Friday, May 9, 2014

Arm Chair Projects

 40+ years ago I taught myself to crochet and to knit.  Crochet came easier to me so I ran with it, but I have always loved knitted lace and felt that someday I would work at learning how to knit as well as I crochet.  When my daughter said she wanted to learn how to knit, I signed us up for a class.  When she was young, we used to take classes together all the time....ceramics....clay...painting.  Well, even though the instructor knew her stuff, my daughter didn't get the hang of it. I told Laurie that I felt crochet was much easier and that I would be glad to teach her.  We both agreed that lessons will start after the summer.  I look forward to that!   I'm not sure if I will pursue knitting.  Perhaps when the snow flies again I'll pick it up.  We'll see.

I have a blog friend, Penny who does amazing needle punch.  I thought I would like to learn this Russian craft. I bought the needle tool and a book.  When I saw a local craft shop was offering a class, I jumped at the chance to learn hands on.  I have to tell you I was really disappointed in the instructor.

When I signed up, I paid a fee for the class and what the store calls a Class Pak which included a hoop, the tool, a threader and practice muslin which all cost about $25.  I was also required to buy a needle punch kit and the floss it required at a cost of about another $25. The instructor mentioned that she was not well and recovering from surgery.  She was, in my opinion, ill prepared and not familiar with the Clover brand of tools that came in the class pak.  I left with the knowledge of how to thread the needle and tested setting it at different lengths.  All in all I'm glad I went, but I don't think I'll be taking another class at Erica's.

Ok, the hexie craze is making the blog rounds again. I thought I'd make good use of my scraps and get on the band wagon.  I have a 1-1/4 hex paper punch so I am killing 3 ( not - birds) with one stone. I can't kill or cage birds but that's a whole other story. Using scrap fabric, scrap paper and keeping my hands busy.  It's very addicting!

So, here I am, back to my old stand-by crochet.  I needed a no-think project to take along to doctor appointments  etc.  I have some wonderful boucle' yarn in my stash.  It's a shimmery tan/blue variegated yarn that is absolutely beautiful.  This will be a summer shawl for me.  I haven't made myself anything for a really long time.

I HAVE to have an ongoing Arm Chair Project.  My hands can't be still.  I spend time with Terry while he watches TV, which usually doesn't interest me.  The only time my eyes are glued to the screen is for NCIS, NCIS LA, The Good Wife and The Americans.  Occasionally something else really good comes along...True Detective...Fargo...The Vikings.  I didn't have HBO when Game of Thrones started, or I probably would watch it religiously too.

Here is my arm chair with project tray next to it and my ever present companion laying so close that I can't lift the recliner foot rest.  I can't bring myself to make him move.  If Bosco isn't laying there, then Tyson is.

I don't talk about it, but I have tattoos.  I got them back in the 80's before the ink craze hit and it was unacceptable for a woman to have tats.  They have special meaning to me...a Queen of Hearts and the other is bumble bees.

I am honored that I was Corey's first human canvas.  I love this tattoo.

So what are YOUR favorite go to crafts?  How about your favorite TV shows?  What do you think of tattoo. Do you love them or are they taboo?  I'd love to know your thoughts.

BTW:  Today I am grateful that Spring has finally sprung.  Yesterday we broke a record with temps reaching 91 degrees.  It was sunny heaven!


jinxxxygirl said...

Woman you are buuuusy! :) But a good busy right? My go to crafts... i guess it has to be the drawing i do while keeping hubby company while he watches TV... lol ... i do know how to crochet and have made a couple afgans and scarves but i don't pursue it much these days........
Ceramics, mosaics, card making,polymer clay, you know just too many to name. Crazy...crazy good.
Favorite TV Shows... Castle,Lost Girl, Agents of Shield, NCIS (although i'm not sure i like the new girl who has replaced Ziva), Face Off, Jim Henson's Creature Shop, The 100, Revolution, Grimm, Helix, and i'am looking forward to the return of Defiance and Falling Skies......and will probably check out Rosemary's Baby....and Extant series with Halle Berry.. you asked.. ! LOL!
Not a huge fan of tatoos....Made daughter wait until she was 18 to get one and now she has an armful. I don't mind if they are someplace easily hidden. Where you can show them if you want to or cover them up if you don't.

We will be hitting 100 next week...uughhhh.... Hugs! deb

Momma Bear said...

hi carol congratulations on getting spring! :) I love cq it is my destresser of choice.beading comes a close second and i occasionally scrapbook as card or something though honestly it's cq with paper. if I want to get dirty gardening is a passion i occasionally have the bug to make my own cloths but if it takes more than a day or two I get bored with it. as for TV I also love the Gibbs. greys anatomy has me hooked and I have loved doctor who since the 60's so when things like buffy, firefly or fringe come along i'm all in. although today if the sunn holds out I am going to hang my chair put NPR on the radio and cq outside under the leni and watch the grass grow ( i mowed wednesday and it looks like I did nothing!) mahalo!

