Tuesday, May 5, 2015

A Little This and That

This is my youngest grandson.
I love this picture.

It is not a pose.
He was caught at a thoughtful moment.

He is growing into the most astounding man.

Most times you don't know what kids are thinking.  But if you open your mind they let you know in many subtle ways just how wonderful they are.

And THIS is what you ALWAYS see.

Ky having a great time.  This is his prom picture. Not the traditional tux, but none the less his selection was not a surprise. He was just a few votes shy of being chosen Prom King.

Yes, he is missing a front tooth. You'd be glad that I didn't post the pic of him after a hockey puck hit him square in the mouth knocking out the tooth without breaking the root.  He is wallowing in the glory of the injury received during a parking lot hockey game (goaly with no mask!!).   Did not want to have a dentist replace the original, but will get a new tooth when he is ready.

This thumbs up is his Signature Pose!

We have finally gotten some warm weather.  We had a beautiful weekend and Terry did a little work in the pond area.  I did something or other outside...mostly cleaning up the winter mess the dogs did.  No, not dookey!  I keep that clear.  But they are just too playful and I don't even know where they get the stuff they find to tear up.

There are a lot of things on my To Do list.

Painting the siding.
Cleaning and refinishing the front deck.
LOTS of weeding to do.
Seeds to plant.
And we are adding a deck to the pond area for a glider we
got last year.

If I can force the issue, we'll be leaning Terry's 3 stall "workshop/junk collection/ mess.

Here is what the dogs are doing on a rainy day.

I'll be stitching, when I should be cleaning...so what else is new!


Momma Bear said...

*Sigh!*what is it with boys and breaking teeth? My dad broke his 2 front teeth, in a perfect semi-circle no less, on the church basement floor horsing around with siblings and thier friends.
"I was plying monster" he said .*sigh so my beautiful boy looked like nosferatu for years, untill he got them fixed in the army, for free. My cousin Bobby played hockey in hs & college and has the subsequent missing dental to match!
What can you do? Hug them, when you really want to smack'em, for being idiots!
Your blocks are looking so good! I use a dritz white pencil for dark fabric and a clover water soluble pen for most else I also use clovers purple air soluble but it dissappears in 20-30 minutes, faster if it's humid or raining. I have used these since I started cqing and have never had a reappear problem, though on some fabric like acetate you have to wet the whole section to remove it because it bleeds out to the water line and sticks around otherwise. I also recommend using a journal to keep your favorite seams in it makes a good reference for when you are stuck and a handy place to put seams you find till you can use them.

Thoeria said...

Silly google.....just wiped out my comment!
I was saying that with your formidable list of things to do I'd be running off to stitch too!!
And your grandson....had a chuckle at his pride in his "battle scar" :D Boys!

Barbara said...

Carol, no kidding? You actually paint siding and refinish a deck? Now I know for sure you are younger than me, lol! No surprise here either when I'm crafting instead of cleaning. At least they are both "c" words. Cute doggie pic, and VERY cute grandson.

Robbie said...

Just keep stitching!

Penny said...

Hey, I'm with Barbara -- although I might pitch in to hand someone something while 'they' are doing the heavy work -- usually I decide to make a hair appointment for that day *smile*. You go girl!! Love the pictures of your grandson. One of our grandsons also uses the thumbs up sign. He's happy kid, always up for some fun and a joy to be around.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Men are always so proud of their battle scars and don't 'get' why we get upset about it. And stitching when you should be cleaning - that's my kind of work!!