Friday, September 5, 2014

A Few Questions

I wanted to post today.  I was going to take pics of my garden.  But since we are re-landscaping the pond area (which is taking entirely too long) the only beautiful flowers I have right now are my Rose of Sharon and Hibiscus.  I have several unique varieties, but I have pics in past posts. It seems like our whole summer has been in slow motion this year.  The heat and humidity caused us to be inside most of the summer.  The oppressive humidity practically leave Terry immobile due to his COPD.  We did have some plumbing issues under the house.  That horrid winter gone by caused a pipe under the house to break and our tub drain was leaking water.  Since we have a crawl space it was not easy to repair.  Terry ended up cutting a trap door in the bathroom floor and Corey went down to do repairs only to find there is another crack.  We will be removing the tub and putting a shower unit in, which we have wanted to do for a long time.

When I completed the CQ block from Kathy Shaw's class, I asked her to give me the list of supplies for the next class so I can start gathering what I have and buying what I need. So, first let me tell you that though I love Crazy Quilt, I am not too found of very encrusted blocks.  I love to look at the very Victorian pieced blocks, but I personally prefer the less embellished blocks in a book I have by J. Marsha Michler "The Magic of Crazy Quilting". That said, in the next class, Kathy will give the choice of using "fancy fabric" or cottons.  I am teetering between ordering fancy fabrics from Kathy in Iowa (Crazy by Design) or buying a selection of appropriate cottons. So, do I use fancies because, after all it's a class and the purpose is to learn something new.  Or do I use cottons?  What do you think?

I've been thinking a lot about blogging and comments.  When I retired, I resolved to leave comments on the blogs I read.  Some bloggers never acknowledge the comment.  Some reply back via email, while some respond via a blog comment.  I try to reply via email.  I like that more personal interaction.  I think it promotes a stronger cyber friend connection.  Sometimes I click the box asking for a email notification of future comments, mostly when I want to see comments about questions the blogger asked.  Sometimes when a blogger is known not to respond, I read the post but don't leave a comment.

What do you think about blog comments?


Magpie's Mumblings said...

My DH hates summer too...he suffers from extreme sweating (as does most of his family) and he goes around soaking wet all the time. I can understand him not liking summer. I, on the other hand, hate winter. There's no winning in our house!
As for your question about fabrics (the cotton vs. fancy dilemma)....I use both. In CQ anything goes! Before you purchase any fabrics, choose your colour scheme and then head for the nearest thrift store. Look in the blouses and chances are you will find some in 'fancy' fabrics that are much cheaper than purchasing pre-done packs of fabrics. Put the word out amongst your friends that you're looking for certain colours and maybe they will add to your stash as well. AND, if you happen to tell a certain on-line friend (ahem!) what colours you're looking for, who knows, an envie might arrive in your mailbox.

As for the commenting question - I too like the interaction between commenters (provided there's access to their email addy so I can respond). I don't always respond to the simple comments that people live on my blog (the ones that just say that they like whatever I've done). If they leave a more in-depth comment then I will do my best to respond. Having said that, I rarely re-visit a comment I've left on a blog to see if there's been a return comment put there. It's not that I don't want to - it's just that I'm forgetful!

ACreativeDreamer said...

Lately, so much has gone on in my life that I've had barely any time to read blogs much less leave comments on them. I spent about three months leaving a comment on each and every blog I visited, because, as you probably well know, sometimes you wonder if it's worth all this effort (I often wonder if folks realize how much effort) and I wanted the blog writers to know that someone was there and had read what they had written

It didn't really seem to make any difference. I didn't get replies to probably 99% of the comments, either in that comment section or with an email.

Lately, I find myself using Facebook much more than the blog. I don't have to work at hard at layout and design, and can really do something a whole lot faster, and I really haven't had the time or inclination to spend hours on a post of late. It's a whole lot easier to reply to the comments created there, and I at least "like" or comment in response there.

I tend to reply to comments in the comment section. Mostly because all too often I've started following a blog only to find myself besieged with emails... many a blog is there to sell an artist's work, and that's reasonable, but you invite their sales pitches that way, and sometimes there are an awful lot of sales pitches. I don't want people to feel that way in regard to my blog.

I don't know which of the two responses is better, or if either really makes much of a difference, I feel like I'm just talking to myself most of the time anyway

jinxxxygirl said...

HI Carol!

