Wednesday, December 30, 2015

"Another Year Over"

 Every Christmas for the past several years a bout of depression sets in my soul.  It starts just after Thanksgiving.  I have no control over just washes over me and no matter what I do it won't leave.  I think it has a lot to do with the lack of sunshine. But then why has it left when we haven't seen the sun for days now.

So I set my embroidery aside and went for my standby crochet needles and yarn.  Corey's girlfriend asked for a pair of white and a pair of black boot cuffs.  Out came the yarn and I made several pair, but not white or black.  I played with the blue and went for a gorgeous yarn to top it with. they look great with denim.  Then I found a rich burgundy and made a pair with a ripple stitch top and a headband to match.  I forgot to get a picture.  Finally I got out the boring black and white yarn and stitched what she asked me to make.  That took me through the holiday.  Crochet is mindless stitching for me.  It's the craft I fall back on when I am under stress or just need to keep my hands busy.

So I'm almost back to normal now and have a renewed interest in my CQ blocks.  Though I haven't completed the 2015 journal project, I will begin the 2016 project.

Wishing you a Happy New Year.  If you party, please stay safe and have a great time.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

I Never Saw A Tree I Didn't Like

I never really realized how much I love trees until I reacquainted myself with embroidery.  I have a board on Pinterest where I save pics of stitched trees.

When we moved in our home years ago, there were some trees we took out.  Messy crab apple trees whose only purpose that I could see was to shed apples that the neighborhood kids would throw at each other.

There were some evergreen that weren't really trees.  13 of them lined the driveway.  THEIR  purpose  was to provide harbor for the webs of BIG...REALLY spiders.  Needless to say out they went.

We had a couple of small White Birch that I absolutely LOVED that mysteriously disappeared when I went shopping one Saturday.  It was hard to forgive my father-in-law for supporting...errr...helping Terry to make THAT decision.
These are two dying trees in our back yard.  Corey took the branches off the one in the top picture when we put new fence up. We left the trunk which is home to LOTS of bugs that the woodpeckers and other bug loving birds feed on.

This tree is still living with green leaves in the summer.  You can see the limbs that remain after we had it topped about 10 years ago.  It too is a dying tree, but home to squirrels and birds.  I like to watch the activity in these trees.  Squirrels come and go and tease the dogs.  I watched a Blue Jay couple steal leaves from a squirrel nest and fly off to use them in their own winter nest. The Blue Birds love this tree and the bugs they find there. The both are a haven for woodpeckers You can always see some activity going on in leaf barren trees in the winter.  It's a lot easier to see the Hawks when they visit and watch my three favorite crows.
If you are not that interested in my naked trees, well here is my baby...Tyson.

Boscoe's nickname is Boss and it is highly appropriate because he is the Boss Dog. When Tyson tries to eat, Boscoe lays very close to Tyson's bowl waiting.  Tyson doesn't like the little bits that look like bits of raw groud beef and spits them on the floor for Boscoe to eat.  If Tyson doesn't eat his food fast enough, Boscoe will find something to cover Ty's bowl with..a rag, a sock or he'll just dump it out and act like he is burying it.

Here is a pic that I took when I brought Tyson's food into the living room to deter Boscoe from eating it.  Tyson fell asleep while on guard.

Actually, Tyson can fall asleep no matter what he is doing.  In the morning we watch Animal Planet and the dogs always get his attention.  We have often found him sitting in front of the TV like he is watching it, only to find that he is asleep.

My dogs are a lot of fun!!

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Block #9 CQJP 2015

I have always loved the Queen Of Hearts.  Not the one in Alice.  I admit that I never read Alice.  I've enjoyed many other classics but no Alice.

I love the Queen so much that I have a Queen of Heart tattoo.  Not the card, but my own design that was inked by a friend that is a real artist.

Most of this year's CQJP blocks are about things I love so the Queen is a must.

My thought on this block was to keep it all red and black, red stitches on black and black on red.

I never plan what I will stitch on a block.  I think that I am not good enough to do that yet.  Not knowledgeable or confident in my stitch repertoire.

the opposite color thing was the only plan I had.  This pic is my favorite part of the block.  I love that scrolly kind of design and I am going to use more of that kind of stitching on future blocks.

I like those tiny heart buttons too. Can you see the furry looking fabric next to them.  That is actually the selvage of the black fabric.  I like that effect as well.

