Monday, November 10, 2014

What IF!! Happy Dance

No, I'm, not going to ask a bunch of what if questions.  I'm more a it happened and make the best of it kind of person.  But his Monday is a strange day for me.  I am in an absolutely wonderful mood.

First of all, the car is in the shop getting a much needed work over.  New brakes, struts, tune up, new fluids, new tires's the biggie...a remote start and door locks. We had a hard choice to make.  Ramp up our 03 Honda Element or go for a new something.  I LOVE my Element. It only has 106,000 miles on it.  Anything new I MIGHT have chosen was at least $25,000+.  Since we don't do car payments the scales tipped way to the Rev It Up side ~lol~.

My New Crush is Madame Samm .  Many of you probably know her.  Her on going Blog Hops are legendary. I really want to participate in at least one blog hop this year, hopefully more.  In between hops, she might post about products she likes, other bloggers or a bit of whatever personal thought of the day may be.  Today she remembers an old friend.  From her blog today, I took away this quote,  "You Cannot Win If You Never Play The Game".  That spoke to me for a couple of reasons. I really am challenging myself to do projects that I have never done before.  This year Terry and I decided not to give purchased Christmas Presents..or money.  We really only give to the kids and the homeless shelter and a family in need that the school selects.  In the past few years we have given the kids a generous money gift for each.  Retirement has a way of changing the way you look at incoming and outgoing finances. BUT, since I am so talented ~lol~, I'll be making simple gifts for the kids.  Boot cuffs are going to the girls and I found a great purse pattern that I think I'll customize perfectly and will involve doing an applique pet portrait.  I have never done it, but I'm going to give it a shot.  I found Walking Dead fabric and my youngest grandson, Ky, loves the show so he will get at least pillow cases and not sure what else but I have a few ideas.  Corey is the other story.  What can I make for a 19 year old young man. That is going to take some imagination....that imagination that Penny is helping me to expand!!

Kathy Shaw has started registration for the CQJP for 2015 and I asked to be included. Yippee!

Please share:
     at least one thing you are grateful for today
     if you are making gifts, what are you making
     if you aren't making gifts, do you have great suggestions
     if you have made pet portraits from picture, please give me any tips you may have

Happy Monday!!


Thoeria said...

Happy dancing for you Carol! Your car will be better than new once she gets back from the shop!
With your wonderful talents I have no doubt that the gifts will all be lovely!
Do you knit or crochet? If you do, maybe a blnkie/afghan?

Mosaic Magpie said...

I am once again following in your footsteps. You took the beginning Crazy Quilt class and I signed up for CQJP, me mentioned making boot cuffs and I found a great pattern at your suggestion on Ravelry. So now I am waiting for your next lead! LOL I am making a few gifts for Christmas and will be buying a few as well. The pet portrait idea...I purchased a water color print of a Doberman that looks just like my Sophie but recently I have seen where there is an app that will allow you to turn a photograph into what looks to be a watercolor portrait...maybe that would be an option.
Nice to get an update on your car, it is so hard to find a vehicle that we really like, so when you find one drive it until the wheels fall off!

Daryl @ Patchouli Moon Studio said...

Carol we drive a 1994 Honda Accord that we bought 10 years ago that was a used car from a woman who bought it new back then. It's a great car and we don't need anything fancy or new. Our car has 189,000 miles on it and it's still going strong.

I'm thankful that today I m going to spend the whole day sewing with my friend. We celebrate our November birthdays each year together and I suggested our own sewing retreat day. We exchange gifts too. It should be a fun day.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I have pretty much always made my Christmas presents for my friends and every year they get a handmade ornie for their tree. I mentioned a couple of years ago that perhaps they were getting tired of yet more ornaments but was met with such a hue and cry that I know I have to continue. Some of my ornaments end up being the 'bows' on parcels and other times they are used as the gift itself.

Barbara said...

It's a Honda, you will have it for years to come! That from a big Honda fan. Thankful here for good people in my life, real and virtual, that's you! :)

jinxxxygirl said...

I have long tried to steer our family toward all home made gifts. But what do you do when alot of your family doesn't do crafting and such... I say 'everyone' has some talent that would make a nice gift....but anyway its a struggle.. We mostly just give to the kids too. And both of our children are 28 and 34 . Except for few trinkets we pretty much stop giving them xmas gifts when they turn 18 and especially when they have children of their own then the presents go to the grandkids.... Thats not so much my tradition as it is hubby's or should i say his moms...So instead of fighting against it i find other times during the year to give gifts to the older kids.... Hugs! deb

Penny said...

Oh Carol, I love to hear all of your plans (and if I am any help at all I'm thrilled). That joy and imagination is in there and seems to be bursting out. Would Corey perhaps like a knitted/crocheted hat for winter (if he could stand it you might make it in outrageous colors or embellish it with something he loves)? Oh, and I'm not making gifts but I have in the past. Hmmm, one thing I'm thankful for this morning? Friend like you!!!

Jeanne said...

You asked for sharing what we are grateful for: I am grateful that you are my friend even though we don't talk much anymore. Not making gifts this year. May not give any either. Thinking about donating what I would spend on grandchildren to the charity of their choice. No great suggestions. As far as pet portraits, just go with what your heart loves.

Eileen The Artful Crafter said...

Today I'm grateful for our good health (as my husband and I approach 70).

Today, I'm making gift bags for the children who will be at our Thanksgiving table.

I've already made some domino pendants with alcohol inks and stamping as well as resin pendants and matching earrings. Still searching for ideas for the guys.

I haven't made pet portraits but know that you can make amazing sketches from photos in Photoshop that look like you drew them. I've don that with people's photos.