Wednesday, December 30, 2015

"Another Year Over"

 Every Christmas for the past several years a bout of depression sets in my soul.  It starts just after Thanksgiving.  I have no control over just washes over me and no matter what I do it won't leave.  I think it has a lot to do with the lack of sunshine. But then why has it left when we haven't seen the sun for days now.

So I set my embroidery aside and went for my standby crochet needles and yarn.  Corey's girlfriend asked for a pair of white and a pair of black boot cuffs.  Out came the yarn and I made several pair, but not white or black.  I played with the blue and went for a gorgeous yarn to top it with. they look great with denim.  Then I found a rich burgundy and made a pair with a ripple stitch top and a headband to match.  I forgot to get a picture.  Finally I got out the boring black and white yarn and stitched what she asked me to make.  That took me through the holiday.  Crochet is mindless stitching for me.  It's the craft I fall back on when I am under stress or just need to keep my hands busy.

So I'm almost back to normal now and have a renewed interest in my CQ blocks.  Though I haven't completed the 2015 journal project, I will begin the 2016 project.

Wishing you a Happy New Year.  If you party, please stay safe and have a great time.


Penny said...

Isn't it nice to spend time with a friend during bouts of the 'downs' and crochet is obviously your friend. Probably the repetitive motion soothes your mind and happily you have results to show for it *smile*. So glad you're back to yourself dear friend. Happy New Year!!

Pamela said...

Happy New Year to you!

Mary Ann Tate said...

This time of year gets to a lot of people. Me included. For me I think it's all about the weather and the fact that nature is shutting shop for awhile. I wish I could hibernate like a bear :)

Olga Poltava said...

We have plenty of sunshine here in California, I wish I could send you some :)
Lovely boot cuffs! I've been wanting to crochet some too, but I have so many projects going on. Probably by the time I start making them, it will be summer.
Happy New Year!

Barbara said...

Beautiful work, Carol! I simply cannot crochet although I love you o knit when my hands cooperate. So glad you feel better! No partying here on New Years Eve. The most unusual thing I do is watch the Twilight Zone marathon. Our neighbors tend to shoot guns at midnight, and sometimes I hear that. I wish they would stop, it's a horrible sound now.

Thoeria said...

I'm glad that you're finally feeling better Carol. I guess those are just your times of inner reflection - sometimes we need to withdraw from everything...Crochet is a wonderfully mindless activity...keeping the hands busy but leaving the mind free to roam and be soothed by it's lulling spell :)
Wishing you a safe and wonderful new years xx

Bohemian said...

Glad you are now on the Upside of being Down... it happens... and the rebound is all the Sweeter once we are buoyant again! And go ahead and paint those walls in Colors that make you Smile year round GF! I can hardly contain myself from starting the Painting Projects I have in Mind for the Juliet Room Art Studio... I need some of my Blood Red and Black somewhere, even tho' I am totally diggin' this Warm Tuscan Palette of the New Home everywhere else way more than I ever expected! *LOL* Wishing you a Happy New Year and many Blessings in 2016... many man Dreams come True... Dawn... The Bohemian

Rose said...

I know how you feel...we have had days without sun and it really gets to me. I also don't deal well with the stress of Christmas...IF I can just make myself set and sew, it helps, but it is so hard to make myself do anything.

Shirley said...

Hi Carol, I am trying to catch up with friends this evening. I have been embroidering after my son and two grandsons took me to the store. Christmas is over and it will soon start another day. My oldest flies back to Louisiana, but it has been great having him home for about a week. Spending time with family makes the holidays special. Thank you for all of your comments and being my friend here on blog land. I hope to be around more in 2016. The family will be at our daughters for New Years Eve, but we don't party like some. Have a Happy New Year. Hugs and Prayers from Your Missouri Friend Shirley

DVArtist said...

I am sorry to hear you have the BOD. I too can fall into it. No sun is a huge part of it. I am glad you got out the yarn. These are so pretty. I don't have much sunshine here but what I have is yours. LOL Wishing you the very best 2016

allthingzsewn said...

Oops, where did the time go. I've been going over my Joanns new sale catalogue for Jan.
Figuring out where my coupons will work best with my senior discounts. They have batting
at $9.99 with additional senior 20% OFF and I'm joining designer deals for 10% more so I'll
be paying $6.48 a yard which is usually $13.99 a yard. I know you GQ thought you might
want to know, if you didn't already. That's how I lost track of time.

I'm glad you are starting to feel better. There are more people like that than are realized.
The new year is seen as a new beginning and seems to always help, some more than others.
Then when the seed catalogues (catalogue of your choice) come in the mail that is another brightener and by the time
spring comes with Mr.Sun everything will be on an even keel again.
Your boot cuffs are really in style now, good job. I guse she get more wear out of black and white. wish I had a pair of boots.
Have a great and safe New Years

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I know exactly how you feel regarding feeling depressed over Christmas - for the past three years I seem to have had a hard time too. I know what triggered it and the issue has been resolved, but it's still in my memory. It's always a relief to put the decorations away and get back to normal. Happy new year wishes to you - may it be healthy, happy and filled with creativity!

kathyinozarks said...

I am happy to read you are now feeling better.
We finally got some sunshine yesterday and I think it will stick around for a few days. I have had a really rough holiday season-my back went out christmas eve morning-and is now finally better-can actually sit and stand without severe pain-so just as I was getting better the day before new years eve I got a severe toothache; the worse I have had in years-I either cracked something, or it needs a root canal who knows-I ended up making a strong peppermint tea with salt to help eliviate the pain slightly
If I get over all this early in the year-hoping the rest will be better
Love your boot cuffs that turned out really nice. I am hoping to get into one of my crafts soon and finish up a couple small details in the living room--

Yesteryear Embroideries said...

Working with our hands is sometimes the best "medicine" our soul needs. Here's wishing you happy and brighter days for the new year!