the next couple of blocks.  I'm relatively new to CQ and still looking for my knitch.

Some thoughts on this whole process:
I love stitching, but I struggle with the design.

I am drawn to the Crazy Quilt style that you see in the old vintage quilts that have pieces of fabric stitched in a block with simple seam treatments.

I need to find a better method of marking using the templates I have. I need something like a white leaded mechanical pencil.  I wonder if there is such a thing, but I'm on the hunt.  Any suggestions?  The white chalk pencil (looks like a lead pencil) is not working for me.  I need a sharper point.

Thank you for visiting.
Thank you for commenting...I love that you do and I enjoy taking a moment to reply.

Friday, March 11, 2016

Random Stuff

A new obsession started here

The Temperature Afghan gave me a renewed interest in crochet.

I was ripe for the pickin' when Christine posted a picture of this shawl. I searched for a pattern but only found the shawl for sale on some site I had never heard of before, kind of similar to Etsy but for manufactured products. I love this Boho look.  TOTALLY love it.  So I checked my yarn stash.  Nope...need to buy a few more colors. Ok, yes I know I am supposed to be destashing but I plan to use my stash making scarves for the homeless so buying more yarn is all good.  I'm sure you will see more of this project in the future.

If you use yarn that comes in a twisted skein, you may be interested in this post at Fiber Flux.
It's a great tutorial on how to wind yarn into a center pull ball.  Even if you buy skeins that are not twisted, I think it is a useful to wind the skein into a ball when it nears the end before it begins to tangle.

Most anyone who reads here knows I dislike Facebook.  One of my blog friends turned Facebook friend as well shared a FB post that explains how "liking" certain posts will lead to crap in your news feed which was one of my beefs with FB. I have been cleaning up my news feed and refrain  from "liking" and leave a short comment if I want the poster to know I read it. I have clicked the "don't see" on shared posts of political pages I don't want also.  It has helped a lot because there are friends that I want to see what they are sharing and I HAVE found a couple of groups that I enjoy seeing posts made such as Crazy Quilt groups.

I want to thank every single one of my friends that continue to blog and try to make a comment to let you know how much I appreciate this community.  I don't mind comment verifications.  How about the ones that show you a picture and want you to click on the ones that are similar.  Sometimes I wonder "is that a river or a lake".  Sometimes I don't click them all just to see if my choices will pass...they don't.  This is a far better system than Captia.

We have had a doctor or some other appointment each day this week.  Our March calendar is full and it sure disturbs my day for getting much stitching done.  I think it's part of the reason I got the crochet but again.

I am a little disappointed in the CQJP this year as the main blog does not have a link list of participants that have a blog.  I haven't complained or asked about it because having helped to set up the blogs for the Bead Journal Project for a couple of years I know how much work it is.  Still the project has lost the feel of being a community and challenge to complete a block a month.  I'll continue to stitch blocks, but I'm not sure I'll send them to be posted on the block.

I am in shock at how many conversations I over hear while waiting in the doctor's offices between people that do not follow who is running for president and do not plan to vote.  I don't talk about it here but I am a very political person who has worked on many campaigns.  The lack of interest in utilizing the right to vote is appalling to me.  Even if you don't vote for president, I can't see why everyone would not take an interest in local elections.

Does anyone else think that the new Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau is a breath of fresh air?
I remember his father and hope his son is loved there as well.

I am totally hooked on the TV show "Better Call Saul" and "How to Get Away With Murder" and "The Vikings".  There are a couple of shows I want to watch on stations that are not cable but I always forget about them.  We have Netfix and On Demand so that helps to "binge".

Are you working on any projects right now?  Are you totally sick of the TV coverage of the elections already? Are you watching anything worthy of your time on TV? Do you use a streaming service...I'm interested to know about that.

So, I leave you with a thought for the day.

Our Emotions Go Where Our Thoughts Have Been. I don't know who said it, but it is something that I strongly believe in.

And, of course it's hard not to share a pooch pic.  Here they are...BFFs.

Friday, March 4, 2016

Temperature Afghan February Update

Good Day!!

I'm a few days late in updating my progress on this project.  Just Look!!  Same colors yet again in February.  I patiently wait for the temperature to climb and add a few HOT rows to the project.  Anyway, here it is March 4 and the forecast is...more snow.

I am eagerly awaiting warmer dry weather to do some MAJOR yard clean up.  You might be thinking that means raking etc.  It does.  But not leaves but the remnants of winter and 3 large dogs.  I even bought a pair of what I call Mucklucs at Walmart.  $5 on clearance for a pair of shoes that can be washed without fear of damage.  Oh yes, I know there is a lot more to do, but DooDoo is the priority.

What are YOU itching to do when Spring has sprung?