I'm still having a problem with templates. My issue is with the tools to use (pens etc) to mark the dots.  I think I'll try the waste canvas method.    I'm not very good with precision.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Thank You and Other Stuff

As the year winds down I am reflecting on the last year and all the events and drama that occurred.  There is so much to be thankful for, but way too much to list here. Besides, some of it is private.  You know, the things you keep to your secret self.

I recently met a new blog friend, Dawn.  We have some things in common and she gives me a lot of insight on a situation I rarely talk about.  She recently did a post about bloggers she has known that have decided to stop blogging.  Some just fall off and never say goodbye.  so this is a big thank you to all of my blog friends. Thank you for sharing a bit of yourself and your life, your loves and even your dislikes. No matter what your reason is for blogging....Thank you.

Our weather has been so great...almost balmy at temps in the 50s and no snow.  Thank you Mother Nature for a break on our heating bill which was almost unaffordable LAST year.

Thank you Corey for decorating my front deck with Christmas lights.  I can't tell you how much I like, no LOVE, Christmas lights.

Have you seen the advertisement on TV for the Star Shower Laser Light?  It's a flood light kind of thing that shines little lights where ever you point it, usually on your house.  I thought it was a cool idea when I saw the commercial, but determined I didn't think it was worth $40.  Well, the neighbor across the street bit and it's out there shining on their house...I think.  The lights are tiny and you can barely see them.  I'm glad I didn't get one and Terry says if I had, I would have taken it back.

I've been going through closets, boxing things we don't need or clothes that don't fit.  I also boxed a lot of clothes that I know I will never wear.  Things I used to wear to work etc.  My grandson was collecting them for the homeless and for a church rummage sale.  It was amazing to see a large car trunk load of boxes move out the door.  How the heck was all that stuff stored in closets that still look as full as they did before I took stuff out of them.  So, thank you Carol, for finding another use for items we don't even miss that someone else can use.

I'm still stitching.  My next post will be to show my finished Queen of Hears block.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

This is NOT our Thanksgiving Bird!!

It's almost Thanksgiving...tomorrow!

Nope, this isn't the Bird.  Well, it IS a bird.  A Sharp Shinned Hawk, I think.  When we pulled in the driveway the other day, before the snow, he was standing in the yard.

See that green bush...Boxwood.  I had a bird blogger friend that said you should always plant Boxwood in the area of your feeders so the little birds could hide from hawks.  My feeders are in the front yard so I can watch them from our living room patio doors.  There are several Boxwood planted out there.  When we drove up, there was not a bird in sight except for the Hawk.  His next move was to jump in that Boxwood.  Out flew about 20 sparrows.  He must have just wanted to scare them because he didn't chase them down.  Instead, he flew up to a branch on the tree and watched us taking picture of him.

See, here he is on the limb.  Make the pic bigger and you will see a squirrel sitting on the branch above him.  Did you ever hear a squirrel screeching at something and bobbing his tail.  That's what Mr. Squirrel was doing. There's actually a Titmouse sitting in a tree near by.

We have been visited by Hawks everyday.  Yesterday a adult Cooper was sitting on the deck banister watching Terry through the window. I couldn't see any birds except a Woodpecker out in the tree.  This Cooper lives in a stand of Pines you can see in the background.

I've read that when a Hawk finds your feeders you should take them down for a few days.  I don't do that.  I figure its all nature and can only hope that if they feed there it's on the evil sparrows. (My name for English Sparrows that are a natural enemy to my Blue Birds).

Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Lunch with Biggy Papa

You may remember that I mentioned that my Father in Law has cancer.  At 91 years old, he is fighting it, but the chemo has been pretty hard on him.  It was pretty touch and go for a while with medications conflicting with each other.  For the past couple of weeks he has felt pretty good.  We were surprised when he said he wanted to go out to eat.  He wanted fried chicken from Das Essenhaus in Middlebury.  So, all of his kids that were available met at the restaurant.  My FIL is the second one from the back on the left.  The group was Terry's mom and dad, two brothers, two sisters with one brother in law.  The first guy in the front on the right is my brother in law Jerry's life long friend Frank.  Friends since kindergarten and one of the group when the three brothers were kids and always together. My grandson Ky came too.  It was a great time and we are just so happy that my FIL feels good and wants to make this a monthly outing.  A moment to be Thankful for.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Do You Do Ebay?

