Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Are You A Snob?


Yes, you ARE.  About SOMETHING!

I am.
Not socially.
Not about people.
I truly believe we are all equal.

And sometimes you can be a snob and your opinion changes.  You know about what? A lot of things.

Like when I started making jewelry, waaaaay back in the 70's.  I loved that hippy jewelry trend and did a lot of macrame'.  Lots of jewelry and plant hangers.  I loved to knot.  Then the 80's moved in and big clunky jewelry was trendy.  Off I went to the bead store to stock up on what I needed to make what was in style.

About 15 years ago I started noticing tiny beaded jewelry. Really pretty, but really, seed beads?  Nope, that's not my idea of jewelry. The best I could do was to admire Trade Beads.  Then I found Robin Atkins and became enamored with bead embroidery.  I dropped my aversion to tiny beads and jumped on the seed bead band wagon. I soaked up Sheri Serafini, Jami Cloud Eakin and so many others.  I studied their techniques and created some great stuff.

But my love of Crazy Quilt kept hounding me.

Years ago, from high school through my daughter's youth, I embroidered.  I did a LOT of satin stitching and crewel. I was never attracted to outline stitching motifs.  I was a snob. When I went back to work, embroidery  got shoved to the back of my mind. Then came computers.  Yep, I actually worked on one of the first computer's invented clicking through DOS. As technology advanced and windows became bigger and better, artists started posting pictures of their work.  I poured through Flicker, following the posts of those Crazy Stitchers. I started collecting books on Crazy Quilting and realized that I was no longer a snob about back stitching! Thanks to Kathy Shaw and her generously sharing her knowledge and time, and the encouragement from some of my blog friends, I stitched my first block and embellished seams.

I'm  wracking my brain to think of something else I might be a snob about, but can't think of a thing.

What about you?  Can you think of anything that puts you in the snob category?


Mosaic Magpie said...

I guess as styles come and go we all get put off by something. I think of the old gold and green appliance colors....not sure I would welcome them into my kitchen!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I'm a snob when it comes to chocolate - for me it HAS to be dark!!

Timaree said...

I don't think that makes you a snob. It makes you an individual with tastes that slowly evolve :).
Sometimes colors hit me as yucky but as I see them more and more especially when some people show me how they can be used well, I begin to see them differently and sometimes don't just come to accept them but to enjoy and use them. Snobbery would be thinking only your way is good enough for everyone not just you and others just don't recognize how uncool they are. I'm really glad you are having so much fun with your crazy quilt squares. They look terrific.