Thursday, September 11, 2014

Can We Talk About Pinterest?

Do you remember when Pinterest first came on the scene?  You could only join by invitation.  So many people refrained from joining due to image theft.  I, myself stayed away because I found it to be a time absorber.  But that was when I worked.  I still spend very little time on Pinterest.  Most of the time I spend is trying to locate the origin of the picture to find out more about whatever image it is that catches my eye.

Why post pictures to a board?  Well, that's easy enough for ME to answer.  Inspiration...Admiration..a place to collect ideas...

But I spent some time there today and it got me to thinking even deeper about my purpose on Pinterest.  I saw a lot about myself there. Mostly found in my thoughts about why I post some of the pictures that I have collected.  It solidified the knowledge that one of my personal traits is organization and a purpose for everything I do.

Tell me what you know about Pinterest.

Tell me how to better navigate there.

Tell me how to be a better pinner.

Do you mind if your pictures are pinned?

Why do YOU pin.

How much time do you spend on Pinterest.

Where can I find YOU on Pinterest? and do you want me to?

Ain't I nosey!!??!


Thoeria said...

An interesting question being posed Carol. I don't pin often....think. I have about 16 pins in total....and they're all on a board called "projects to try" which should tell you why I pin :) I love looking at people's boards, especially those of people who themselves are designers, as I know that if they have something posted as a "free" chart that they sourced, then that is indeed the case. If I can't find the original source then I won't pin the chart.
I don't spend loads of time on it......I generally use it as an escape when I'm not feeling the stitch mojo :)

jinxxxygirl said...

HI Carol!!!!

Pinterest huh? :) I don't do alot of Pinterest... I do have some can find me here Come visit! Where can i find you?

But i do not feeled pulled to add to these boards very often...I've kind of lost interest in that... It has to be something pretty spectacular for me to add it to a board or create a board for it..

BUT i do love just browsing around Pinterest...i love the fact i can type in any word and get some pictures about the subject... Like if i want to draw an owl i can easily find tons of reference photos......

I don't mind if any of my photos are pinned as long as i'am given credit for them......

Why do i pin.....not sure on that one ... i guess thats why i don't pin too much...

Time... Maybe once a week...depending if i'm working on a project and need to find a picture to help me....

I have no idea how to be a better pinner or how to better navigate...Its still confusing to me.. Hugs! deb

Its All About Creating said...

The one thing I learned was not to pin anything from a site's "home"page. Click on the heading of the post you are interested in and pin from there. I still get emails saying viewers cannot find the photo I posted…..that when they click on the photo it just takes them to my home page. Ugh. But now, I take the time to click on the post's heading and pin from there.

Barbara said...

I don't know how I've escaped being involved on Pinterest. Everyone says it's great, but so far I've stayed away. So I can't answer even one of your questions, don't even know when the word "pin" went from being a noun to a verb. Lol! Have fun for me too as you enjoy it Carol, I just can't take on anything that I know would be addicting. The opposite is actually my goal these days, to spend less time here, not more. ;)

GlorV1 said...

Hi Carol. No, I don't use Pinterest because I've been told that what you pin there becomes theirs, so to speak. I tried it for a day when it first began and really didn't care for it. I have a sign at my blog-No Pin Blog-I organize my photos at Flickr and then have books made of my photos. I just received one yesterday and another is due in the mail today. This way I have all my pictures in books. If you have fun with it, that's great. Enjoy yourself and that's all that matters. Have a great day.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Interesting questions - made me stop and think. I spend a limited amount of time on Pinterest, because it definitely is a time gobbler. It's like Alice falling down the rabbit hole! I tend to look for pins about crazy quilting and embroidery...once I click on something and then, if I scroll down, I can be led to more boards that have the same type of content. When I discover a board that has a lot of pins that are my interests I might decide to follow them, but I try to limit that - otherwise I'd be inundated with 'new' pins to see and fall down the rabbit hole again. I rarely tend to re-pin things to my own boards - two reasons for that - firstly, I don't want to be wading through tons of pins to find something, and secondly I'm never sure about the origins of the images. I know many people are not happy about their work being pinned...I am of of the viewpoint that, if someone likes my work well enough to pin it, I'm honoured to have them do so. There are people who are have the opposite view and feel that it's copyright infringement. I am often curious to know who has pinned my work and what they've pinned, so I will put my blog addy into the Pinterest search and see what comes up. THe other day I noticed a couple of people had pinned an image of a little cushion that Pam Kellogg had made for me and had noted that it came from my blog - which in turn made it seem as tho' it was my work. I was able to go to their pin and make a comment saying that the work wasn't mine and who had actually done it. That's about all I can do. As for you finding me on P - just put magpiesmumblings into the search bar and it should come up. I think.

Jan said...

I don't know much about pinterest. I have an account but I'm not sure what my name is there, maybe jan2bratt? I pin photos I see on Pinterest that inspire me. I would only pin from some other place if there was a notice that that person doesn't mind being pinned. I don't mind being pinned myself. I don't spend much time there, maybe a couple of times a month I get on or if I am searching for inspiration for a particular thing I am working on. How do I find you? Did I answer all your nosey questions?;-)

Mary Ann said...