When I first became aware of Crazy Quilt, I began collecting books on the subject from all the well known stitchers.  I remember seeing this book back then and  I can never figure out why I didn't buy it back then.  After I became more familiar with Crazy Quilting and the artists creating wonderful stitching Carole Samples work became well known to me.  Many of the stitchers I knew through the blogs actually know her.  When I heard that Miss Carole Samples was offering her templates I quickly ordered them, even though I had not yet started my Crazy Quilt journey.

Anyway, I have never really shopped on Ebay, though my daughter knows it well and even made a living selling there when she was out of work.

I recently acquainted myself with Ebay when I had to give up wearing flip flops and acquired a love of Minnetonka  Moccasins.  I learned the art of the Bid and how to Make A Offer, even when the seller does not request a Best Offer.

I happened to notice that 3 different sellers were offering this book for 40+ dollars.  I have seen it listed on Amazon for over $100 and everytime wondered why I hadn't bought it while it was in print.  So I thought what the heck, I'll offer all three sellers $20 and see if any bite.  Well, one countered with a $3 discount.  One did not reply.  But one accepted my offer and will even pay the shipping.  The condition listed was "acceptable" but I'm sure I'll be happy with it.

Do YOU shop on Ebay?  Do you have tips for a new buyer?  This could be more addicting than Pinterest.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

CQJP 2015 Block 8

 Here is block 8 for the 2015 Crazy Quilt Journal Project.  I have a rather large collection of various frog items that have been bought or gifted to me.  I LOVE frogs.  They are one of my Totem Animals always reminding me to be humble, take joy in simple things and to protect our planet.  Frogs never sit on the lily pads in our pond, but they do hug the sides or hop out for a bit of sun.  You just never know where you will find them.  I am always so glad that they never feel the need to hide when I am near.

When I saw Lisa Boni's August block I fell in love with her field of daisies. I wanted to try them on this block.  They match perfectly with the flower in the focal fabric.

I'm hoping the project will continue another year.  It creates the inspiration to stitch everyday and provides a focus.  Thank you Kathy Shaw.

Friday, November 6, 2015

Do You Say Hey!...I Say Hey!!

I watch CBS new.  This morning on CBS This Morning they did a collage of  President Obama saying HEY during some speeches.

Don't you wonder how news shows think of what they will put in a show?  A little entertainment filler served along with the news.  Anyway, since I use HEY all the time, maybe I should google it just to be sure the meaning hadn't changed over the years.

Yup, Yey is still another way of saying Hi!  Even the Urban Dictionary says so.

So now you know, it's still OK to say HEY!!
Have a great weekend.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Did You Trick or Did You Treat?

How was your Halloween?  Fun I hope!  We stayed in.  The weather was chilly and rainy all day.  But as the bewitching hour approached, otherwise known as Trick or Treat hours, the rain subsided and the ghosts and ghouls came out.  We took several pictures of the little visitors, but I won't post them here because I don't have permission to put them on the net.  I always make sure to speak to each one and comment on their costumes.  They love it and so do their parents.  Sometimes they just keep talking as they walk away to the next house.    

I DID take these pictures to share.  This is one of our neighbors who created this wonderful caravan to drive their grands to visit special neighbors.  Isn't it decked out!!  There is a toddler bed in the trailer for the kids to sit on.  The trailer is pulled by a trusted Wheelhorse.

We also had a hayride go by.  I couldn't get a picture.

I love Beggar's Night.  I have heard, and read several comments that people were glad that it rained so there weren't many kids out.

I LOVE it and I'm interested to know if you enjoy it, or do you think it's a pain.

Now I'm ready for Day of the Dead.  A spiritual day for me to remember and honor those that are gone.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Stuff on a cold October morning

This summer our landscaping got sidetracked by the back porch project. It used to be screened in. We had the door set up so that the dogs could go out or come in at their leisure. They loved it and if it started raining, they would come in to the porch and wait for us to let them in the house. The screened porch was a great place to eat, read a book when it was raining and just enjoy a bug free evening.  But when we added the deck and patio doors to the front of our house, the deck became our place to sit and enjoy a summer evening.

This summer we replaced the screens with windows and replaced that easy access door the dogs used with a storm door.  No more in and out at leisure.  Our thought was to make the back of the house warmer by enclosing the porch.  When it's warm, I prop the storm door open for the dogs.  However, this week October has been showing it's face and the weather is cold and rainy today.  I let Tyson out at 5 AM.  When I went back to let him in he did this little dance he does and was shivering.  Here is a pic of him laying on his bed that is in My Room.  I covered him with a towel to warm him up.  We have dog beds in the living room, our bedroom and My Room. Tyson claims the one in My Room (where I sew and do my computering) as his.  If Boscoe lays on it, Tyson tattles to me that someone is sleeping in his bed.  Its a hoot.  I love Tyson just as if he was mine. (He is Corey's dog, but mine when Corey is not home).

