Friday, July 18, 2014

Our Brain Works in Mysterious Ways and a Crazy Quilt Class and Why I Love This Picture

Let me tell you why this is one of my favorite and most treasured photos that I have. It was taken in about 1988.  That's me in the middle.  My best and favorite friend ever is Phyllis who is on the right side of the picture.  This is one of the few pictures I have of me laughing.  We were sailing on Lake Syracuse. Phyllis died of cancer a few years after this picture was taken. Phyl was one of the few people that I have known that I totally enjoyed every single minute we spent together.  I could go on about my BFF and that day, but that is not what this post is about.

It's funny how certain things in our memory come back to us time and time again. I vividly remember a day when I was about 6 or 7 when my parents were planting bushes in our back yard. I remember playing in the mud from one of the holes my dad had dug.  I had put mud on my legs and was washing it off with the hose.  Who knows what game I had going on in my imagination ~ lol~.  I remember when my mother saw what I was doing she REALLY yelled at me. Something like --stopping playing around, you have work to do.  I remember thinking - What work? I'm not doing the planting- not thinking sassily just honestly.

Fast forward to growing into a hard working adult.  I have been thinking a little bit about why I do or don't do things.  It's been hard for me to cut loose in laughter except with Terry.  I always say that the reason we have been married for almost 43 years is because he makes me laugh and boy does he. It's also been hard for me to find "Me" time.  Not that I am so busy, it just has not been a mind set priority.

I have always loved Crazy Quilt and embroidery. When Kathy Shaw offered a beginning Crazy Quilt Embellishment class my first response was that I wished it was the fall when I am not so busy.  Really.  Not so busy in the fall with Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas coming! For a split second that day in the back yard playing in the mud crossed my mind.  Is that crazy or what. I had a pretty crappy childhood so I am always psyching out why I think and do things. Here was Kathy, an accomplished Crazy Quilter, offering a FREE class.  Why wasn't I jumping at the chance to have "ME" time learning a skill that I have always wanted to accomplish.  So, I went back and signed up.  I have a new mindset about life in general.  In the past year the health issues of several people that are really close to me have made me realize that I have missed a lot of opportunities.  Thank you Kathy for making this opportunity available to me and thank you ME for taking advantage of it.

Back to that picture up there.  I keep it on my bulletin board in my craft room.  I look at it often. 
Because I miss Phyl.
Because it was a carefree day at the lake. (I love the lake)
Because it captures a side of me that I have not let surface very often.
All of that.

But now I am going to look at it as a reminder that it's okay to enjoy myself and take time for ME.



Yes, I have also learned that same lesson over the last year,enjoy every day and take time to enjoy yourself. Lovely photo of you and your friend hugs Judy

Sheila said...

Hi Carol, You will love the class with Kathy. I took the beginner class earlier when she offered it. She's great and I learned aot. I've always wanted to learn crazy quilting. I'm taking the intermediate class now.
Good luck hope you enjoy it.

Barbara said...

Lovely, Carol, absolutely and totally lovely. So much to relate to in your post, and the recollection of times past at the oddest moments puzzles me too. There has to be a connection, and whether we figure it out ot not doesn't matter. All that matters, really, is getting over those squelching moments. You did that by signing up, but you are only half-way there. The other half will come when you thoroughly enjoy it! Thank you!

Penny said...

How wonderful to be discovering the 'fun' side. Its in all of us, but sometimes it hides a lot deeper than the serious side. It was so nice to read this posting and to know that you are starting to 'allow' yourself to be happy and joyful. Spoil yourself kiddo - you are truly one of a kind (the good kind).

Momma Bear said...

It sounds silly to say but I have had to learn that lesson too.
my former marriage was busy and full of my obligations to everyone but me and un learning that over the last 5 years has been interesting. I have gon from feeling like a "theif" "stealing" time to just go wander and look to feeling more able to say to my self"screw it i want to go here and do nothing today" it's very freeing and lightening. I could never imagine being able to do that without my kids in tow before but now I see it is a necessary thing to do for yourself. it's a reintroduction to yourself otherwise you get subsumed by everyone else around you and you break.

Sweetpea said...

Carol, I absolutely love this post. Thanks for your raw honesty. You've set my mind on a trail today ... an important one. And may you quilt crazily with much laughter!!

Shawkl said...

Your pal sounds like a load of fun...what a great photo! We all need more "me" time...and I'm glad that your decided to spend a little bit of yours with me too.

jinxxxygirl said...

Life is too short Carol for sure. Perhaps like your Terry. My Alvin is the center of my Universe and i 'am only truly 'myself' with him. I'm so glad you gave this gift to yourself. Big (((HUGS)) deb

Arlene Delloro said...

What a wonderful tribute to the friendship you shared. I'm glad you're makihg time for yourself and I think this will be a fun endeavor. I share your love for the lake and after many years of working, I bask in my retirement.

GlorV1 said...

Hi Carol. Sorry about your friend Phylis. She sounds like she was a wonderful friend. Yes keep on smiling and opening doors for yourself, you deserve the best!

Timaree said...

People keep asking me why I've dyed my hair purple. They wonder if it's to support a sports team or some other thing. I tell them no, I dyed it because I want to have fun before I am gone and that time doesn't seem so far into my future as it did once upon a time. If I am going to start doing things I've wanted to do or learn new things or whatever, I'd better get started NOW! We don't have forever I've come to realize. Guess you are learning that too. Besides, what am I doing that's all that important anyhow? I miss my dad like you miss Phyllis. He was always my best friend. said...

Glad you are finding "me". I have found that it makes me feel better and more fun to be around "the others". Have fun with the class.

mary said...

I too wonder why I put fun "off" til is too short -we should take time for a little fun every day - so glad I read your comments and thanks for sharing yourself with me...Mary in Austin, Texas part of the class with Kathy - and yes it is amazing the details and work she has done for a free class..unbelievable..I thank her over and over for it!! keep in touch - Mary

Linda Walker said...

Hi Carol,
thanks again for stopping by my blog today! I can really relate to this post about the photo with your bff. I had a similar experience. How nice you have a photo together. Will have to check out some other posts!