Tuesday, June 30, 2015

We're Moving!!

 Gotcha!!  Nope, not movin' from this house. We lived here for almost 40 years.  One of the first landscape projects was to add a water feature that included a pond and waterfall.  We searched farmers fields and found piles of rocks which the farmers were more than happy for us to haul away. I'm talkin' TRUCK loads of rocks.  We had two weddings in the back yard take place in front of that first pond/waterfall.  I didn't work then and our back yard was like living in a park.

When my daughter moved into the house next door, our grandsons were about 2 and 4.  We fenced the yards together so the boys could come and go safely...and filled in the pond.

Eventually another bigger and better pond was born. Over the years, those rocks have been moved all over the back yard.  The present project, and final move, is taking place all over the back yard.  Between rainy days, we are putting a platform deck by the pond.  Unless we change our minds, we have a covered glider swing to set on it. Notice the pile of rocks that were moved to make a place for the platform.  You may also notice the weeds..they were pulled before the platform was started but we have only had just a few days without rain in the entire month of June.  Before the planks are added to the deck form, I'll put a heavy layer of newspapers down.  It's a technique I have used over the years to keep weeds from growing.  It works well and water won't puddle like it would if we used, say plastic.  It's a great way to recycle newspaper as well.

 I'm moving pavers too!

And some of those rocks are going into the pond to make a hiding area for the fish.  I'll add plants to the rock area too.

Lots more piles like this one!!

This is a new rock garden.  This little area is next to the fence that keeps the dogs out of the pond area.  However, they love to dig under the fence here because rabbits and toads live on the other side. So far, the rocks have kept them out. Rain has stopped my progress. The next picture shows how much the weeds grew in just 2 weeks since I started this project!! I'm moving some ground cover to this area that we bought when we moved
 here and has flourished in the shade. Blogger is not co-operating with my picture placement and commentary.  The last picture is Boscoe, looking up at me while I am looking outside at the front deck.  I'm sure he is wondering when the heck the sun will come out!!


jinxxxygirl said...

Blogger can be a pain can't it?! You got alot going on woman!! And i'll bet it will be beautiful when finished... Thank you so much for the comments you've been leaving on the blog. I love it when you stop over for a visit. The A/C man is here... not that there is anything wrong with the aircond we just thought it prudent to have him look things over while we have the ceilings and wall out... best time to do anything if we need to... Hugs! deb

Penny said...

WOW!! Its going to be beautiful. I admire your courage and energy in doing all this renovation. Just think how lovely it will be to sit out there come Fall. Tom added another small pond to the section outside my studio - which I must photograph and post. Its definitely not the huge project that yours is -- but its a delight on a hot summer day to hear and see the water moving from place to place.

Mary Ann said...

What is it with all the rain? We are having the same type of weather here. It's looks like we are getting more today. We managed to get the grass cut yesterday. We had to. It was a foot high in the backyard. The weeds are sprouting everywhere...sigh:)

Barbara said...

Beautiful landscaping, Carol! A work in progress since nature often takes over. I love your newspaper idea. The rock garden is lovely and serves a purpose too. That's why Boscoe is staring at you.

Jeanna said...

Wow, that is a huge project and a must be a great workout!! It's going to be another nice area when you are finished with it.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Moving rocks isn't easy - good exercise though. It will all be beautiful when it's done (after the sun comes out!)

Anonymous said...

You sure got my attention, lol! That's what I get for not visiting over the past dayyyyyys! :D That platform set up sounds intriguing... I will be watching intently! I've been thinking about such a structure for our garden with one of those screened in tent gazebo thingys to protect us from the bugs while still affording the opportunity of being outside, sort of :D

If you ever need more rocks I most certainly can oblige, giggle!
Hugs for now my dear friend and good luck with the project(s),

Robbie said...

I'm exhausted just looking at all you've done...hate the weeds!! UGH...just finish the front, work on the back, start back on the sides and have to start over again....I give you a lot of credit...wonderful landscape work!

Jan said...

Tremendous amount of hard work but it will be so nice when it is finished. Here in Oregon we are having very little rain, kinda scary when you live in a forest. I've been here for almost 40 years too, next year will be my 40th. It is nice to be so centered, at least for me it is. Yeah, weeds, you cut 'em down in front of you and they are growing up and tickling your butt behind you! Hope you will show us photos of the finished project.