This is a picture of my best dog ever...Jack.   The picture was taken in 2010 shortly before he died. Somewhere on this blog I have posted about Jack.  If you click his name in my word cloud you will surely find a post or two if you are interested.  I called Jack a Boxador because he was a Lab/Boxer mix. Jack was so much more than Tyson, but Tyson has the best traits of Jack. I think that is what makes Tyson so endearing to me. I miss Jack still. It's still painful to think about how much.

Three dogs live in my home and I don't have the bond with any of them that I had with Jack.  I really miss that.

So, first the weather forecast for Halloween was rather warm.  Today is Wednesday and it's rainy and cold.  It was only supposed to last two days.  Now the forecast for Saturday is more of the same.  I'm holding off buying treats for the beggers.  Terry can't eat chocolate.  Corey is cutting weight for a fight he has in two weeks so no snacks except healthy food.  I'm thinking I'm going to get juice boxes. At least I can give Corey the left overs in his lunch...wonder what the guys at work would say if they saw him drinking a juice box...a MMA fighter drinking a juice box.  I bet no one would dare say a word!!

Well, that's about it.  My current CQ block is frog themed and I'm loving it.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Let's Go To The "Halloween Haunts" Hop!!

 Welcome to the HOP!!  A huge thank you to our host Marian of
Seams to be Sew for all the hard work that goes into organizing a hop AND a give a way.  Please visit Seams to be Sew to enter a giveaway sponsored by Fat Quarter Shop. For the life of me I couldn't figure out how to add the Rafflecopter to my blog.

Meet the clay Witch Sisters.  A fun class at a local craft shop taught my daughter and I how to create them. Classes with a small group of crafters is always so much fun and inspiration grows just from the chatter around the table.

Keep an eye out for little goblins like these when they come knocking at your door.  Better give them a treat before they offer up a trick!!

These mouse witches are meeting up with the Sisters.  I heard them say they are looking for the ingredients to concoct a potion.

Oh No!! They found the frog that serenades us each night.  He stays on the side of my house and hangs out on my window sill.

But this hop is about sewing and stitching.
I jumped at the change to join the blog because I knew I'd be stitching up some haunting blocks in Crazy Quilt.

A witch flies across a starry sky. A bat flies through the darkened sky.  A creature peaks out from his perch on a tree limb. Pumpkins in a patch waiting to be picked.  Skeleton hands scratching to unearth the bones below.  A cemetery where people are just dying to get in.

And don't forget the black cat, peaking from his hiding place behind the fence.  Starry skies and bats swoop in.  Spiders left their web, or are they hiding waiting for their next victim. Owls in trees, warning signs can be seen and bon fires burn....waiting for the fun to begin.

And what Halloween would be complete without the Walking Dead!!

I hope you enjoyed your visit here.  Leave a spooky comment please, and come back soon! You never know what you will find.

Don't forget to go enter the giveaway.  And go see what everyone else wants you to see.

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                                                        Grandma's Stories 

The Fat Quarter Shop is sponsoring the hop and has a give a way.  Please click the link to enter.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Sometimes It's Hard To Admit You Have Changed Your Mind

Not that long ago, I felt a peace working in the garden, meditating while I pulled weeds or other garden chores. Before I retired, all summer long I longed to be outside. But our climate seems to be changing.  Warm and sunny summer days are few and far between. Overcast days on end looking like a threat of rain.  Or heat and humidity kept me in  air conditioned comfort keeping Terry company.  The weeds did not get pulled, the pond didn't get a landscape redo.  I felt I accomplished something when I got the decks stained and helped Terry enclose our back porch with wall to wall windows. Gosh! that took all of our short summer.

I look at the color changing leaves and think how pretty they are as I watch them drift to the ground in the breeze.  Then I look at the layer they are making and wonder if they will all come down before the county makes the rounds to collect them after we have blown them to the side of the road.

That's all really hard for my former A-type personality to admit.  I used to thrive on making sure all was in order and chores were done.  Where has my ambition gone.

My attitude has changed about other things that I won't mention here as they are controversially my own thoughts.  I wonder all the time when I hear politicians accuse other politicians of changing their stand on certain issues.  MY mind has changed and they should be allowed the same privilege.

