Sunday, March 8, 2015

January CQJP 2015 Block

This is the first Crazy Quilt block I have made with only myself to decide fabric, block construction, seam treatment and stitches used.

Years ago I did extensive embroidery stitching. But embroidery of that type was a lot different than stitching on seams.  It was more satin stitching a transferred pattern.  I have always wanted to learn to crazy quilt, but want to create a more primitive stitching, rather than the lacy and ribbon embroidered style that I love to look at, but does not fit my own preference of a more Bohemian style.

So I started this journey to help me learn the stitches I desire to conquer.  I don't like the first seam I stitched, bet you can tell which one it is.  But I kept it, because it is the "first" and my measure of how much I will improve.  I love this piece because it is a start.  It broke the barrier for me.  I am achieving a rhythm...creating a habit...reveling in an instant gratification that comes from satisfaction of conquering a fear.  What fear??  Well, the fear that you create when you compare your own skill to the skill of those you admire.  There are a few friends that read this blog that I particularly want to thank, though I am not calling out your names.  You encourage me to come to the fold, you encourage me to release my imagination and play along, you give guidance and creative suggestions that I appreciate.

I am just so happy that a hesitant start is leading to personal satisfaction.