Friday, August 15, 2014

Sara's Doll - Serenity

This is the doll I made for my niece, Sara, that I have posted about.  Sara is still undergoing treatment for cancer and really not doing very well with the side effects. I knew I wanted to make Sara a healing/spirit doll. I wanted the doll to be able to sit, so I chose to make a wire armature. At first thought, I was going to make an earthy type healing doll. But honestly, I'm more of a glitz and glitter type girl and when I went to my stash, the materials I used just jumped in my hands! And the hair...well I should have taken a side view picture because her hair is bigger than an 80's rock band.  Serenity is about 6 inches tall and sits nicely on a necklace gift box.  This is her story:

Her name is Serenity.
She comes to bring you peace and healing energy.
Her core is brass, for strength and flexibility.
Her body is turquoise, the color that radiates calm and tranquility.
Her body suit is a kaleidoscope of happy color to lift your spirit.
Her tunic is net...see all the shimmering prayers and healing energy gathered in it!
She wears the survivor charm strung from your birthstone gems,
encouraging you to remember you have many more birthdays in your future.
Her hair is wild and uncontrollable, a reminder to let your spirit soar.

There is so much love coming to you.
You are so often thought of during each and every day.

Each thought is a prayer.

I used a blank card stock card and glued the story inside the card.  I cut cool pictures from my Midwest Living magazine and glued them in a collage on the front of the card.  I glued a small print version of the story in the back of the box she sits on.

So, I'm coming back to my roots with my recent projects. Years ago I took greatest pleasure in making dolls, needlework and making purses. :)


Barbara said...

This doll is very precious, a true labor of love. Bless Sara, may she know how much she is loved when you give her this doll. Beautiful, Carol.

jinxxxygirl said...

Well Carol it must have been many moons ago cause i never knew you made dolls! She is incredible! And you niece is sure to love her! Do you have any pictures of your dolls??? I'd love to see them!! Sending healing wishes to your niece. Hugs! deb

GlorV1 said...

Carol, you have a heart of gold. What a beautiful gift for your niece. I'm sure she will love it forever as she does you. You are a very good and loving aunt and I love the prayer. Well done!:)

Shashi Nayagam said...

She is an awesome doll. I love the colours and the embellishments on her. You choose the perfect colour and the glitz well I think kids love glitz so I am sure your niece will love it too.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

You got a lot of detail into such a small project! I love her nice bright colours and her sweet face.

Crystal said...

A very special doll made by a very special lady for a very special niece!

Serenity is beautiful and she just glows with love!

Sara will cherish her. :-)

Momma Bear said...

Oh My God! Carol, she is WONDERFUL!
what a marvelous gifty!
I'm sure that every time your niece looks at her doll she knows how much she is loved and cherished by her auntie.

Jan said...

Serenity turned out so beautiful and all the love and healing energy inside it will surely lift your niece's spirits. You are a good and thoughtful person. Talented too!

Penny said...

She is absolutely wonderful. Here you have a hidden talent that I didn't know about. This is a wonderful gift for your niece and I'll bet she lifted your spirit as you made her. Such a beautiful gift. And yes, make some more...

Mosaic Magpie said...

What a special gift you have created here. With all the thought and prayers that went into Serenity she will be an encouragement to Sara. Nicely done, my friend.

Jen Berghage said...

Hi Carol,
I'm adding my prayers and blessings for Sara. When my daughter was very sick we spent time with Devon Africa Jacobs, who is a cancer survivor. Devon told us that she had read The Hidden Messages in Water by Dr. Masaru Emoto. After she read this very special book, she treated her chemo sessions differently. She wrote little post it notes that said "healing," "thank you," "good for me," etc., and she said that she never experienced any fallout from the chemo. Along with the love that you're pouring into Sara, and all the prayers for healing, maybe reading this book and bringing some of the incredibly beautiful information into her process of healing might help. Love to you and your family! ~Jen from Dreamkeeper Creations

Eileen The Artful Crafter said...

Hi Carol,

Sending healing prayers for Sara. The verse describing Serenity had tears rolling down my face. Though named Serenity, your doll is just filled with joyful hope. I think the pieces jumped into your hands by grand design.

Chris Flynn said...

Hi Carol... first of all, I'll keep your niece Sara in my prayers. Thank you for leading me to this post. I just subscribed to get your posts by email.
Serenity is a beautiful doll. I love how you made her flexible with the copper armature. I know Sara feels the blessings of Serenity.
I'm still figuring out the Yahoo group thing. Hope to have a thriving, caring, and sharing gathering place!
Sweet blessings and love to you,

Stacey said...

You have such a beautiful heart, Serenity will be loved and treasured, there is no doubt. I hope that my energies help heal also.

Much love to you both~