Thursday, May 1, 2014

The Power Company Entertained Us

 This is Corey's Tree. We planted it in the center of our front yard a few days after Corey was born. I think its a Sugar Maple. We nurture it and make sure it receives plenty of water in the summer.  It rewards us with the most beautiful foliage in the fall. It is usually more red than it was last year because we had a draught most of the summer.  You have seen it many times on my blog since it can be seen in all of my bird feeder shots.

It was perfectly shaped.  Perfectly.

 We were informed that the power company would be trimming trees in our area.  Even though the branches of Corey's Tree didn't reach the power lines yet, they probably would have.

I refuse to  show a picture of what the tree looks like now on the side that grows to the lines. It's a sad but necessary story.

This is the oak that grew next to our driveway in the neighbor's yard.  It needed to come down because it was rotted in the center from the top to the roots.

This is the tree that houses several litters of squirrels every year.  There were two families living in it when it was felled.  We watched one squirrel fall and run across the street.

All afternoon we watched the babies and mothers scurry around looking for their tree.

Luckily the babies are pretty old.  I think they all found a new hollow in one of the trees across the street.

This is pretty high.  I'm not sure how high, but I can tell you I'd love to have a ride up there to look around.  Terry, who is scared of heights thinks I am nuts.

I'm not, but I'm sure that dare devil part of me is part of why he likes me.

This guy is not scared one little bit!!


Robbie said...

Geezzzz This was almost, what I would consider, a sad post!! Between Corey's tree being cut and the squirrels needing to find a new home!!! All's well that ends well, right!

jinxxxygirl said...

Tree cutting is always so sad. Trees are precious to me. Yes, yes you could even call me a tree hugger....... i won't mind. I've seen some horribly mangled trees around here from the power company. Some makes sense , some don't.....

Its difficult to imagine just how big a tree will get when you plant it... hard to plan ahead. I'm sure it will look just as lovely in all its fall glory. :) Hugs! deb

GlorV1 said...

Hopefully they didn't damage your tree too much. That is a lot of height and I'm afraid of heights. I could never go up one of those machines. You are brave. Interesting post. All our trees are way out back so the city/county can't come and chop ours down. There are no overhead wires back there.

Jan said...

Oh you must be just sick with this! Nothing to be done about it but oh, how awful. So sorry you had to endure it, I hurt with you.

Timaree said...

I guess its sometimes necessary to trim the trees back but it would be better if they would just lay the wire underground. In our town we've had winds the likes of which people who've lived here for 30 years have never seen. Trees are down all over town and roofing tiles are off many homes. My husband was up nailing and tarring ours down after the winds finally died down this afternoon after 3 days of it! So I guess trees get trimmed down one way or another over time.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I hate to see the way the hydro companies butcher trees but I can understand the necessity of it. What I can't stand is to see a perfectly healthy tree that isn't a danger being cut down just because it doesn't happen to please someone's idea of what is perfect.

Sweetpea said...

Corey's tree is MAGNIFICENT.
What a story - and the image of those scurrying
squirrels, oh my - not uncommon but still hard to
swallow. Power company on our island topped one of the [only] two heritage apple trees on our property and poor thing never did regain a productive footing. To be filed in the *necessary evil* compartment?

Crystal said...

Necessary or not, it always breaks my heart to see a tree trimmed in a manner that ruins its majesty.

Terry and I are on the same page with heights!
Even so, I must admit it looks like fun to have that all encompassing view. xoxo

Penny said...

I know its necessary, but oh so difficult to see the trees cut back. When we were building a house in Georgia they had to come into the site and cut down quite a few trees. Even though the house couldn't be built without cutting down the trees first I broke into tears and felt so guilty for taking the lives of the trees. Hopefully your Maple will grow out and once again be the tree it was before.

Mary Ann Tate said...

Too bad about the maple tree but I guess you really had no choice. They have really cut back the maples on our street this spring. We had a terrible ice storm this winter and a lot of damage was done to the trees. Hopefully when the leaves show up it will hide some of the bad parts.

Momma Bear said...

I hate it when the power co. comes to trim the trees. they do such a hatchet job! when they are done, the trees always look sad and deformed. the critters in the neighborhood are skittish and wary for weeks after especially if they cut down a "home".
and even though we try to keep our trees trimmed to a reasonable distance to e power lines, they still go in and whack away, pthhh! grumble, grumble, fuss, fuss!

Eileen The Artful Crafter said...

So sorry about your beautiful sugar maple. Glad you ahve so mnay photos of it in its prime.