I respond to each and every comment left for me...the comments show up in my email and i respond from there.. A select few people's comments do not show up in my email...not sure why... some glitch with blogger i assume and i keep hoping it will get fixed...Yours is one of them. I have been bad, bad, bad about taking the extra steps needed to respond to your comments and for that i'am so sorry. Your comments and viewpoint is important to me and i need to try to do better about getting back with you. :)
Now , i say order the fancies , if you can afford it, once you do this class you can go back to your cotton! :) Hugs! de

PS I'am really am sorry Carol for dropping the ball getting back to you...

Terri said...

Blog comments? I sometimes do and sometimes don't. And I'm like you, I like replying via email and I really appreciate those who respond to comments.

I love reading your blog! I hope the repairs go smoothly!

Mary Ann Tate said...

I love getting comments so I try to leave a comment if I think I have something to offer. I always respond by email just because I feel it's more personal. Also I know that if someone takes the time to comment they know they will get a response from me.

As to CQ. I like the fancy fabrics and I love the Victorian look but I quite liked the cotton block we did in the first class. That neutral background really showcased our work. In the intermediate class we can do our own thing and boy everyone is dramatically different in there choice of fabrics and colours.

Mary Ann Tate said...

I love getting comments so I try to leave a comment if I think I have something to offer. I always respond by email just because I feel it's more personal. Also I know that if someone takes the time to comment they know they will get a response from me.

As to CQ. I like the fancy fabrics and I love the Victorian look but I quite liked the cotton block we did in the first class. That neutral background really showcased our work. In the intermediate class we can do our own thing and boy everyone is dramatically different in there choice of fabrics and colours.

Momma Bear said...

I loove blog comments!
though I am guilty of non response, to said commenter.
this is generally because the comments don't seem to require a response but that maybe me being lazy.
as for the rest i always tickles me when you answer me and yes I feel we have become good cyber friends.
and to that, I have an abundance of fancies, I could send a care package.
I would just need an address.

Jeanna said...

Very proactive of you to start pulling together supplies for the next CQ class. I say choose what you love to work with the most because you will be spending a lot of time working with these materials and you will have it forever once the class is done. (just my 2 cents)

Regarding comments. I enjoy reading other's blogs and learning what I can from them. I do always leave a comment because I want the blogger to know that I do have an interest in what they are doing...even if it is not necessarily my craft (at the time). If they acknowledge the comment then fine but I don't worry too much about it. Personally, I think it is common courtesy to take the time to respond if someone took the time to comment. (again, my 2 cents)

Hope you have a lovely weekend Carol!

Sweetpea said...

Oh, you're touching on a subject that means a great deal to me as I did not start blogging to live in a vacuum ... comments to my posts are very sweet indeed [even when they're not *sweet* HA! if you know what I mean]. Something lovely about folks stopping by and extra lovely about them taking a few moments out of their busy day to leave a few words. I appreciate it IMMENSELY. Great bonds & internet friendships have formed over the years because of folks' kindnesses, wishes for interactions, and for this I am truly grateful.

My goal is to always respond to comments, which I have chosen to do by commenting directly on the blog post [vs. by private email]. Open dialogue - for all who stop by to read - is the direction I've chosen at present. That said, I don't mind at all when other bloggers respond to my comments on their posts via private email. Cool with me. Occasionally I'll be inundated with comments after a post & simply overwhelmed by the number of responses and at a loss for time responding to each - in those instances I will simply write a blanket return comment thanking all for their messages. I sincerely want folks to know I've read their words!

I'm in total agreement with you, Carol - I feel that if someone has used their precious time to leave me a comment [when they could have been loving up their woofie, or making another fine cup of tea, or taking a much needed nap] then I'd like to acknowledge that somehow. That's my goal ... admittedly, not always successful ... especially if a comment comes in on an old post - I've been known to be remiss about responding.

As for blogs I myself comment on where the author rarely responds to anyone, or - which I hate immensely ... tends to respond to only a chosen few - well, in all honesty, I don't bother leaving my words anymore.

Goodness me, I've rattled on a while ... hope all of that made sense!


Penny said...

Great posting! I second the idea of going to the thrift stores to see what you might find. Overall -- I believe you should work with the fabric that speaks to YOU - even if it isn't the fabric that the teacher recommends. Its all about learning and stretching and it will be your hands, hours, heart going into the quilt so you want to use the fabric that speaks to these three.

