Wednesday, August 6, 2014

CQ Class Progress and Lessons Learned

This is the progress I have made on my block for Kathy Shaw's class. I think the stitching is nice.  Kathy's class is very well organized and she supplies all the information we need to follow along.  The mission here is to learn how to use templates, which I have never done, and how to place them properly on the seam, ie centered or off center etc.

My experience before the class is really none. I have SEVERAL blocks stitched for a quilt with no embellishments added yet.  I have embroidered quite a lot years ago, but never seam embellishment or using templates.

I was excited to start. The size of the project and hoop was a little awkward for me at first. And it wasn't long before I was mixed up on which seam I was working on with which template.  That's OK.  I didn't stress out about it and just stitched on.  Luckily, I am not far enough along to have interfered with the future lessons and with Kathy's approval I can just pick up with the next seam as assigned.

So, I have learned a couple of things so far that aren't being taught in the class.

My "room" has a couple of work stations including the computer area, office desk, sewing machine counter, and a small work table. I felt that I needed a larger work area for this project so I took over the booth table in our dining nook.

I recently pulled a muscle or tore a ligament in my hip area and after a couple of hours of stitching, the the oak nook chairs were not comfortable even with an additional seat pad added. I remembered that we had a Secretary Chair in our storage room with the ability to adjust height and lumbar support and it has arms. It is so amazingly comfortable it has found a new home at my new found work station.

** An ample work space, a comfortable chair and good lighting are essential for this kind of needlework.

Part of the reason that I got mixed up on the seams and templates was that I let myself be interrupted while I was stitching.  "Where is this?  Where is that?" and off I went to help find what was there if they just looked harder.

** A new CQ friend suggested that I take time to stitch each and every day.  I'll take that advice and add that I will not allow interruptions. Do not allow myself to lose focus. Also read instructions more carefully.

I am so happy with myself that I am learning this type of stitching.  I have fallen in love with it already and know that I will continue to stitch and learn.

**I am grateful for the serenity I find in embellishing seams.


jinxxxygirl said...

Wow Carol!! I really like your stitching!!! I like to embroider too....but its just not high on my list yet.. :) Hugs! deb

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Your stitching is very nice! You mean they have templates for doing this sort of stitching? I've been wondering how the stitches come out so evenly spaced, etc.

I hope you will feel better and am glad you have a nice seat, lighting and space to create.

Happy Embroidering ~ FlowerLady

Mary Ann Tate said...

Oh lovely:) I agree it's the time to sit uninterrupted and work that's most important. Once you get into the zone it's really like a mental vacation...LOL The use of templates was all new to me too.

Jeanna said...

Very nice Carol. I've never seen seam embellishing before...very interesting.

It's great when we find something that gives us so much joy.

Momma Bear said...

yes a "comfy spot" is essential to happy stitching. you know Carol dear, it was your stitching that drew me to your bog , oh so many years ago!
we sort of started together you might say... I'm glad you are enjoying it again. ;)
and your stitches are lovely!

Anonymous said...

I can't sew a stitch so this all sounds so very complicated to me! :-)

I hope you feel better soon.


Your CQ block is looking very pretty with the added color of the stitches. I agree it is so peaceful to set and stitch. Big smile. Hugs Judy

Barbara said...

This is nothing short of STUNNING! I think you have found one of your strengths Carol! :))))

GlorV1 said...

Great stitching Carol. You are sure enjoying your new leisure. :) Happy for you!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Looks great! Wonder if you were to lightly write on the backing fabric where you are putting what so you can pick it up more easily later? Just a thought. Oh - and SO glad you are being assimilated into my world!!!