Saturday, August 30, 2014

Finished Class Block

Here is my completed block.

Thank you Kathy Shaw, for offering the class and for all the information that you shared.  It was just what I needed to jump in and begin a CQ journey.

I learned so much.  It's funny how you can look at a block and think it looks great.  Then you see a picture and are able to better critique your work.  I see the purpose in having a center focal point to fix your gaze before your eyes move around the block.  I want to further study that aspect of CQ.

I look forward to the next class and can only say that I dearly wish I had begun CQ long ago.

I learned that my best stitching area is in my room where I can close the door.  When I was set up at the dining room table, the dogs liked to bother me by nudging my arm which often caused me to pull the silk ribbon all the way through the fabric, when it was supposed to sit fluffy on top.

I also know that would try other brands of ribbon on future project to test what I like the best.  If anyone has suggestions, please let me know.  This project is done with YLI, however I just got an order from silk which I haven't used yet.

I think future work will probably involve threads more than ribbons but we'll see.

I like stitching with a hoop. I like the tube hoop. I bought two about 30 years ago and never used them until this project.  I found a smaller one ( 8 x 8) at Hobby Lobby and grabbed it.  I will give stitching without a hoop and determine which I like better. I always bead embroider without one so it will be interesting to see the difference.

In the future, I'll stitch the perimeter of the block in a dark thread.  I came too close to the outer lines here.  I think I will frame the piece with the backing fabric, like you see hexie quilts finished.  I like that look.

So, if you have any tips, suggestions, links to great places to purchase supplies I would love to know. I thought I had a lot, but I don't ~lol~.  So much for what I thought was my "Retirement Fund".

Have a great holiday.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

CQ class WIP

Here is my WIP for the CQ class I have been taking.

I am learning a lot.

I love roses...
I don't think I like manipulating 4 mm ribbon..
I'm a visual learner...
CQ embroidery is very forgiving...
It will take a lot of stitching to be proficient.

Notice I didn't say perfect.

Novice stitchers will see beauty~
Intermediate stitchers will too~
Experienced stitchers will remember when they began stitching and hopeful give suggestions and definitely will be encouraging.

I will remain excited to continue on this journey forever.....

Thank you Kathy Shaw.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Sara's Doll - Serenity

This is the doll I made for my niece, Sara, that I have posted about.  Sara is still undergoing treatment for cancer and really not doing very well with the side effects. I knew I wanted to make Sara a healing/spirit doll. I wanted the doll to be able to sit, so I chose to make a wire armature. At first thought, I was going to make an earthy type healing doll. But honestly, I'm more of a glitz and glitter type girl and when I went to my stash, the materials I used just jumped in my hands! And the hair...well I should have taken a side view picture because her hair is bigger than an 80's rock band.  Serenity is about 6 inches tall and sits nicely on a necklace gift box.  This is her story:

Her name is Serenity.
She comes to bring you peace and healing energy.
Her core is brass, for strength and flexibility.
Her body is turquoise, the color that radiates calm and tranquility.
Her body suit is a kaleidoscope of happy color to lift your spirit.
Her tunic is net...see all the shimmering prayers and healing energy gathered in it!
She wears the survivor charm strung from your birthstone gems,
encouraging you to remember you have many more birthdays in your future.
Her hair is wild and uncontrollable, a reminder to let your spirit soar.

There is so much love coming to you.
You are so often thought of during each and every day.

Each thought is a prayer.

I used a blank card stock card and glued the story inside the card.  I cut cool pictures from my Midwest Living magazine and glued them in a collage on the front of the card.  I glued a small print version of the story in the back of the box she sits on.

So, I'm coming back to my roots with my recent projects. Years ago I took greatest pleasure in making dolls, needlework and making purses. :)

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Crazy Quilt Embellishment Class WIP

This is my block as it is now.  I made some mistakes, mixed up some seams, but I didn't stress over it.  As it is now, I see one seam that I may have to change before Kathy approves me to move on to the 1st ribbon assignment.  I didn't really see it until I posted the pic.  Not one to want do-overs I'll wait to see what Kathy thinks.

