Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Eenie, Meenie, Minie, Moe

 Our weather has been kind of strange.  Most of the country can say the same thing.  After a week of sunny days with temps in the 70s and very low humidity we got a huge amount of work done outside.  The back deck was stained.  The front deck was repaired and almost completely stained.

Then the heat and humidity moved back in.  We helped my daughter move.  Then another day helping clean the new house. (at a glance the home appeared clean, but those corners!!) and then empty some boxes and put things wherever she wanted them to go.

Then, three hot humid and rainy days.  Good days for working inside. That's where the Eenie-Meenie comes in.  Scrub the dirty laundry/dog room or de-clutter and arrange my sewing room? Since the days were rainy, it seemed feasible to let the floor go and tackle my room.  So glad you agree!!

So I re-organized and moved the clutter from THIS side of the room.

And piled it on the counter on THIS side of the room to be further sorted deciding to what to keep and put away and what could be pitched.

This room is about 10 x 12.  It has a table and counters along all walls, drawer units and lots of shelves....LOTS of shelves.  I store crafting/sewing supplies here.  It's where I iron clothes when necessary. It's my sewing room and our computer room.  I love my desk top and hope that I will never have to give it up to some other device yet to be invented. It's also my "Office" of sorts.  It's where I do our banking and record keeping.  That's a lot of purposes for one small room so it's not surprising that I leave too much stuff on the counter tops. This is really not as bad as it looks.  At the moment it just looked like a good "staging" shot for this post.

This guy wears a lot of hats too!  Just like my "room".

He's Daddy's Dog (or so Daddy THINKS).
He's a terrific watchdog.
He's a fly catcher.
He digs GREAT holes.  Sometimes I bury his poop in them. (Ssshhhhh).
He's a great brother to Tyson and Junior.
He's a great fisherdog.
He's the best shadow ever!

And in this picture he is a Blocker.  Blocker?  Yup!
He's blocking my path from one side of the room to the other.  Sleeping with one eye open watching the door at all times.

He's my protector.


FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Handsome protector!

I need to do some de-cluttering and rearranging, all in good time. :-)

Have a lovely & peaceful day.


Sweetpea said...

Could you send me some of your productiveness in a bottle, please?
I would like to drink it each morning for breakfast
cuz you are getting far more done over your way than I am on mine!
Such a fine woofie friend ......

Robbie said...

Well, you have been busy!!! Now about those floors.....he he he he

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I'm with you in having a studio that's multi-purpose. Apartment life means that pretty much everything has to serve double duty somehow. My sewing room doubles as the guest bedroom as well as the computer room. I guess it's good in the sense that having a small confined area for my 'stuff' because it means I am forced to not buy/store more than the room will hold. Mind you, it's amazing just how much STUFF I've managed to squirrel away in here!

Penny said...

Fun post!! I spent a couple of hours sorting embroidery floss yesterday. So happy that its all organize once again. Your room looks like it contains a lot of fun and satisfaction.

kathyinozarks said...

Looks like your room has lots of storage-that's always a good thing-I think our protectors also don't like being alone-they want to be with us-my kitty does that too-wants to know what I am up to all the time lol

Barbara said...

How did I miss this post? My biggest impression is your room looks good. Lots of storage and it looks organized to me. Same weather everywhere, I guess. Almost September, yay for a Fall!

Laurie said...

Your sewing room reminds me of mine Carol! It's the same size, my computer desk is on one wall, and the open closet space on the opposite short wall is for storage. It's such a mess right now, I really need to tackle it. I think I'll wait for a rainy day!