I joined Pinterest out of curiosity and then I was hooked. I did waste lots of time in my early days. One of my first boards was about Steampunk. I was doing a project and wanted to find out what it was. Quite a few of my boards relate to challenges I have helped manage for a Facebook doll club I belong to. I don't spend much time on it now except when I'm looking for inspiration. Lots of the pics of my dolls have been pinned. So I decided to set up a board just for my dolls. You can find me here......

Momma Bear said...

first off let me confess to being an inveterate magpie.
I collect all sorts of things and keeping the madness to tolerable levels is always a struggle.
it's definitely a way to organize thoughts and ideas.
it's also a place to find inspiration and exemplars.
I also use it to stem my "retail therapy" problem. I can store pictures of things I like and decide whether I really want it.
there is also a "cabinet of curiosities" aspect to pintrest.
one can "collect" pictures of things that interest you as opposed to collecting all these things and filling every nook and cranny of your house with them!
and then there are the recipes!
I can keep several cookbooks full of recipes without having to buy another bookshelf.
I tend to be very visual and need a place to put pictures to go back to and let my back "lizardbrain" think about them. all in all it's cheaper than fleamarketing or antiquing!

Penny said...

I do go onto Pinterest -- mostly I'll Google images for say 'rag dolls' and the images will pop up. Very inspiring for me -- just to know other people are out there doing what I do and to see how they're doing it. I myself don't put anything on Pinterest but I've seen images of my work that someone else has pinned and that's fine with me. After all I put everything on my blog, why not put it other places. I don't worry about copying - everyone gets ideas from everyone else and there is going to be copying. I do understand however, those concerns for people who sell their product. I do love Pinterest because it opens up a world that I might otherwise never see.

Beedeebabee said...

Hi Carol! :) I do love browsing around Pinterest, but I can spend way too much time in there...there's just so much to see! I don't do any pinning myself as I really don't have the time. I see some of my stuff in there. Sometimes it bothers me, especially when they don't link back, but for the most part it's okay. Hope you had a great summer! xo

Anonymous said...

I always forget about Pinterest! I'm going to have to play catch up now. :-) For me it's definitely a tool for inspiration . . . and I never mind when someone shares or pins a photo of mine. Personally I think it's nice taking a photograph that someone feels is worth pinning or sharing.

Cheryl said...

Pinterest I love to surf through Pinterest and I also like to pin. I love finding new ideas for decorating, recipes and other things of interest. What I like about it also is that I can go there before I do a search anywhere else on the web and most times find what I am looking for. I also like that you can save inspirations there for later.

Nicole Beadwright Campanella said...

Hi Carol I also don't pin to Pinterest however others have pin my photos there without my permission again another form of copyright infringement. It is a hard road dealing with that on line. I just don't go there. No time.

Mosaic Magpie said...

I love Pinterest and spend way too much time there. I think it is interesting to see which of my boards are followed the most. Smocking seems to get a lot of attention.
I will often "pin" something, thinking I may try to duplicate it.In the case of smocking I can see what colors of thread others have used and what fabrics look nice smocked. So many ideas and so little time!

Cindy Pack said...

Tell me what you know about Pinterest.-- Not much other than it's way too much fun.

Tell me how to better navigate there.-- you must first be very aware of your purpose, why you are there, what you are looking for and *focus!

Tell me how to be a better pinner.-- Only pin things that interest you and inspire you.

Do you mind if your pictures are pinned?-- Not at all! I want people to pin my pictures. My biggest site referrer in the past year has been Pinterest.

Why do YOU pin.-- Mostly, it's fun. I am really inspired by photos and use my recipe board a lot. It's such an easy way to keep track of things and keep it all organized.

How much time do you spend on Pinterest.-- Not a lot. Less than an hour a week, I would say. I will sometimes go on my phone app for fun to kill time if I am waiting for someone or something...

Where can I find YOU on Pinterest? and do you want me to? == Yes, please find me! :-D

Ain't I nosey!!??!-- Not at all. Fun topic! I find Pinterst mesmerizing actually and I really have to focus when I am there or I can get lost for a long long time! And forget why I came!

Eileen The Artful Crafter said...

I loved Pinterst at first, but it has become a lot like other social media in that business interests are crowding out the "little people." I mean big businesses like Martha Stewart, Coke, Pepsi crowding out people like me.

I still love what I can find there, but also find it harder to navigate and avoid getting sucked in. All social media, in my expernece, can become big time sinks if you don't have a lot of self discipline.

How to better navigate there: when you follow someone, they will show up in your feed. While the gurus used to tell us to follow ALL the boards of people who follow us, that's very counterproductive.

To find something, just type a few phrases into the search box and repin what you like.

"Tell me how to be a better pinner." I don't have a clue!

"Do you mind if your pictures are pinned?" No, I love it because I blog and craft for profit. A few of my pins are very popular. That gives me an idea of what people are looking for.

My boards are at
and, no I don't mind if you visit me there.

Great questions, Carol!