Monday, August 3, 2015

I Love Novelty and More Stuff

 I have a HUGE fabric stash. My collection started  back to the days that I sewed garments,  continued through the years that I made dolls and other items to sell at craft shows right up to now.  It has been my joke that  I was my "Retirement Fund".  However, most of my stash is Novelty Prints.  I love them.  If one catches my eye and I love it, I buy it.  I can't resist.

I love Crazy Quilt.  My love started the first time I saw the quilts that prairie women stitched together from scraps of fabrics of old clothes.  I love to look at Victorian Quilts made of rich fabrics and stitched with beautiful embroidery and threads and laces.  Sometimes I have even bought fabric with Crazy Quilt in mind, but I must admit, never laces and rarely fancy fabric.
So when I finally began stitching blocks, I looked to my fabrics and what did I find but novelties. DUH.  But that didn't make me want to go out and buy fancies.  Even when I took Kathy Shaw's beginning class after looking at fancies I never bought one piece. So, I took a step back and realized that I probably will never want to actually make a lacy crazy quilt block.  So, for now anyway, I'll continue trying to perfect piecing blocks using my novelty fabric and learning how to build seam embroidery stitches.  After sewing blocks from templates I have decided that I like the flip and sew method better. I need to tweak my skill at creating the blocks. For some reason, I can't take this frog block apart and remove that swimming frog..I love him so I'll just see what I do with the block. Everyone develops their own style.  I'm finding mine!

 And here is a pic I couldn't resist added to the post.  Corey comes home from work and sacks on the couch before he showers and waits for supper.  You will usually find his dog somewhere very near, or like here, right on top of Corey.  Tyson never found a place where he couldn't fall asleep.  It's a joke around here because he often falls asleep while just sitting there, or while propping his head on the couch or chair.

These guys are a hoot.  They will be running around and playing hard.  Then all at once you realize it's quiet and there they are. Fell asleep while wrestling.

Saturday Morning Tyson had a hugely swelled eye lid. About the size of a golf ball.  There was no matter in it and he didn't seem to be wincing in pain.  I thought maybe he was stung by a bee.  We decided to watch it and take him to our Vet Monday ...or take him to the doggy ER if necessary.  How weird that he woke up on Sunday with no swelling at all. We always wish our dogs could talk,

If I follow you on Facebook and you happen to notice that I am not commenting or posting there it's because the political BS has started already and I'm steering away for now.

When I was looking for a quote the other day, I came across one that rings so true for me personally right now. "WHAT YOU PERMIT, YOU PROMOTE"  I think it is true about most of the world situation right now. One of my favorite columnist is Leonard Pitts.  One of his readers asked him "What Can I Do"?  That's always the question.  Most of the time we feel like we can't make a difference personally.  Well, thank you all for your comments on my last post.  It really brings to light that just being kind can make a difference.

Do you know who Rhonda Rousey is? We follow the MMA fights.  Mostly because Corey trained and fought a few amateur fights and won. I was so glad to see Rhonda win over Bethe Correia who made shocking and too personal comments leading up to the fight. Rhonda's mother encouraged her to end it fast and boy did she...34 seconds.  Rhonda has been called the top athlete in the country by very knowledgeable people. Fighting is dangerous but you have to admire someone that works that hard to be the best.

          I take inspiration today from this:
Find The Joy In Little Things


Penny said...

Love your quilts and the frog fabric is delightful. Sometimes I think we see something that someone else did and love it so much that we want to take up that design or method or even craft itself. Then comes the frustration because its really not built into our DNA and no matter how we do it we're not happy with it. Its good to just be true to yourself in art and craft.

Momma Bear said...

You have jennifer cowstons book! Idrecognizethoseblocks anywhere. Im teaching a class to novices from thatbook and boy howdy is it helpful to have it all spelled out for them to follow.
We all have our addictions, mine is bold and colorful, it seems i cant pass by aboldprintwith out buying it! Though i do try to stick to fat quarters. Good thing cq doesnt need much.

Robbie said...

Look forward to seeing more of your embroidery stitching!!! Love any pics of your dogs...your son too..but mostly the dogs!!! Go figure! HA

Createology said...

I really understand the sewing of a quilt block without making a quilt. Sometimes I just have to try a block to see if I can do it. Then I have used that single block to create a fabric tray for a gift. Or if the block is small it makes a wonderful pocket on a tote bag. Thankful your dog didn't need vet assistance and is doing fine. Creative Bliss...

kathyinozarks said...

Hi, oh that is a bummer that the swimming frog is underneath and won't be seen-I always wanted to make a crazy quilt too, I did make a wool block and added it to some of my hand dyed fabric and turned it into a pillow-I really love it. I was never a lacy person but I did end up collecting some nice vintage pieces to use-I may need to destash those one day.
the photo of your grandson is priceless, loved the other photo too.
I try to stay away from politics and then I blow it and go post one -lol-I need to stop that cause everyone has their own point of view and you rarely can change it
have a good week ahead hugs Kathy

Anonymous said...

It would be a tragedy if you took that froggy block apart! It is just way too cute! I love that photo of Corey and his pooch totally cute! :D Who says you have to use fancy lacy expensive fabrics for a crazy quilt? I actually think a crazy quilt with that frog fabric mixed in would be fabulous! You could embroider little bugs and cattails and other pond type plants and things into the quilt! It would be not only unique but adorable. Quilts can make us smile too! I am apolitical so you will not hear my personal voice in that arena... everyone has their own thoughts. Please stop by my blog today to read my apology to all of my blogging sisters...
Hugs for now my dear friend,
Beth P