Terry and I made a trip to the VA Hospital in Marion Indiana for an appointment with a new doc.  The hospital is located on the outskirts of town.  There seems to be a large wooded area that is surrounded by wrought iron fence.  It's really a beautiful setting. The area around the buildings has driveways leading up to them all.  It's really a park like setting.  I spotted this critter walking along a driveway .  He looked right at home, like he knew where he was going.  I wanted Terry to stop the car so I could adjust my phone to a closer setting, but Terry just doesn't do that kind of thing.. After all, there was a car behind him.  That's all I'm saying about THAT. Anyway, the big deal here for me is that it wasn't a cat or dog.  I had never this animal before so when I got home I researched the picture. It turned out to be a Gray Fox. they are not common to NORTHERN Indiana, but do live in CENTRAL Indiana. So that was our excitement for the doesn't take much!!

Friday, October 16, 2015

A Haunting Starts Today!!

I can't believe it!!  The Halloween Haunts Blog Hop starts today!!

There may be tricks.  There may be treats.  You'll never know if you don't go hoppin'!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Google Knows Me Too Well!!

Today is my birthday.  Just one year away from Medicare now!!  When I woke up at 5 AM to be sure Corey was up for work Terry mumbled happy birthday in his sleep.  He's so sweet!  Look what I found when I opened my Google Page.  When you hover over it on the page, I was shocked to see "Happy Birthday Carol" appear.

Should I be mad that they know so much about me?  Well, that's a given, no matter what you do they still know about you.  Nope, I wasn't mad..It brought a smile when I saw it.

Thank you Google for the birthday wishes.  Lots of friends and family will forget, but YOU didn't!!

Friday, October 9, 2015

Just More Stuff

Terry takes a lot of pictures of these two.  Since I don't have a picture for today's Stuff, here's a pic of the mutts.

If you are a person that knows how to manage your health care, then you are very lucky.  But I have some things that happened recently to share with you, because managing healthcare is a learning experience because things are constantly changing.

When I needed testing done prior to my Doc appointment I went to the Anthem website to search for labs, radiology etc that were in my network.  Did you ever do that and notice the disclaimer that the info might not be current.  Believe it!  Even if you talk to someone at your insurance company that tells you companies that are in your network....DON'T BELIEVE THEM!!  Oh, you say they should know, right?  WRONG.  Actually call the place you choose to go and ASK THEM if they are in the network.  I was told by the Insurance Company that the place I wanted to go was in my Network, but when I called them I was told they are not, but their campus in a town 1/2 hour away was. If you don't want surprises on your billing, be sure to check.

When my lab work results came in, it determined that I have a hypothyroid condition.  The symptoms that I thought were caused by aging turned out to be caused by my thyroid.  Now that I am on meds, I am no longer overly tired and no longer need a daily nap.  Hopefully it will take care of other concerns too, like hair loss and overly dry skin.  In a sentence...Don't diagnose yourself.  If you feel a change in your health, check it out and don't assume you know the cause.

Here's another one for you.  My labs showed elevated Cholesterol.  I have ALWAYS had that condition.  My love of cheese and the fact that I invent ways to eat it?  Nope. Good Cholesterol level was normal, Carbohydrate level was good so high BAD Cholesterol indicated the condition is genetic and meds were indicated. oil supplement for this situation would not be effective. Doc prescribed generic Lipitor. Since I don't have prescription coverage, he mentioned that it was pretty inexpensive. When Walmart texted me the $90 price I thought "what is inexpensive to Doc is cost prohibitive to me!!" (Terry takes 10 prescriptions for his declining health so our budget is pretty tapped out on meds).  Well, I stewed on the cost of the script for a little while, then called to see if they had applied my GoodRX discount. The Tech said no, the card didn't work on this med. Well, I didn't believe that, but I didn't argue.  Remember $90.  So I went to the GoodRX website which is so very easy to use.  You put in the med name, choose the dose and pill count and vawlla....Their cost is $16.84.  You can print a coupon for the prescription, take it to the pharmacy and the price the website says you should pay is what you will be charged.  Write the amount down for your own reference because it won't be on the coupon.  Anyway, just to be sure I called GoodRX...they are ALWAYS so helpful and considerate. The rep on the phone confirmed that the price of $16.84 is correct and if Walmart needs to, they can call to confirm it.  So $90 minus $16,84 is a savings of $73.16.

If you have insurance that covers prescriptions, you won't need this info...but still it's good information to know.

