Thursday, July 23, 2015

Spider Webs Already???

I always complain to Terry that he saves too much STUFF.  We have a 3 stall extra garage that was meant to be his work shop/storage area.  I swear we have every tonka toy and tool and can of something or other that ever came into this house stored in that garage.

He NEVER EVER reminds me about how much stuff I save.  Jeans that I'm going to make something out of, tubs of fabric, yarn skeins. But lets face it, mine is NOT a 3 stall garage, lol.

So, that's not what this is about.  The picture is a spider web on denim that I saved because everyone needs a CQ spider web.

What this IS about is all the spider webs that are appearing EVERYWHERE.  In our yard, in our window sills.  I even had one on the sink that was spun while I was sleeping!!  Usually we don't see this amount of webbing until closer to Autumn. A Google search confirmed that I didn't just imagine it.  You DO see more spider webs in Late Summer and Autumn when the weather cools.  Our weatherman said we are in late summer.  Let me tell you, August in northern Indiana may be late summer but it's usually sweltering. Not spider web spinning weather at all.  I like to watch what wildlife is doing to try to determine what the next season will bring.  We hardly saw any squirrels burying nuts yet.  Usually that indicates the winter won't be harsh. Early spiders?  I'd say early fall.  But who knows?

Let me know if you think you have any signs from wildlife of season change. Maybe tales your parents told. Should I get a Farmer's Almanac?

One thing for sure.  We are going to get bales of straw to put along the house along the bathroom wall.  Last year our pipes froze and we're not taking a chance on a repeat!!  Just in case.


Penny said...

Oh dear - already preparing for winter. August is my least favorite month of the year, as you'll read in an upcoming post -- so I'm trying to go into it with a positive frame of mind. I'm not sure whether an early fall/winter is a good thing -- does that mean more snow (seems like some places have just gotten the last of it shoveled up). Guess we'll have to see.

jinxxxygirl said...

Well we'll have to see if your prediction of early Fall is right! I remember hearing something about a wooly worm predicting the weather..something about the size of its stripes or if it is mostly brown or mostly black... darn darn can't remember now... Around here i've actually seen some leaves turning colors ... yellows and oranges and red... i do't know if that normal around here or not... not alot but a few... Looking forward to reading what other people say.. Hugs! deb

Ale jc said...

sounds like you have lots planned..and weather...seems so is cool here and is JULY...x

Momma Bear said...

Ive noticed when the weather is going to be good my spiders spin big webs with loong tethers and when weathervis going to be heavy rain they spin smaller webs with short tethers.
We get spiders all over the place here, when the weather is wet there seem to be more hanging out in the open. Sometimes there are so many it seems like they are trying to catch us!

Barbara said...

Same thing at our bay getaway, spider webs everywhere. I can't say about other wildlife, I'm just not that familiar with shore birds, but we definitely have spider webs. It wouldn't bother me if it means an early Autumn after this summer of blistering heat!

Laurie said...

Hi Carol! I went to take a glass from the cupboard, and put my hand through a web. She had spun a web starting at the ceiling, attaching to the stove hood, and across my cupboards. I didn't see her , she was probable under the hood. The broom came out right away! We were always told when the wooly caterpillars have a heavier coat than normal, and earlier in the fall it's going to be a hard winter. You and I think alike, I can't count the number of times I have stopped to take a turtle off the road. Once it was a huge snapper that my husband very carefully moved. He must have been ancient, I had never seen one that gigantic.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I've heard that a heavy crop of things like apples and mountain ash berries means a hard winter is coming. No idea as to whether there is really anything to it though.