Friday, December 5, 2014

Cyber Monday..Who Needs Black Friday

Monday was a good email day!!  So many invitations!  Verizon caught my eye.  I don't usually open their "invitations" but this time I did.  We didn't have smart phones because I never really investigated the cost of the data plans.  I thought there was a line charge PLUS the data charge. What a deal Verizon gave me, when I called to verify information in the email offer they sent.

On Wednesday we received  (2) LG G3
shared data $50 each reduced to $25 each for a year
$30 upgrade fee for each phone discounted to free

So for 12 months I cut my cell phone bill by more than 50% and got 2 free $600 phones.

I'm reading the manual on line to find out how the heck to answer it...LOL.  Not really, but there is a lot to learn.

Heck, Monday was a GREAT email day.  I opened another one.

Caron's offered a $75 leather purse for $15.  It came Wednesday.  Then my blog friend Kathy posted the Pantone color for 2015.  I'm pretty sure my new purse is pretty close to the new Marsala color. I'm on a roll. was having a sale too.  I got a new panel..The Princess and The Pea (Africa).  I absolutely fell in love with it and tried to select some fabrics to compliment it.  It came yesterday and I can't wait to see the fabrics in daylight. is one of my favorite fabric web sites.  FREE Shipping too.  Call me weird, but even if fabric is not on sale, if I get free shipping I'm happy. I love this site because you can click on a color in a fabric swatch and find other fabrics with the same color in it.  So, more fabric is coming my way!

Then I went looking for cases for the new phones...yay $18 for 2 and ... you guessed shipping!

Since I was finding so many deals, I thought I would search for Pearle Cotton #8.  Knitting Warehouse offered a HUGE color selection at $2.14 each and ...ta da...FREE SHIPPING.

Tell me, did you take part in any invitations in YOUR email on Cyber Monday?


Thoeria said...

Oh my but those sure are bargains Carol! And I totally agree! Free Shipping?!! Give that to me!! It's rather frustrating that everything I want is not sold locally.
I was good...avoided all temptation and shut my eyes :D

Mosaic Magpie said...

You hit the jackpot! Where I live there are very few retailers so we depend on buying online...gotta love free shipping!

Barbara said...

I don't think I got any invitations, but guess I need to do more online shopping to get them coming in. Great buys, Carol! Oh, you will love the LG phones, I have that one. Only caution about having a smartphone with you everywhere you go is addiction! I have fantasies about going back to a dumb flip phone to fight my addictive tendencies, but I've tried and just can't do it. LOL!

Jan said...

free shipping sucks me in easily too. I got sucked in by JoAnn's free shipping, got an order all filled out and went to check out, added the coupon code and it said it was no longer available! Arrgghh! It only went until noon EST and I'm 11:30 PST. rats
Glad your deals all went well. I'm so tempted by fabric and am busy making quilts again but I have more fabric than I can use up in my lifetime so I am resisting that siren call.
on the other hand, a little peek at can't hurt.....;-)

Penny said...

Oh yes, to free shipping!! My only recent order was for dyed silk strips which wasn't a cyber Monday kind of thing - just something that I couldn't resist. Perhaps an early Christmas gift to myself.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I was good too and ignored the whole thing, both Friday and Monday. I'm sure there was plenty of temptation out there for things I probably could have used but I didn't *need*, so I was a good girl.

Beedeebabee said...

Wow Carol, you did really good! I didn't get many invitations but I seldom shop online and I didn't on Monday either...stupid me! xo

Timaree said...

Wowser you did get some great deals! I didn't even go looking. We were already almost done shopping anyhow.
Welcome to the smartphone world. Pandora radio is a good app to have and now there is the new Soda Crush game online and their are drawing apps and oh, I love Evernote which keeps the recipes I clip and other stuff and its accessible from your computer or tablets too. Oh I could go on and on about smartphones. They are great!

Jeanne said...

Cyber Monday did bring lots of invitations in email, but I didn't succumb to any of them. I am glad you found what you wanted. You deserve all those nice goodies. I did have my granddaughter, Reily, choose her Christmas present online because I was sure I couldn't find what she wanted in our local store. She is hard to buy surprises for and she wanted a comforter for her bed. Of course she picked an expensive one, but luckily, it came with free shipping and the day I ordered it, I found a promo code. It is going to be her birthday and Christmas present. December birthday girls seem to get cheated. I wanted her to have something she really, really, really wanted.

Eileen The Artful Crafter said...

Wow, you did great, Carol! I can't participate in Cyber Monday since we live in Mexico. So I sit here and drool. Actually, I try to ignore all the emails so I can't be disappointed.

I love the Pantone color of the year too. It's so rich yet soft looking.