I spend A LOT of time on the phone and on the computer managing Terry's health.  I can't leave it up to the Docs because truthfully one hand does not always know what the other hand is doing. It's good to have as much knowledge as you can absorb before talking to doctors.  Mostly we are dealing with the VA on Terry's health.  I have a great deal of respect for the Docs he has seen there.  He has received excellent care, but you still have to stay on top of it.

Changing the subject to pictures.  I want to make a thumbnail picture of an embroidered block I stitched.  I don't know how to size the pic so that it doesn't just turn into a blur.  Google let me down and I couldn't find the info on how to do it.  Maybe I should check U Tube.  If anyone can help me out on this I sure would appreciate it.

Have a wonderful day.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Sharing a Moment of Pride

 Kyle is my youngest grandson...l8.  Though I was raised Catholic and raised my daughter in the Catholic religion, the Catholic Church pedophile scandal came to light when Ky was a baby.  That is probably the reason Ky was never baptized.  Our family fell away from the Church and never really found a replacement.  I have found my own spirituality and pray to my higher power every day.

While in High School, Kyle was introduced to the Methodist religion when he was invited by a friend to a Methodist Church Youth Group.  The leader taught him how to play the guitar.  One thing led to another and Kyle joined the band and played during New Age type services. Laurie began attending services too.

They became friends with Nancy Bennett, a lady that was studying to be a pastor.  When she was offered a Pastorship . if that is what you call a new church campus Kyle and Laurie followed her to her new church.

Kyle and Laurie are very active in the church.  After serving an internship with the Children's Youth Group, Ky was offered the Director position.

Since Kyle was never baptized, it became important for him to be baptized.  Yesterday we shared that experience with him.  It was even more important to him because it was the first Baptism that Nancy has performed.
After the baptism, Kyle's kids wanted to share their joy for him.  They celebrated with a song.

Seeing Kyle interact with these kids just filled my heart with joy.  He is so good with them.  It was very evident that they love him too.

When your grand kids grow up, you know them, but sometimes they show you a side to them that you might have known, but really didn't realize the impact they have on others.

Watching Kyle at this service made me think "He has found a home".  While Terry and I were driving home, he looked at me and said the same thing.

Congratulations Kyle.  Your faith brings you great joy.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

I Thought I Wanted To Shop Alone.....Not!

There is a reason that I call my life The Crazy Train...yes I know there is a song by Ozzy called that...where do you think I got the name!

Yesterday Ky came over to spend the day working on a 69 Olds Cutlass convertible we have had stored in the garage.  He thinks he's going to drive it next summer.  I didn't want to burst his bubble by reminding him how expense it will be to drive it at today's gas prices.  Back in the 80s it was Laurie's summer car and gas cost $50 a week back THEN.  Anyway with Ky and Corey both spending the day with Terry, I took the opportunity to go fabric store/craft/purse shopping.

When I need to pick up something at "my" stores, Terry usually comes along and waits in the car.  That's OK with me AND him, but really I NEVER take the time to just look around at whatever is new.  I started at JC Penny and found the purse I wanted.  It is exactly like the summer one I use and love, but I wanted it in black for the winter.  Even at the sale price, it was twice as much as I got my summer one on clearance in the spring.  I wrote it off and moved on.  Forget the purse.

I went to Michael's and found some Spooky Town figurines that I wanted, now marked down 50%.  HUGE score because I wanted them REALLY bad.  Found some beads I "needed" and used a 50% off coupon...another score!  Went to Tuesday Morning and found size 8 embroidery needles at 50 cents a pack...bought the 6 packs they had and WAS a great score for me.    By now, I was totally burned out on shopping.  I stopped at the grocery store to pick up Lasagna noodles and headed home to feed the crew.

I started thinking about that purse.  I really did want it.  After all, I couldn't expect to ALWAYS find a steal of a deal.  I checked out the JC Penny web site and ended up ordering the purse on line because I also found an additional 20% off coupon which more than covered the cost of shipping.  Not a score, but a great after thought.

As long as I'm talking about shopping, I'll mention that I buy most of my fabric on line.  Though I have a JoAnn or two near me, I usually don't find what I want and their selection of  Kona Cotton just is not very large.  I have bought at and I like their design board options.

HOWEVER, I recently saw a shop advertised in a quilt magazine called The Fabric Shack which is located in Ohio. I REALLY like this shop and the shipping is super user friendly.  They have every shade of Kona Cotton listed by shade!! Their prices are great and carry quality brand fabrics.  Check it out and if you order, tell them I sent you.  I let them know that I would be posting about them.  I get nothing in return, for the review, just the desire that they will continue to be there when I need a fabric fix, lol .

