Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Key Block Progress and I Learned Something New

Here are some of the key blocks that I have completed for my daughter's quilt.  I'm kind of tired of keys and locks so I thought I would add embroidered blocks that have key sayings, like "You hold the key to my heart".  You would think that it would be easy to find key sayings that are just a few words, but it's not.  So if you can think of any good ones, please let me know.

One thing I learned just today when I laid these out to take a picture is that some of my images are backward.  The key is facing the wrong way.  If I turn it around it's upside down.  No mater, whatever I have to do short of discarding them, I'll make them work. Did I mention before that this is the first quilt I have ever made, lol.

The other day when I was reading someone's blog, they mentioned how to print digital stamps and included a link to a U-tube video on how to move them around the page and even enlarge them.    Last year when I bought a new computer, I couldn't find my Word program and my new unit didn't come with it free.  Now I am using Libre Office and find it to be very easy and similar to Microsoft programs.  The only way I have ever enlarged a picture and successfully maintained the scale in the past was to do it using the copier at work so I was excited to learn something new. It was easy to follow the Word instructions in my Office Libre.  Not only am I HAPPY, but I am so SELF satisfied that I learned a new technical thing.


Barbara said...

The keys going in different directions is what I would want. It adds interest! Also, Google "old keys" clicking on Images...voila, hundreds! Looking good Carol, now keep going!

Penny said...

Your quilt is wonderful! You've done a marvelous job on the keys. Maybe you could have some of them upside down, sort of signifying those keys we all have around that house that no longer fit into anything?

kathyinozarks said...

I just did a google search for key quotes there allot of sites but you are right most were pretty long-perhaps you can get ideas though to shorten them. I think your blocks turned out awesome-and I think your quilt will be more interesting in the end if they do not all face the same direction. didn't know this is your first quilt-have fun with the process.
Of course it is still raining here-suppose to finally end for a few days friday afternoon-

jinxxxygirl said...

Raising my hand here... Oh yes i'm with you on the so not techie savvy so every time i accomplish something technical with the computer i pat myself on the back for ... I will keep an eye out for key sayings for you.....that are not too long... That quilt is gonna be gorgeous... I don't see why the keys can't be facing different directions... gives visual interest! Hugs! deb

Jan said...

“Many a book is like a key to unknown chambers within the castle of one’s own self.”
― Franz Kafka
“One of the keys to happiness is a bad memory.”
― Rita Mae Brown
“The key to good eavesdropping is not getting caught.”
― Lemony Snicket, The Blank Book
I went to Goodreads and checked their quotes for keys. They have lots but maybe not so many short ones. Anyway, I think your keys going in all directions is much more interesting than all going the same. Congrats on learning something new, too!!

Jeanna said...

I think the keys going in different directions is fun and congratulations on your first quilt!!!

shawkl said...

Most programs will let you enlarge/reduce images by clicking the image...Grab the corner and pull/push AND hold down the shift key at the same time. The SHIFT key makes the ratio of reduction of width/height the same. When you pull/push without the Shift Key get tall or wide...but not at the same amount. Hugs, Kathy

shawkl said...

Make up your own
The Key to Hard Work!
The Key to Being Yourself!
The Key to Genes and Good Habits!
The Key to Having Good Being a Good Friend!

You can print these out in a Script font...on fabric...and embroidery over them.

Just my random thoughts...great start to this quilt! Fabulous idea too!
Hugs, Kathy

Timaree said...

I like that the keys go in different directions. I didn't know there was a "right" way. Sort of that toilet paper thing of over or under huh? Also, the quilt can be used in any direction if the sayings and the keys are all in different directions.