Saturday, October 18, 2014

Wicked Little Witches!

They are ALL gone!  Be sure they are not lurking around her somewhere.  But it WOULD be hard to hide 11 of us.

Yes.  They all left.

I wanted to get a picture of us all together.  Now that would be impressive!  13 Wicked Little Witches!
Such an appropriate number.

They wanted the book, but we hid it well.
Now they will have to wait 'til next year to read it.

We are such wicked little witches.

Yes!! we are such a pair.  Almost twins, made from the same mold.

Well, the rest of them flew off to Sara's house.  She is going to take them to work with her and ask a few of her friends to board them at least until next year. They all loved that little Serenity Girl so much.  Everyone wanted to buy one, but no.  That Carol said Serenity was special. So she collected 13 little witches to give 11 of Sara's friends a Halloween fright.

Carol loves my red hair, so she is keeping me here.  She likes you too, but she's sending you off to one of her friend's house.  That lady has a lot of dolls and she needs YOU to keep them in line.  Maybe you can teach them a few new tricks....or maybe they have some for you.

Well, as the story is told, I gifted Sara some scarey dames to give to her friends.  I can't believe I didn't get a group pic before they left. The pattern is from Raven's Haven.  I wanted to make them smaller...about 5 inches...but the patterns says that you can't alter the size. Well they were fun to make and even more fun to deliver them to Sara.

Sara had disturbing news.  The Chemo drug they have been giving her can cause heart damage. Because of some symptoms she has, they have discontinued the treatments and she will be having a test Tuesday to find out if all is well.  Please say a prayer.  Sara is having a difficult time remaining positive.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

What If She's An Angel

Today Deb's post really got me thinking about something I've been thinking about. It really is worth taking a moment to click the link and read a heartfelt story.

Now, let me tell you a story that kind of gives me goose bumps.

Did you ever hear the country song "What If She's An Angel"? I don't listen to Country Music, but this song always provokes a thought and one came home to me this week.  I don't write much here about my daughter.  In a lot of ways we have different views on life, but in some ways we are the same and in some ways she is better than I am.

Laurie does not know how to make a long story short...ever.  So sometimes when she starts one, you want to roll your eyes and make that circle in the air with your index know the one that means speed it up. She gives you EVERY little detail.  When she called the other night just when I was fixing supper, that's kind of how I felt.  She works in an RV factory and has for about 15 years.  There is a LOT of drama amoung the women in that environment.  Lots of catty women.  The story started off about one of the new women and the trouble she was having with some of the others.  You know how some women can attack the weakest.  The rumors were that this woman had been in a bad marriage...left with only what she could carry and got nothing in the divorce.  She was living in a local low cost motel and walked to work until she could save to buy a clunker to drive. My daughter struck up a friendship with her, but never asked details of her story.  Laurie lives in a very nice apartment complex.  Her apartment is well decorated and maintained.  She has had her own struggles being a single mother.  Since Corey moved back into our home, that left an extra bedroom in her apartment.  She offered the young woman  to stay with Laurie until she could get on her feet and save more money.  At this point in the story, my fear of the unknown rose up but I didn't voice my thoughts.  This impulsive action is one way that Laurie and I differ.  I must think things out and rarely jump right in.  Anyway, Laurie continued with her story.  When the woman entered Laurie's apartment and saw her family pictures on the wall, she told Laurie that she had thought Laurie looked familiar and asked if she is a DeLater.  That is Laurie's maiden name of course. Well, the hook in the story is that the woman is my brother-in-law's ex daughter-in-law.  We haven't seen her since she divorced his step son more than 20 years ago ( her first marriage).

There is a little more to the story..nothing like drugs, or drinking etc...and I don't know how it will end.  But for right now I'm wondering which one is the angel.