So, if you have on line shops that you like to haunt...see how I slipped that Halloween reference in!...please mention them in a comment.  I really do go to the internet for most of my supplies.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

October 1st and A Blog Hop Is Coming Soon!!

Okay!! Okay!!  I know! I'm always saying I don't like deadlines!  But when I was asked to participate in THIS blog hop, how could I refuse?!  Halloween is my very favorite holiday...Better than Christmas since my kids are grown.  I look forward to all those goblins and ghosts ringing my doorbell to "beg" for a treat.  I REALLY want to trick them, but I learned a long time ago that little kids don't really like the scary side of the holiday.

So, when you are surfing your blogs, be sure to stop and visit when you see a blog displaying this picture.  I just know it's going to be a ghooooly time!

Oh, I almost forgot...Happy October 1st.  This is MY month!!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Attack Of The Stink Bugs

It's Ugly. It looks like it survived the Dinosaur Era.  It is indestructible. It STINKS when you squish can smell it...ACK!!

They started showing up in our area in 2010. When I first saw them, I researched what they were and where they came from. They are called the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug. Any insecticide I know of that would kill it, will also kill bugs you don't want to kill.  I found a product at Menards called Bug Stop that I spray around the outside around the doors and windows which seems to keep them off the house, but does not kill them.  In the fall, they want to come in to the warm.  They can creep into any small, tiny space. they don't bite, but farmers are starting to see crop damaged by them.  I read they are in more than 36 states.  They came here in crates from China or Japan.  They hitch rides on cars and trucks to travel across the country.

We have two patio doors in our living room that open onto the front deck.  Tyson and Boscoe lay in front of the door watching these stinking bugs cling to the screen until they slip between the screen and window.  Both dogs concentrate on the bug until they catch them and guessed it...down it goes.  Dang Dogs.  I want the bugs dead, but not like that!!

Do you have the Stinks yet?

Friday, September 25, 2015

Peanutize Me!!


I know you have seen this.  Maybe you didn't know what it was or how to do it, but you should check it out.  You can go HERE    to create your very own and personal Peanuts Character.  I really didn't pay any attention to it when I saw it on FB, until Mdm Samm  posted hers on her blog and also created a Pinterest board to post your picture to. Check it out, it's pretty cool.

I grew up with Peanuts and it's special to me, maybe because we were born about the same time.  Maybe because Snoopy is a dog of many personnas.  It's hard to pick my favorite, but Joe Cool is the top of the list.  I collect the Snoopy ornaments that used to come on the top of Whitman Samplers during the holidays.

Over the years the kids have gifted me a LOT of Snoopy items.

This is just a sampling of my very extensive Snoopy Collection. I am so grateful that Snoopy continues to live on, and for Charles Schultz's wonderful imagination.

Do you collect something you love?  I'd love to hear about it in a comment here, or in your own Blog Post!!


Thursday, September 24, 2015

CQJP May 2015

 I did a little switch gear on my CQJP.  You may remember that I was working on blocks to accompany the Princess On A Pea Panel.  However, I get easily bored and wanted a change in colors to stitch.  I also wanted a switch in block shape and have wanted to try hex for a long time.

Also being part of this project has made me realize that I want it to actually be a journal about me, exploring my thoughts, likes, maybe dislikes, and becoming proficient in stitching a variety of stitches. 
I am following TAST on FB, though I don't post there and also Sharon's blog.  I may not incorporate each stitch in a block, but I will definitely use the group as inspiration  to further my stitch skill.
 The center focal of this block is my "quiet place".  When I can't sleep, I quiet my mind and body and put myself on this beach and feel the stress fall from my body and the thoughts about the Crazy Train flow from my thoughts leaving my spirit to relax on the beach and listen to the waves lap the shore.

However, out there in the water lurks that under water Sea Serpent...waiting to claim his next victim. I escaped him once when I was 13 and almost drowned.  I don't fear him, but I do respect him.

There are many stitchers that create wonderful vines.  I love stitched vines and have a tremendous desire to become proficient in creating them.  I am not a person that likes to practice, but I do realize that practice makes perfect and I certain hope to improve with each block.

Most seams in this block started with cross stitch, mostly because I wanted the practice of using templates to mark stitch guidelines.

Here is a better vine.  I also wanted to give a palm tree a try, but didn't really want to stitch an entire tree.  I think these look like palm fronds and I like them a lot.

