Saturday, August 29, 2015

U-Turn, Side Tracked, or WHAT!!

This is how I have been feeling lately. Every night the weatherman tells me what to expect the weather to be the next day.  I plan my day.  I hear warm and sunny...I think finish painting outside.  I wake up and here it is 66 degrees and overcast...again...for the last week. Looking like rain.  No painting outside!!

My blog friend Penny posted about a U-turn created in her inspiration and a switch in projects because of it.

I call my situation being side-tracked.  But I have not picked up a needle or project.  I filled a bucket of water and tackled that laundry room floor.  Then I looked at the closet doors and thought they need a coat of paint.  And there is a little puppy damage on two walls so we really should fix that too.  A Mister Clean eraser sponge spiffs up the extra refrigerator and the freezer doors.  The weather has been autumnish and that makes me feel that I should be cleaning.  I sure hope that feeling passes soon!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The Challenge Called Deadline

 When I worked I never missed a deadline.  No Challenge.  Tasks were completed before they were due.  No procrastination.  Make a list at the beginning of each day, prioritize and get each line done.  If the list was not completed, The items at the bottom moved to the top of tomorrow's list.  Easy Peasey for me.

BUT, in my personal life...well THAT is a different story.  Got Christmas prestents to wrap?  Well, not better time to wrap than 5 minutes before they will be opened!

Pay bills...last minute there too.

That's why I don't join Challenges that require me to complete a project by a certain deadline.

But, when I was recently asked to participate in a Halloween Blog Hop.  I LOVE to visit blog hops.  Great ideas and maybe find a new friend.  Anyway I joined because I LOVE Halloween.  Even more than Christmas.  I'll be stitching Halloween Blocks anyway, so, yep, I joined.  I'll post more about it later.  You can bet I'll be procrastinating adding the patch to the side of my blog though:)

These are a couple of my very favorite Holloween decorations.  I keep them out all year and periodically move them around to different places. It makes me happy to see them.

And because I seem to include "Stuff" in most of my posts now, here's the Stuff.

This is a picture of my garden stool.  It has wheels and a place to hide my tools.  Since I can't kneel on the ground to weed, I use this stool and I love it.  Well, you know my dogs like to dig.  Boscoe likes to "hide".  He covers Tyson's food bowl with their rag toy.  He hides their toy bones under his bed.  We can't stop the digging so we gave them the small area where they like to dig.  The other day I found my stool dragged over to one of the holes Boscoe had dug.  You can't tell here, but the front wheels are in a hole that is about 8 inches deep.  I'm glad he didn't have time to REALLY bury it.

Our dogs have so much personality and love for us it's hard to be made at them.

And another thing...the Stock Market!!  I used to not worry one bit about it when we were still contributing to our 401K.  We've made out pretty well over the years, but my knuckles are still white right now:(

What bad habits do YOUR pets have? Do you choose to overlook them, or have you found a way to impress upon them that they are being bad?

What about holiday decorations?  Do you have favorite ones that you just don't want to hide away?

How do you treat deadlines?  Are you good at meeting them, or like me, do you make a last minute scramble?

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Eenie, Meenie, Minie, Moe

 Our weather has been kind of strange.  Most of the country can say the same thing.  After a week of sunny days with temps in the 70s and very low humidity we got a huge amount of work done outside.  The back deck was stained.  The front deck was repaired and almost completely stained.

Then the heat and humidity moved back in.  We helped my daughter move.  Then another day helping clean the new house. (at a glance the home appeared clean, but those corners!!) and then empty some boxes and put things wherever she wanted them to go.

Then, three hot humid and rainy days.  Good days for working inside. That's where the Eenie-Meenie comes in.  Scrub the dirty laundry/dog room or de-clutter and arrange my sewing room? Since the days were rainy, it seemed feasible to let the floor go and tackle my room.  So glad you agree!!

So I re-organized and moved the clutter from THIS side of the room.

And piled it on the counter on THIS side of the room to be further sorted deciding to what to keep and put away and what could be pitched.

