Monday, June 15, 2015

I'm a Chicago Sport Lover!!

 Didn't know that I'm a huge Chicago sports fan, did you?  Well, I am. I always have been.  I was born in Chicago, so it's instilled in me to be a die hard fan, win or lose.

I think I first noticed the Blackhawks because of their logo. I never watched the games when I was younger, but became a fan of the game when I dated someone that went to Notre Dame and we often went to their games.  It was a natural progression to become a Chicago Hockey Lover.

Though I have never been to a game at the stadium, my daughter and grandson go often. I love it when they come over to watch the games.

What can I say about the Bears.  At least Terry likes football and doesn't mind watching the games, though we don't like to watch the game at the stadium.  I'm waiting patiently to see if changes to the coaching staff will bring on a much awaited winning season.

My favorite all time Bears player is Dick Butkus. What a great Linebacker.

My dad was a huge Cub fan.  When I was little, we went to the games a lot. My Grandma was a big fan too.  As she got older, heaven help you if you stood in the way of her vision of the TV when a Cubs game was on!!

My youngest grandson is a big Cubs fan too.  I love it when he comes over to watch the games.  Terry hates baseball so I don't usually put the game on unless Ky is over.  Also, we don't always get the game on a Chicago station and I absolutely cannot stand the ESPN announcers! What a lot of stupid irrelevant small talk.

Terry is not a sport fan.  He makes a lot of comments when games are on that drive a true fan crazy!!  I have learned to ignore him, but last year Kyle would not come here to watch the Bears.  And didn't we all jump all over Terry when he criticized Corey Crawford the other night!!  We hold our own!!


kathyinozarks said...

lol my husband is a sports widower he does not watch any sports at all-I am glued to the set with the olympics, love my Packers and watch the kc royals here now when there is a game on tv-this area shows the stlouis cardinals instead, and I love Notre Dame football-kinda cool that they show all their games here in Missouri so I still chear them on

Mary said...

Go Hawks!!!

Robbie said...

Haven't heard the name Dick Butkus in years!!!! Loved all those old players....yea, some of the new ones are great...but Terry Bradshaw....and I still miss John Madden's commentaries!!!!
And, who knew you knew Sally Cole!!!! I just met her this winter in Ocala, where they bought a new home! They are such a fun couple I look forward to seeing her next winter. I'll keep you posted as to who get who into trouble in Florida! HA

jinxxxygirl said...

Too funny Carol. :) i am actually the sport lover here too. I love NFL football! Hubby watches because i watch... But he could take it or leave it... Now i'm not a die hard/OMG can't miss a game fan but i do like to catch several games thru out the season especially when we get down to the playoffs... and the Superbowl.... I even have a favorite team and player... The Broncos and Peyton Manning... I just love his story and i would like to see him win the Superbowl before ending his career.... You know small talk is good Carol... we should chit chat more often. :) Hugs! deb

Magpie's Mumblings said...

We don't follow too many sports, but we are Blue Jays fans. DH likes to get the scores of the hockey games but he doesn't watch either hockey or football (which makes me very happy). I, on the other hand, love to 'watch' the Blue Jays play. My watching consists of having the game on in the background while I knit or read....I pay attention to see the replays.

Beedeebabee said...

Hi Carol! We're NY Yankees fans over here. We love a good baseball game. Unfortunately, most of the older players we loved all recently retired. :( . Hubby also likes to watch the Giants play football, but I'm not a football fan myself. Good luck to your Cubs...I hate all of that announcer babble too! xo

Yesteryear Embroideries said...

Is wonderful that you enjoy sports! Do you have football tailgate parties or other functions?

Anonymous said...

I have to admit I am not a huge sports fan but DH is so I often enjoy, during baseball season, sitting next to him when he has a game on and I knit. He explains things to me so I am learning. I went to Mets games when I still lived in NY but that's about it. I know you will laugh at this and probably say that this is not a sport but I love watching golf! Silliest thing I know but I like playing golf so perhaps that's part of the reason I like to watch it. Oh well, that's me babbling on as usual, LOL!
Hugs always my sweet friend,
Beth P