Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Sharing a Moment of Pride

 Kyle is my youngest grandson...l8.  Though I was raised Catholic and raised my daughter in the Catholic religion, the Catholic Church pedophile scandal came to light when Ky was a baby.  That is probably the reason Ky was never baptized.  Our family fell away from the Church and never really found a replacement.  I have found my own spirituality and pray to my higher power every day.

While in High School, Kyle was introduced to the Methodist religion when he was invited by a friend to a Methodist Church Youth Group.  The leader taught him how to play the guitar.  One thing led to another and Kyle joined the band and played during New Age type services. Laurie began attending services too.

They became friends with Nancy Bennett, a lady that was studying to be a pastor.  When she was offered a Pastorship . if that is what you call it..at a new church campus Kyle and Laurie followed her to her new church.

Kyle and Laurie are very active in the church.  After serving an internship with the Children's Youth Group, Ky was offered the Director position.

Since Kyle was never baptized, it became important for him to be baptized.  Yesterday we shared that experience with him.  It was even more important to him because it was the first Baptism that Nancy has performed.
After the baptism, Kyle's kids wanted to share their joy for him.  They celebrated with a song.

Seeing Kyle interact with these kids just filled my heart with joy.  He is so good with them.  It was very evident that they love him too.

When your grand kids grow up, you know them, but sometimes they show you a side to them that you might have known, but really didn't realize the impact they have on others.

Watching Kyle at this service made me think "He has found a home".  While Terry and I were driving home, he looked at me and said the same thing.

Congratulations Kyle.  Your faith brings you great joy.


Penny said...

Lovely post! How wonderful it is to see our children and grandchildren joyful land fulfilled.

Barbara said...

Second try at commenting, Google keeps signing me out. Bad Google. Carol, I know your pride and joy. In spite of raising our four Catholic, they have each found their own way. One son is an ordained Buddhist priest, and he is the most centered, peaceful, fair-minded person I know. Kyle looks very happy. I want that bear hug he is holding up! By the way, you also look very happy (and pretty) too. This post made my eyes misty, joy all around. Thanks for sharing.

Thoeria said...

a moment to be proud of indeed:)

Jeanna said...

What a true blessing. This must have been a happy day for all.

Congrats to Kyle on his Director position as well.

Robbie said...

I think this is SO wonderful your grandson is involved in his church. I too was raised Catholic, raised my kids Catholic..my son and DIL went to church every Sunday when they were married then when they had kids they STOPPED!!!! UGH!!! The don't go to any church and it bother me so much. If I talk to the kids about going to church, you would think it was a punishment! Times have changed and I hate they don't have a good foundation of any religion...you and your family are blessed.

Cindy L said...

A heart-felt moment. Thanks for sharing.

jenclair said...

A moving post, Carol!