This room is about 10 x 12.  It has a table and counters along all walls, drawer units and lots of shelves....LOTS of shelves.  I store crafting/sewing supplies here.  It's where I iron clothes when necessary. It's my sewing room and our computer room.  I love my desk top and hope that I will never have to give it up to some other device yet to be invented. It's also my "Office" of sorts.  It's where I do our banking and record keeping.  That's a lot of purposes for one small room so it's not surprising that I leave too much stuff on the counter tops. This is really not as bad as it looks.  At the moment it just looked like a good "staging" shot for this post.

This guy wears a lot of hats too!  Just like my "room".

He's Daddy's Dog (or so Daddy THINKS).
He's a terrific watchdog.
He's a fly catcher.
He digs GREAT holes.  Sometimes I bury his poop in them. (Ssshhhhh).
He's a great brother to Tyson and Junior.
He's a great fisherdog.
He's the best shadow ever!

And in this picture he is a Blocker.  Blocker?  Yup!
He's blocking my path from one side of the room to the other.  Sleeping with one eye open watching the door at all times.

He's my protector.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

More Piecing for ME

I've been piecing more hex blocks.  I can't decide if I should stop for a while and clean the clutter or continue piecing.  My next group would be Halloween inspired.  I LOVE Halloween and Day of the Dead.  I'll have to think about that.

They say that practice makes perfect.  I have definitely decided that I like the flip and sew method of piecing better than other methods.

There is no hit and miss with piecing and I had a little difficulty in learning the technique so that I didn't end up with a triangle area and no way to fill it.
Cathy Kizerian posted on Face Book that Diane Matheson has passed away. I have followed Diane Matheson's blog for a long time.  I knew she was ill and I'm sorry to hear she passed.

When I first wanted to actually piece a CQ block I searched the net and bought just about every book there is.  Diane had posted on her blog a tutorial on her piecing method and it just clicked with me.  Her tutorial was my reference for piecing these blocks.

Every single Crazy Quilter and Embroidery Stitch blogger that I have met has been gracious and friendly and willing to share knowledge and advice and I thank you all so much.

Whether I piece more blocks now or not, let the embellishing begin!!

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Living With A Ground Hog

Ain't he cute?  NOT!!!!

He's been living in the neighborhood for a while now.  We used to see him go under the neighbor's shed.  Then house was sold and the new neighbors put a privacy fence around their back yard.  Now we see him walk around the fence.

A few years ago we found a tunnel opening in our shed.  Since then we got two more dogs.  Recently we realized that some of the holes they dig are to try to uncover whatever is living underground.  We laughed when Boscoe dug a hole under the sidewalk.  Now we realize that he dug into a gound hog tunnel.

The other day both dogs were barking at the front patio door.  Remember when Tyson went through the screen a few months ago barking at another dog?  Well either falling through it or Terry scolding him scared him so now they don't get too bothered with other dogs.  When I went to see what was causing the commotion, I saw a ground hog waddling through the yard.  He walked right across the street, up the neighbor's driveway and right into their garage.  I was kind of stunned.  Now I know why the dogs sniff all over OUR garage when they are out there!!

We haven't caught him in the live trap.  I'm not sure what else we can do.  I'm just glad we don't have a vegetable garden.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Biggie Papa

We have called Terry's dad Biggie Papa since my Sister-in-law's grandsons (her son Dave's sons) gave him that name when they were small.  It was their way of noting that he was their Great Grandpa.  You may remember that we live in a neighborhood that is three blocks wide and each road is 3 blocks long.  Most of Terry's family live in this neighborhood.  So when Biggie Papa stopped driving, Dave gave him his golf cart to use so that Papa could go to visit and site see whenever he wanted.  It's tricked out with bigger tires, a stereo and custom step up.  Last week he came for a visit and wanted to take us for a ride around the "block".  Terry's dad has numerous cancers at 91 chose not to undergo chemo treatment, though he did have radiation treatment that kept it in check for quite a while. He has taken a turn for the worse and wanted all of his family to come and visit him, but not all in the same day because that would be way to much company at the same time. I have a great respect and love for my father-in-law.  I thank him all the time for raising such a wonderful, loving man.  He thanks me in return for taking such good care of his boy.  He says when you get old you think about things and he is happy that Terry and I found each other.  I'm going to miss this man so much.