As for comments. I love getting comments on my blog and I answer all of them by personal email. It just gives me a more person-to-person feel . Once in awhile I will post an answer to someone who doesn't choose to give out their email - but I'm very bad about going back to those comments so I hardly ever know if they responded. I have made so many 'cyber' friends and colleagues through my blog and I love visiting with each and every one of them.

Jan said...

There is always something that needs doing when you own a house, isn't there. Hope your plumbing is soon back to good repair and that Terry is feeling better soon.
Personally I'd use what ever fabrics give you the most pleasure. As one of your other commenters said, look at the thrift store. It doesn't take a lot of fabric for a sampler, does it?
Regarding leaving comments and responding to same. You and I are in agreement. I try to respond to my comments by email if I can get their address. Too many come as no reply emails and then I'll try to answer on my blog. I leave comments on someone else's blog but if they never reply and don't seem to visit my blog or leave comments, I might stop bothering to comment on theirs. I like the give and take. I've been moving away from Facebook, it sucks me in too much and I don't like wasting my time there.

Eileen The Artful Crafter said...

Boy this is a hot topic isn't it, Carol? You hit a nerve!

I strive to reply to every blog comment and probably hit 99%. But I never thought to reply by e-mail. For most commenters I don't have an e-mail address. How do you get them?

I love blog comments! They are very very appreciated. So, thank you for all yours, Carol.

Bloggers know how much work goes into putting ourselves out there for all to see, so any indication that someone cares is wonderful - even if they give constructive negative feedback.

As for the CQ blocks, I would say, go with your own heart. If you make something overdone and you've never liked overdone quilt design, why would that change now? You're taking the class for you, right, not someone else?

Barbara said...

I also try to respond to comments, which I receive in my email. I often don't revisit a post, so if a blogger replies to my comment there, I may not see it.
Amen Jan about FB...trying to keep it to my crafting. :)

~Niki~ said...

I have a giveaway for fabric. very little entries so far.
if you wanna pop by and enter :)

Unknown said...

Oh that sucks with the leaks and I'm glad Corey is there to help so Terry isn't crawling down there to work on it!

That's a tough choice on the fabrics. I've worked with both and enjoyed them each, but even on the fancy fabric I didn't put a ton of embellishment on them.

I always respond to the comments I've gotten on my blog when they show up in my email, I like the more personal interaction. Some times I don't get an email that some one has posted, not sure how to fix that glitch.

GlorV1 said...

I used to respond to all my comments and still try to get in there and do that. Sometimes I'll just go to their blog and respond there. Have a great day Carol and always remember that sometimes I don't respond but it doesn't mean I haven't appreciated your comments. Have a great Sunday. I loved your finished pieces as well.

Cathy said...

Great post, Carol! And by the number of replies, I'd say you've hit a nerve.

First as to the fabric, you are always welcome to order from me (I'm in Utah, BTW), but there are easier ways to collect stash. Too bad you won't be with us at our Crazy Quilting International retreat next week. We always have a Stash Dash, where people (like me with my remnants) bring piles of stuff for others to wade through and take home. That said, please feel free to contact me personally and I will be happy to help you anytime with some (free) stash SOS items.

As for blogging, I LOVE reading and occasionally commenting on blogs. Heck, you and I met when you won a contest on my blog, remember? I really miss blogging and want to get back to it. Right now, as Owner/M operator of CQI and running a busy Etsy shop, I cannot add blogging regularly to the mix if I want to do any stitching at all. But my days those days (as owner and owner) are numbered, and by this time next year I hope to make a MAJOR priorities switch. Our house will be paid off and Social Security within spitting distance. I will sell off my shop, turn over the CQI reins and devote my time to stitching and blogging (and genealogy).

Like others, I have tried Facebook. It is a way to keep up with some people, which is nice, but for me personally it gets me too riled up on the political and community social aspects. And Instagram and Twitter are so impersonal. I love to blog and want to get back to it. I love the creative process and meeting and chatting with lovely people (like you).

Hugs, Cathy

Hobby Sewer said...

Thank you so much for leaving a comment on my blog.I agree that I hardly post these days. You have inspired me to blog often.

I fell in love with Crazy Quilting in Kathy's class. Currently I have some work in progress embroidery and cross stitch projects. Once I finish them, I plan to start with a strip pieced crazy quilt bookmark (probably in 2015).

Deepa said...

I love comments and do make it a point to leave comments on the blogs I visit especially when I see or read something which really inspires me. I try to reply back to the comments too if the visitor has left an email address.
Thanks for visiting my blog and for your kind words :)
Regards from India,