At the finish of this block, I felt so, accomplished.  I know which is the first seam and first motif and I know that my skill progressed 100% before I reached the last of each.

What have you done recently that made you feel really good?  Have you mastered a new skill? Started a project you have been wanting to begin?

Monday, September 21, 2015

October Reminder and Every Picture Has A Story

Boscoe is resting his head on Terry's foot while he waits. Actually, he is Terry's shadow and almost never leaves his side.  So what is he waiting for?  Well it all started with my trip to JoAnn Fabric where Terry left me while he went to the Habitat for Humanity Restore.  When he picked me up he had bagged TWO battery operated Black and Decker weed eaters for $10 each, less a 15% promotion discount they were having.  They didn't have batteries, but of course Terry has lots of THOSE in his tool stash.  We stopped to buy string cartridges for them, but when he tried to install them, he realized another piece was missing.  While I sat at the desk top searching for a phone number to call to order the part, Boscoe got tired of waiting so here he is, sleeping on Terry's foot.  That dog is one of the most special dogs that we have ever friended.  Maybe THE most special. So, TWO weed eaters final cost was $45.

 While Terry was at the Restore, he checked out storm doors for the back porch that he has enclosed with storm windows.  He saw a couple that he liked.  But we have 3 Restore stores in the South Bend/Mishawaka/Elkhart area so we decided to check them all out before making a choice.  Luckily we stopped at the one in South Bend after a trip to the VA Clinic and found an amazing door.  I had been looking at new doors and even $150 doors were pretty flimsy and not what we wanted at all.  The one we found at the Restore was $50 and too heavy for Terry and I to carry together.  The top window opens to expose a retractible screen.  Perfect condition with handles included.  It was a steal and they even gave a senior 10% discount.  I have become accustomed to asking for a senior discount where ever we shop now.  You will be surprised how often they are offered and also a Veteran Discount. We are grateful for the savings and try to support businesses that offer them.

This is my little fish tank.  When Terry was buying fish for the pond, I saw the itty bittiest goldfish I have ever seen and Terry gifted me them.  This is a 5 gallon tank that sits across from my recliner so I can watch them.  They are very relaxing.  Corey's girlfriend, Brandi gave me a Red Claw Crab.  He was cool, but liked to hide in the filter so I didn't see him much.  It became a daily game to make him come out.  But they are escape artists, no matter how well you think you have them contained, they wait for their big break.  Unfortunately Boscoe was waiting too.  When we thought he had brought a few bits of food into the living room, he was really eating Crab Legs.

And here is that crazy Tyson.  Corey was laying on the couch and put his arm out to pet Broscoe.  We watched as Tyson kind of hunched down and began backing up and ended up sitting on Corey's arm.  We all scurried to get a picture.  Tyson weighs about 75 pounds.  Corey has strong arms!

Brandi is sitting in the chair on the left.  I don't have the picture she took, but Corey and Tyson both have the same look on their face.  We live on the Crazy Train!!

And finally, the October reminder. I rarely go to the doctor. I haven't had a complete physical for more than 10 years. It's become so apparent that Terry depends on me more and more everyday so a little niggling in my mind told me I should see my Doc.

Several things that I have noticed, I chalked off to older age.  Hair loss, some slight memory loss, dry skin and some other things.  Lab work shows hypothyroidism. I also had a mammogram.  It's been so long since I had one, the record of my last one is no longer in the system.  I'll check with my Doc today to see what he would have in my file.  The place I had the test is not where I would have gone for my last one, as I had to stay in Network for this one.

So the early reminder for October is get your Mammo!!

Sunday, September 6, 2015

It's Almost Time!!

Time for what??  To decorate for Halloween!!

Lots of my blog friends are talking about Halloween. Most have started stitching and sewing for it.  Nope, I don't really pay much attention to the horoscope that is printed in our local paper.  But I DO believe that there is a lot about my personality that is described as a Libra.  There MUST be something to it because a WHOLE lot of my creative friends in all media are Libra.  I know lots of others who's personality fits their zodiac profile as well.

I watch my sign slowly creep to the top of the list on the daily horoscopes.  Mine is second right now.  As it creeps to the top, I am in preparation.  When it gets to the top...IT'S TIME!!  My green light to start getting out and sorting through the decor I will use this year.  Putting the finishing touches  on the projects I am creating for the season.  You CAN'T wait 'til the last minute you know!!

How about you?  When do You decorate for Halloween?