I have pieced blocks before, but never embellished seams.  I found it to be very relaxing.  I'm eager to work on blocks that I have created and seams treatments that I select. Eager to try more stitches on more colorful fabric.  I'm eager for more assignments and hopefully another class.  If I had a bucket list, this art form would be at the top.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Puppy Love

The weather has been very cooperative lately making it possible to work in the yard.  The re-landscape of the pond area is finally progressing.  We are not getting all that we want to do done.  Terry often says "when we were young, we would have been done with this by now". Gone are the days that we can work outside from 9:00 to 5:00. But it feels good to be out working hard, even if we can't move the next day!

So, being outside so much has caused my class project to suffer, but today and tomorrow will be rainy so I'll catch up.

I thought I'd share some pics of Corey and his dog.  Terry is like Candid Camera, always snapping and the dogs are often his favorite subject.  They are CRAZY together.  Tyson lives for Corey to come home.  Corey gets up at 3AM to go to work.  Tyson can barely open his eyes.  But when Corey comes home 9 hours later, Tyson is waiting at the door and is glued to Corey whenever he is home. Tyson often sits on Corey and uses Bosco for a pillow.
When Corey came home from the lake.

Bosco makes a good pillow.

Recuperating after a game of tag.

If he can't get on the chair, he sleeps under it.

Are two heads REALLY better than one?

Waiting while Corey surfs the web.
Bosco interrupts their nap.

The dogs don't care if Corey is sleeping.

Playing with Bosco while Corey naps.
Just getting comfortable on Corey

Always with his Corey.
Terry and I aren't sure if Bosco has selected one of us as "his" person.  He seems to follow both of us and is always where ever one of us is.  He went to the vet a week ago to be neutered.  I expected them to call me around 9:30 to let me know how the surgery went, and we would have picked him up about 2.  However, at 10 they called to say he had done great, but could I come to get him.  He would not stop crying and they thought he would rest better at home.  They were right.  He layed on the floor by the couch and Terry sat next to him scratching his neck and he was a happy pup.  Its hard to believe that he is 11 months old and weighs 90 pounds.  We wonder what happened to that tiny pup that used to hide run under the end table to his "Safety Zone" to keep away from Tyson. Now Tyson hides in our bedroom to keep away from Bosco.
Junior stays away from BOTH of them!

Have a wonderful day.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

CQ Class Progress and Lessons Learned

This is the progress I have made on my block for Kathy Shaw's class. I think the stitching is nice.  Kathy's class is very well organized and she supplies all the information we need to follow along.  The mission here is to learn how to use templates, which I have never done, and how to place them properly on the seam, ie centered or off center etc.

My experience before the class is really none. I have SEVERAL blocks stitched for a quilt with no embellishments added yet.  I have embroidered quite a lot years ago, but never seam embellishment or using templates.

I was excited to start. The size of the project and hoop was a little awkward for me at first. And it wasn't long before I was mixed up on which seam I was working on with which template.  That's OK.  I didn't stress out about it and just stitched on.  Luckily, I am not far enough along to have interfered with the future lessons and with Kathy's approval I can just pick up with the next seam as assigned.

So, I have learned a couple of things so far that aren't being taught in the class.

My "room" has a couple of work stations including the computer area, office desk, sewing machine counter, and a small work table. I felt that I needed a larger work area for this project so I took over the booth table in our dining nook.

I recently pulled a muscle or tore a ligament in my hip area and after a couple of hours of stitching, the the oak nook chairs were not comfortable even with an additional seat pad added. I remembered that we had a Secretary Chair in our storage room with the ability to adjust height and lumbar support and it has arms. It is so amazingly comfortable it has found a new home at my new found work station.

** An ample work space, a comfortable chair and good lighting are essential for this kind of needlework.

Part of the reason that I got mixed up on the seams and templates was that I let myself be interrupted while I was stitching.  "Where is this?  Where is that?" and off I went to help find what was there if they just looked harder.

** A new CQ friend suggested that I take time to stitch each and every day.  I'll take that advice and add that I will not allow interruptions. Do not allow myself to lose focus. Also read instructions more carefully.

I am so happy with myself that I am learning this type of stitching.  I have fallen in love with it already and know that I will continue to stitch and learn.

**I am grateful for the serenity I find in embellishing seams.