Wednesday, December 30, 2015

"Another Year Over"

 Every Christmas for the past several years a bout of depression sets in my soul.  It starts just after Thanksgiving.  I have no control over just washes over me and no matter what I do it won't leave.  I think it has a lot to do with the lack of sunshine. But then why has it left when we haven't seen the sun for days now.

So I set my embroidery aside and went for my standby crochet needles and yarn.  Corey's girlfriend asked for a pair of white and a pair of black boot cuffs.  Out came the yarn and I made several pair, but not white or black.  I played with the blue and went for a gorgeous yarn to top it with. they look great with denim.  Then I found a rich burgundy and made a pair with a ripple stitch top and a headband to match.  I forgot to get a picture.  Finally I got out the boring black and white yarn and stitched what she asked me to make.  That took me through the holiday.  Crochet is mindless stitching for me.  It's the craft I fall back on when I am under stress or just need to keep my hands busy.

So I'm almost back to normal now and have a renewed interest in my CQ blocks.  Though I haven't completed the 2015 journal project, I will begin the 2016 project.

Wishing you a Happy New Year.  If you party, please stay safe and have a great time.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

I Never Saw A Tree I Didn't Like

I never really realized how much I love trees until I reacquainted myself with embroidery.  I have a board on Pinterest where I save pics of stitched trees.

When we moved in our home years ago, there were some trees we took out.  Messy crab apple trees whose only purpose that I could see was to shed apples that the neighborhood kids would throw at each other.

There were some evergreen that weren't really trees.  13 of them lined the driveway.  THEIR  purpose  was to provide harbor for the webs of BIG...REALLY spiders.  Needless to say out they went.

We had a couple of small White Birch that I absolutely LOVED that mysteriously disappeared when I went shopping one Saturday.  It was hard to forgive my father-in-law for supporting...errr...helping Terry to make THAT decision.
These are two dying trees in our back yard.  Corey took the branches off the one in the top picture when we put new fence up. We left the trunk which is home to LOTS of bugs that the woodpeckers and other bug loving birds feed on.

This tree is still living with green leaves in the summer.  You can see the limbs that remain after we had it topped about 10 years ago.  It too is a dying tree, but home to squirrels and birds.  I like to watch the activity in these trees.  Squirrels come and go and tease the dogs.  I watched a Blue Jay couple steal leaves from a squirrel nest and fly off to use them in their own winter nest. The Blue Birds love this tree and the bugs they find there. The both are a haven for woodpeckers You can always see some activity going on in leaf barren trees in the winter.  It's a lot easier to see the Hawks when they visit and watch my three favorite crows.
If you are not that interested in my naked trees, well here is my baby...Tyson.

Boscoe's nickname is Boss and it is highly appropriate because he is the Boss Dog. When Tyson tries to eat, Boscoe lays very close to Tyson's bowl waiting.  Tyson doesn't like the little bits that look like bits of raw groud beef and spits them on the floor for Boscoe to eat.  If Tyson doesn't eat his food fast enough, Boscoe will find something to cover Ty's bowl with..a rag, a sock or he'll just dump it out and act like he is burying it.

Here is a pic that I took when I brought Tyson's food into the living room to deter Boscoe from eating it.  Tyson fell asleep while on guard.

Actually, Tyson can fall asleep no matter what he is doing.  In the morning we watch Animal Planet and the dogs always get his attention.  We have often found him sitting in front of the TV like he is watching it, only to find that he is asleep.

My dogs are a lot of fun!!

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Block #9 CQJP 2015

I have always loved the Queen Of Hearts.  Not the one in Alice.  I admit that I never read Alice.  I've enjoyed many other classics but no Alice.

I love the Queen so much that I have a Queen of Heart tattoo.  Not the card, but my own design that was inked by a friend that is a real artist.

Most of this year's CQJP blocks are about things I love so the Queen is a must.

My thought on this block was to keep it all red and black, red stitches on black and black on red.

I never plan what I will stitch on a block.  I think that I am not good enough to do that yet.  Not knowledgeable or confident in my stitch repertoire.

the opposite color thing was the only plan I had.  This pic is my favorite part of the block.  I love that scrolly kind of design and I am going to use more of that kind of stitching on future blocks.

I like those tiny heart buttons too. Can you see the furry looking fabric next to them.  That is actually the selvage of the black fabric.  I like that effect as well.

I'm still having a problem with templates. My issue is with the tools to use (pens etc) to mark the dots.  I think I'll try the waste canvas method.    I'm not very good with precision.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Thank You and Other Stuff

As the year winds down I am reflecting on the last year and all the events and drama that occurred.  There is so much to be thankful for, but way too much to list here. Besides, some of it is private.  You know, the things you keep to your secret self.

I recently met a new blog friend, Dawn.  We have some things in common and she gives me a lot of insight on a situation I rarely talk about.  She recently did a post about bloggers she has known that have decided to stop blogging.  Some just fall off and never say goodbye.  so this is a big thank you to all of my blog friends. Thank you for sharing a bit of yourself and your life, your loves and even your dislikes. No matter what your reason is for blogging....Thank you.

Our weather has been so great...almost balmy at temps in the 50s and no snow.  Thank you Mother Nature for a break on our heating bill which was almost unaffordable LAST year.

Thank you Corey for decorating my front deck with Christmas lights.  I can't tell you how much I like, no LOVE, Christmas lights.

Have you seen the advertisement on TV for the Star Shower Laser Light?  It's a flood light kind of thing that shines little lights where ever you point it, usually on your house.  I thought it was a cool idea when I saw the commercial, but determined I didn't think it was worth $40.  Well, the neighbor across the street bit and it's out there shining on their house...I think.  The lights are tiny and you can barely see them.  I'm glad I didn't get one and Terry says if I had, I would have taken it back.

I've been going through closets, boxing things we don't need or clothes that don't fit.  I also boxed a lot of clothes that I know I will never wear.  Things I used to wear to work etc.  My grandson was collecting them for the homeless and for a church rummage sale.  It was amazing to see a large car trunk load of boxes move out the door.  How the heck was all that stuff stored in closets that still look as full as they did before I took stuff out of them.  So, thank you Carol, for finding another use for items we don't even miss that someone else can use.

I'm still stitching.  My next post will be to show my finished Queen of Hears block.