Friday, February 20, 2015

We Had A Murder Here

 Oh, sorry.  Not THAT kind of murder.  We had a Crow Murder. Before the REALLY cold weather hit, there were too many crows in the sky to begin to count.  They like to hang out in the woods near the Elkhart County landfill. For some reason they hung out here for a few days. After we watched them fly circles over our woods, we may have seen them at the landfill later in the day.  There definitely was a Murder there too.

We have a stand of trees behind the houses across the street.  The Murder was hanging out in them for a long time, but every time I would go to the window to get a picture with lots of them in it, they flew.  The crows showed up a few days before the cold snap and hung around for a few days.  Occasionally we see them fly by on their way to who knows where.  I wonder..where do they go.

Now THIS guy is one of MY crows.  We have three that live in a nearby stand of huge pines.  They are always around.  When my brother in law plows our driveway, he always clears a spot in the grass near the road so I can put bread out for My Crows.  I love these guys.  There is usually one on the ground scrounging around and the other two are in the trees near by.  When I come out, the one on the ground doesn't fly off, the the two in the trees definitely alert him that danger is near, though I really do thing they know I feed them.  We have a maple tree in front of the house and about once a week I catch sight of one of them in my tree.

And if you wonder what my DOGS have been doing during this cold they are sharing one of the dog beds.  Check out Tyson's paws.  Even when they are sleeping, they entertain us.  Junior is sleeping close by, though not in this shot.

Bosco loves everyone, but he has picked Terry to be his person.  Ever since he was a puppy, Terry has taken him to sleep on his lap in the recliner. The chair is motorized so Terry calls it Bosco's elevator.  Sometimes Terry asks him if he want to ride the elevator and Bosco positions himself in front of the chair, paws on Terry's lap while Terry starts the leg lift and this is how they end up....Sleeping.  I love it that they have bonded, though when I am in my "room" where there is also a dog bed, Bosco is keeping me company whether I am at the computer or sewing.

Bosco eats in the kitchen, but we often find his bowl here hidden next to my chair in the living room. Its a circus around here!!


Penny said...

During our cold snap we have seen a number of hawks and even an eagle. I suspect they are able to see their prey better with snow on the ground and they are just waiting. We always have a lot of crows here, especially up the hill in the woods but haven't seen as many so perhaps they are hunched down keeping warm.

Mosaic Magpie said...

We have 4 dogs around here so I can relate to all the doggie escapades!

Barbara said...

Acircus, indeed, but so entertaining and so much fun!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Gotta love sleeping dogs (and husbands!).

Mary Ann said...

We have about 7 crows that visit our back yard. They usually show up at least once a day. You can't miss them because they are so noisy:)

Janine said...

I enjoyed reading about your murder and I like the sound of your circus! And thank you for letting me know about Evernote - I'll certainly look into it :)

sewok said...

You have your crows and we have our cardinals and in the summer the hummingbirds. Gotta love 'em. Dropped in to catch up with what's happening with you and also to let you know I've posted a few more of Hoot's "I Spy" hexagon blocks on my blog. I admit I'm not real consistent with the blog and my sewing seems erratic but something is sewn everyday here at Drop by and visit sometime. Phyllis