Friday, August 7, 2015

Another Year Gone By--Now It's 44!!

I love this couple.  I see so much of Terry and I in the humor of the author Brian Crane.  Even before Terry was not able to travel too far away from home, we never went on vacation.  Over the years we have talked about going, but finances and the dogs have always kept us close to home.  Well, the dogs might be an excuse, but finances certainly aren't.  And now the older we get, the harder it is to leave the house without a good reason!

Our story is that we met on a blind date on February 5th, got engaged two weeks later and married on August 7th that same year.  Terry never forgets our anniversary...not once. We have had very few rough patches.  In the beginning we were a perfect example of Opposites Attract but over the years we have blended into a pretty perfect match.  Thank you Terry for being the best husband anyone could ask for.  It's true, when they made you, they broke the mold.

Monday, August 3, 2015

I Love Novelty and More Stuff

 I have a HUGE fabric stash. My collection started  back to the days that I sewed garments,  continued through the years that I made dolls and other items to sell at craft shows right up to now.  It has been my joke that  I was my "Retirement Fund".  However, most of my stash is Novelty Prints.  I love them.  If one catches my eye and I love it, I buy it.  I can't resist.

I love Crazy Quilt.  My love started the first time I saw the quilts that prairie women stitched together from scraps of fabrics of old clothes.  I love to look at Victorian Quilts made of rich fabrics and stitched with beautiful embroidery and threads and laces.  Sometimes I have even bought fabric with Crazy Quilt in mind, but I must admit, never laces and rarely fancy fabric.
So when I finally began stitching blocks, I looked to my fabrics and what did I find but novelties. DUH.  But that didn't make me want to go out and buy fancies.  Even when I took Kathy Shaw's beginning class after looking at fancies I never bought one piece. So, I took a step back and realized that I probably will never want to actually make a lacy crazy quilt block.  So, for now anyway, I'll continue trying to perfect piecing blocks using my novelty fabric and learning how to build seam embroidery stitches.  After sewing blocks from templates I have decided that I like the flip and sew method better. I need to tweak my skill at creating the blocks. For some reason, I can't take this frog block apart and remove that swimming frog..I love him so I'll just see what I do with the block. Everyone develops their own style.  I'm finding mine!

 And here is a pic I couldn't resist added to the post.  Corey comes home from work and sacks on the couch before he showers and waits for supper.  You will usually find his dog somewhere very near, or like here, right on top of Corey.  Tyson never found a place where he couldn't fall asleep.  It's a joke around here because he often falls asleep while just sitting there, or while propping his head on the couch or chair.

These guys are a hoot.  They will be running around and playing hard.  Then all at once you realize it's quiet and there they are. Fell asleep while wrestling.

Saturday Morning Tyson had a hugely swelled eye lid. About the size of a golf ball.  There was no matter in it and he didn't seem to be wincing in pain.  I thought maybe he was stung by a bee.  We decided to watch it and take him to our Vet Monday ...or take him to the doggy ER if necessary.  How weird that he woke up on Sunday with no swelling at all. We always wish our dogs could talk,

If I follow you on Facebook and you happen to notice that I am not commenting or posting there it's because the political BS has started already and I'm steering away for now.

When I was looking for a quote the other day, I came across one that rings so true for me personally right now. "WHAT YOU PERMIT, YOU PROMOTE"  I think it is true about most of the world situation right now. One of my favorite columnist is Leonard Pitts.  One of his readers asked him "What Can I Do"?  That's always the question.  Most of the time we feel like we can't make a difference personally.  Well, thank you all for your comments on my last post.  It really brings to light that just being kind can make a difference.

Do you know who Rhonda Rousey is? We follow the MMA fights.  Mostly because Corey trained and fought a few amateur fights and won. I was so glad to see Rhonda win over Bethe Correia who made shocking and too personal comments leading up to the fight. Rhonda's mother encouraged her to end it fast and boy did she...34 seconds.  Rhonda has been called the top athlete in the country by very knowledgeable people. Fighting is dangerous but you have to admire someone that works that hard to be the best.

          I take inspiration today from this:
Find The Joy In Little Things