Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Stuff on a cold October morning

This summer our landscaping got sidetracked by the back porch project. It used to be screened in. We had the door set up so that the dogs could go out or come in at their leisure. They loved it and if it started raining, they would come in to the porch and wait for us to let them in the house. The screened porch was a great place to eat, read a book when it was raining and just enjoy a bug free evening.  But when we added the deck and patio doors to the front of our house, the deck became our place to sit and enjoy a summer evening.

This summer we replaced the screens with windows and replaced that easy access door the dogs used with a storm door.  No more in and out at leisure.  Our thought was to make the back of the house warmer by enclosing the porch.  When it's warm, I prop the storm door open for the dogs.  However, this week October has been showing it's face and the weather is cold and rainy today.  I let Tyson out at 5 AM.  When I went back to let him in he did this little dance he does and was shivering.  Here is a pic of him laying on his bed that is in My Room.  I covered him with a towel to warm him up.  We have dog beds in the living room, our bedroom and My Room. Tyson claims the one in My Room (where I sew and do my computering) as his.  If Boscoe lays on it, Tyson tattles to me that someone is sleeping in his bed.  Its a hoot.  I love Tyson just as if he was mine. (He is Corey's dog, but mine when Corey is not home).

This is a picture of my best dog ever...Jack.   The picture was taken in 2010 shortly before he died. Somewhere on this blog I have posted about Jack.  If you click his name in my word cloud you will surely find a post or two if you are interested.  I called Jack a Boxador because he was a Lab/Boxer mix. Jack was so much more than Tyson, but Tyson has the best traits of Jack. I think that is what makes Tyson so endearing to me. I miss Jack still. It's still painful to think about how much.

Three dogs live in my home and I don't have the bond with any of them that I had with Jack.  I really miss that.

So, first the weather forecast for Halloween was rather warm.  Today is Wednesday and it's rainy and cold.  It was only supposed to last two days.  Now the forecast for Saturday is more of the same.  I'm holding off buying treats for the beggers.  Terry can't eat chocolate.  Corey is cutting weight for a fight he has in two weeks so no snacks except healthy food.  I'm thinking I'm going to get juice boxes. At least I can give Corey the left overs in his lunch...wonder what the guys at work would say if they saw him drinking a juice box...a MMA fighter drinking a juice box.  I bet no one would dare say a word!!

Well, that's about it.  My current CQ block is frog themed and I'm loving it.


Nicole Beadwright Campanella said...

Hey this is a great post. We no longer have a dog. Our last and best passed a few years ago and we decided that was the end of pets for us. I thought I would miss having a dog or two or three in the house but I don't. It is stormy here too but it always is and the kids come rain or not.
Have a great day

jenclair said...

We no longer have dogs. After losing the last one, I told my husband "No more." So he brought home 3 kittens whose mother had been run over. As far as he is concerned, he followed my request. The Triad are a wicked bunch of cats, but at least now they are older they don't eat my dolls. :)

I really loved those hexies, Carol. Too cool!

Yes, we are expecting rain for Halloween, too. So sad.

kathyinozarks said...

our fur pets are so much more they are family-we miss our Nikita (wolf pet) sooo much still we will never get over it. Miss Calico kitty though is a real character and we are enjoying her being in the house with us most days. I don't let her stay outdoors anymore at night-especially since the coyotes are very close now-before Nikita would howl 3 times and they would all leave.
we started to get October weather too this week-and we so needed some rain-got a day full of that. but mid next week-wow mid 70s are returning good thing since we have only one rack of firewood and the furnace is not hooked up yet

Robbie said...

I enjoy seeing and reading about your dogs! I too miss my Mandy girl...have to say those 'special' dogs remain in our memory daily don't they! I've been nursing Gigi's toe and it's getting a little tiring. Poor little girl!!! Started to bleed again today so we're back to E collar and baby sock(s)!

Penny said...

Darling dog friends!! Its so very hard to lose one. I bought the candy - neither of us can eat any of it and we'll probably only have three or four trick-or-treaters so it will most likely end up in our next food donation box.

allthingzsewn said...

Tyson is a beautiful boxer but hen we're boxer people. I guess there is alway the special one dog that stay in our heart, but does not stop us from loving others.
I would like to see the before and after pictures of the porch. Matbe a dogie door for the pooches?

Thoeria said...

Pets have a way of creeping into our hearts, Carol. I admit that I actually do prefer the company of my cats over that of some people!
Just did a catch up as well on your Halloween post....and Oh my golly-gumdrops!! Your crazy blocks are absolutely deliciously gorgeous!

Timaree said...

My son gives out bottles of water. The kids get thirsty and appreciate it. My granddaughters have enjoyed getting a bottle of water. And that is something you all can use if they aren't given away.

I think the way to bond with a dog is to think of the puppy as yours right off the bat. It can't be his or theirs or hers. It has to be "mine" and hold it and tell it so and the magic happens. As long as we know it's "really Corey's dog" or it's "really the family dog" we don't bond; we hold back a piece of ourselves and it's the key piece. That's my opinion anyhow.

vivian said...

your dogs look very sweet. we dont have any dogs, but I do love them. maybe someday when I retire I will get one. I think I would love to have a labradoodle.. or maybe a boxer. we used to have a doberman a million years ago. she was very sweet. For now its the kitties and the parrot. have a fun Halloween tomorrow!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I know exactly how you feel about your Jack. I still miss Odin and probably will for the rest of my life. It's funny how some animals are so much closer to our hearts and generally it's a 'love at first sight' thing. I know it was when I saw Odin for the first time. We went with the plan to get a puppy as a gift for my BIL and we ended up coming home with two. I fell head over heels the moment I saw Odin and flatly refused to leave without him.