Sunday, February 8, 2015

I Can't Believe I Started A Journal

I have never kept a journal, always thinking of it as a diary and I never wanted anyone to get a hold of my inner thoughts.  Then Kathy blogged about the most beautiful journal I have ever seen and where you could buy it.  She also post a link to Shroo and her post about "Why Do I Journal".  So I started asking myself all the questions about why "I" would journal.

Only I would read it.
Write down my thoughts so I can put them out of my mind.
Write down what I want to say to someone and can't.
Organize some things you want to keep, like Corey's first fight     card.
Keep quotes I want to remember on paper.
Document  ideas for future projects.

As much as I coveted a journal from the store where Kathy got hers, I just couldn't bring myself to spend the money on a journal.

I think I have kept every pair of jeans we ever owned since the kids were little.  Well, OK, not EVERY pair, but the ones with interesting detail.  I'll be doing a bit of re-purposing them into useful items.  Thanks to Pinterest for so many ideas. Anyway, off I went to Walmart to buy one of those composition books.  You know, the kind that the cover kind of looks like mini cow print.  I chose a 9x7 book.  I measured the legs on a pair of my old favorite jeans to make a cover that the notebook could slide into much like those Hallmark date books work. I'm not through embellishing it yet, but since I did all the sewing by hand, my fingers are a little tender.

January was a BAD month for us.  Much illness then a family situation that set us on our heals. The journal has allowed me to express my thoughts that cannot be spoken.  Writing them down has allowed me not to dwell on what I would say, perhaps without thinking first. In a sense, I feel liberated.

January set me behind on my CQJP2015, but it IS in progress.

Thank you Kathy for leading me to Shroo.


jinxxxygirl said...

Welcome to the land of Journaling.....!! :) I have journaled ever since i was pregnant with my daughter. She is 28. My journal is my confidante .... a place to rant ... a place to work out problems ... and like you said a place to say things you would never say out loud but really feels good to get off your chest..... I'm a better person i
think for having a journal. I documented alot of my daughters growing up in those books.... first steps, first roll over, first date....Many times i wrote to her when i wrote in there.... I have slipped pictures and news articles of the times, things that interested me.... ticket stubs, you name it.....My writing has changed over the i said at first it was all about my daughter...when she turned 18 i wanted a change and i wrote more about me. I wrote about whatever i wanted. Whatever was on my opinion on current events..... my thoughts and views on many things.... I always thought of it as a window into me... my thoughts and opinions that i may not express.... may help my loved ones know me a little better after i'm gone......thats if they want to that is... I have about 20 books....with express instructions that they are to be read only after i'm gone.....AND i would prefer them read in chronological order.....But you know not a year goes by that it doesn't cross my mind that
i might just have a big bonfire one day and just let the past go..........

I think the important thing with a journal Carol is that there be no pressure to write in it....Its there when you need it.....Whether that be every morning at 6am over coffee or once a week or month or whatever... it should not become a chore......Write several pages or one line.....Make it yours.... Big Hugs! deb

Momma Bear said...

Journaling does help my when I need to puzzle something out or with the I'm overwhelmed and I can't talk to anyone but I need to get this off my chest, thoughts. Journaling he's to either sort out the thought swirl, or make sense of that which seems to make none.

Mdm Samm said...

there is something about putting it down on paper that is comforting and informative....may whatever you wish for , that is my wish for you

GlorV1 said...

Good luck with your journal. Hope things get better Carol. Have a great week.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

So sorry you have been going through 'things' that manage to sap your mind and thoughts. Journaling is a good release (I guess I should know since I first started keeping one in 1967 and have done ever since). I don't put anything that I wouldn't want published in it but when I feel the need to write about something that is troubling me I will, but then I will destroy it (I usually use the computer for those). The writing process helps but sometimes what I write isn't fit for human eyes. I actually have one of those beautiful Paper Blanks books that my friend gave me in 2010 - mine is a daily planner. I'm ashamed to say that I never used it - deeming it too beautiful to write in. I really need to 'get over it' and use it for something!

Barbara said...

I have never kept a journal either for many of the same reasons. It especially felt like some things should not be put anywhere out of my head. But I can feel the depth of your emotions, Carol, and to journal about them instead of internalizing them will surely serve you well. I love what you did with your favorite old denim! Sometimes angels come into our lives when we most need them, and I think Kathy may be one of yours.

Thoeria said...

I love your home made journal, Carol! Very clever :)
I have never journalled....but I do understand the power of writing things down to let them go. When I'm really disturbed by something or need to get it off my chest, I write poetry....not mind blowing Shakespearian or anything that will sell stuff.....just a few lines to let it out....and then....I toss it......Like you I'm very wary about having my innermost thoughts being stumbled I just let it out and then...let it go :) Enjoy your new adventure

Timaree said...

Love your journal cover. I use the composition book for daily journaling but keep it a bit more artsy than wordy. I tear out some of the pages too so if I glue things in it won't get too fat.

I'm so sorry you've been having illness and family issues. What a way to start off the new year and this is your first whole year in retirement! I sure hope it gets better!

Anonymous said...

That is a beautiful journal! I've journaled since my early teens (that's a long time). LOL The other evening, our of sheer boredom, I started pulling out my old journals and reading them ~ 33 years of my life, warts and all, recorded on those pages. My first thought was "good grief, I need to burn these" . . . but later I realized that those are 100% my words, my thoughts . . . and when all is said and done - "MY STORY". So back they went into my antique hope chest. Thank God it has a key. :-)

Rachael Farmer said...

I'm so glad you're going to journal - I think you'll find it really enjoyable. I too look back at some of my old - especially teenage - journals and C*R*I*N*G*E but I keep them because they feel like they're a part of me and my life journey. I love your re-covered book, it looks gorgeous! It must feel lovely to hold as well. You made a whole big stack of awesome there, lady!! Thank you for your thoughts and comments on my last post - it's really helpful and i appreciate it massively. Sending you hugs and hoping today is a good day for you and yours - Shroo:)xxx