Thursday, November 20, 2014

Stitching Busy

 Apparently the boot cuff rage has hit the midwest.  When my daughter asked me to make them, I searched the web for patterns.  Most that I found had been posted a few years ago.

That's how it goes her in mid America.  It always takes a few years for the fad to really hit here.

These are the start of making several pairs for two girls on my list.  Besides, they are a great way to use up yarn stash.

I was so happy to find Walking Dead fabric.  My 17 year old grandson is a zombie nut and watches the show religiously.  He'll be getting pillow cases.  There are several great tutorials for making the cases with french seams.  I have always made french seams but the techniques used now are so unbelievably easy.  I know I'll be making more to donate to a local charity that collects them.

And then there was a dog that needed a new cover for his bed.  I wash their beds VERY frequently.  A light bulb went off reminding me that it would be so much easier to wash a cover.  I went digging in my stash and found this fleece.  Can't remember what I ever bought this for, but Boscoe LOVES it.

 Then Tyson tried it out and decided that he might just like this bed better than his.
Boscoe  and Tyson are the very best friends.  They share EVERYTHING.  No matter who lays on the bed first, the other comes along and scooches in to share it.

I have lots more things on the sewing table.  I'll be keeping busy and hoping the snow stays to the north...and the east...and the south.  But not the west, which would be heading my way ~LOL~


Nicole Beadwright Campanella said...

Wow you have been busy. I love the DEAD fabric. I too am a zombie lover and wouldn't miss The Walking Dead. LOL
Your dogs look so content.
Have a great day

jinxxxygirl said...

Love what your making Carol! Awwww and look at those puppies enjoying that fleece. :) If anything i might need rubber boots around here. 80% chance of rain today and 90% Saturday....its shaping up to be an actual 'rainy season'....lets hope so. You always make me want to drag out my crocheting....:) Hugs!deb

Sweetpea said...

It's VERY productive over at your place right now, Carol - thanks for the inspiration! Have just finished one knitting project & am on to another at least .... Sure wish my woofies liked each other like that. Here, it's separate beds, always. They trade off who sleeps where but it certainly is never together! Your two are so sweet to see.

Mosaic Magpie said...

You are one step ahead with all these gifts you have made. Love the dog's bed cover and it is obvious they do too!
I am singing the Snow, Snow Go Away song too.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

When I first saw boot cuffs I thought they were completely silly and couldn't see why anyone would ever want them, much less want to make them. I've since come to see their use and have had to change my mind. Anything that stops snow from getting down into boots has to be a good thing! I know what Boscoe and Tyson need....a double-wide bed so there's lots of room for both of them!

Barbara said...

Great update, Carol. Either boot cuffs never took root in the northeast, or I am not of the generation that would know. Lol! Love the zombie fabric, but I don't watch much tv or know the show. I just like creepy things! Lastly, I'm loving your sleepy pups! What's not to like about soft fleece, great idea!

Thoeria said...

You have been a busy little bee Carol! French seams? Off to google!

Penny said...

Here's to no snow for you. We've only had a little bit and none in the forecast - so we're lucky. The fleece coverlet was such a good idea. On these cold nights aren't you tempted to go snuggle up with the 'guys' on their new covers? *smile*

Cathie said...

Nothing quite like feeling appreciated. By the looks of this picture of the two of them.... THEY both appreciate you... Very much.

Jeanne said...

Pet beds? What are they? Rowdy has a queen size one and lays cross ways in it. Dave and I fit in wherever. LOL Spoiled little rescue dog. You have been busy writing and doing. Such exciting news. It really is. I love hearing all that you are doing.