Momma Bear said...

I forgot about the tattoos! i have always been fascinated by them but I don't have any.
the talent and artistry of some tattooers is stunning!
I have always toyed with getting one but then I would have to choose something spectacular and meaningful and get over a nasty needle phobia.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

So much of this post resonated with me! I, too, taught myself to crochet and knit and probably around 40 years ago as well. Crochet was my favourite and still would be if I hadn't developed arthritis in my hands. Now I find knitting to be easier. I once had a needle punch and dabbled with it, but couldn't seem to make anything that excited me. Oh yes...and a huge fan of NCIS and NCIS LA too (along with Big Bang Theory). As for tats - I don't have any, but have given some thought to getting one. Absolutely stunned my grown kids when I said I wouldn't mind a small one.

Jan said...

I crochet and knit too but even though I have made socks I don't really enjoy knitting as much as I do crochet. I haven't done either for a long time though, oh except for crocheting rugs. Use up old fabric, turn it into rugs, easy project. Beading, art journaling, doodling, quilt making, bed quilts and art quilts, card making, mixed media painting, a little bit of everything.
I don't have regular TV but can stream over Amazon and am currently watching season 4 of The Good wife. We started with season 1 and have just kept going, that is how we roll. It feels like those people are our friends, we hang out with them almost every night, ha ha.

Tattoos, I don't have any, don't want any but it is fun to see what people put on themselves. I don't mind them. Why should I?
Who's Artie?

Timaree said...

You seem to be having fun finding your retirement niche! Some classes will be good and others not so much. I think the stores have trouble finding people who not only know their craft but can also teach well! I think drawing is my go to craft lately. I've got some knitting started but it just seems to be gathering dust although I really need some new sweaters.

20 North Ora said...

My - you are a woman of many talents. My Mom taught me to crochet, but I just never enjoyed doing it - I'd much rather paint and sew. Classes are really good to learn something new. They seem to always have so many shortcuts to teach you.

I'm not big on tattoos. My son, grandkids all have them, but I just am not crazy about them. To each their own.

Thanks for dropping by 20 North Ora.


UrbanFrog said...

Hi Carol :) I too religiously watch NCIS and NCIS:LA, and also Blacklist, and Grimm - I won't even answer Mum's Skype request if any of those 4 are on. (She knows better than to try Skyping at those times, anyway!). Like you, I have always been a crocheter rather than a knitter, having only finally gotten the hang of knitting in the past few years. I am left-handed, but weirdly, I only got the hang of knitting when I started to knit right-handed, and I didn't even realise I was doing it at the time. I just thought "wow, this is so much easier than it used to be", then had a lot of trouble trying to follow the pattern in 'opposite' (as us lefties do), until it suddenly clicked the reason it wasn't working in 'opposite' was because I was doing it right-handed. Haven't looked back since.
My go to crafts are CQing and Scrumbling. Scrumbling is just so wonderful - it can be knitting, or crochet, or both - whatever takes your fancy. Any size hook or needles you feel like, any type of yarn or thread you have at hand, any stiches that pop to mind. No pattern, just free-flow, wherever it takes you. And when you have a bunch of them, then you put them together to make something. It is one of those wonderful take-anywhere crafts, because it doesn't require precision, or intense concentration, and you only need minimal equipment and just bits and pieces of yarns.
As for tattoos... I have a butt-load of them. I have always been a big fan of body art.
Cheers, Dana.

Penny said...

My go-to craft is punchneedle as you know *smile*. I am sorry the class was such a disappointment. I would never teach a class for PN expecting people to pay for supplies because many people don't like it once they try it and then they've invested in something they'll never use. Shame on the instructor. Other than PN I often drift off into doll making. Speaking of crocheting, three different times I've tried to learn and both the teachers and I gave up on my abilities in that area *smile*.

Crystal said...

Retirement agrees with you! You have some great projects in process, there. :-)

Although I can knit and have made many knitted items over the years, these days my first choice is crochet. It's faster and the patterns available now are becoming more and more creative.

I was interested to read Urban Frog's comment on "scrumbling"! Had to google it and was fascinated to see that people are combining crochet AND knit in their designs. Now I know what I'll do with the extra bits and pieces (stitch samples, pattern trials) of knit and crochet that I have. xoxo!

Susan said...

Hi, I saw your message on one of my other accounts that I have not visited lately, so sorry for the late reply. I just love anything handmade. I do lots of different crafts but embroidery is my favourite.

You asked for my blog and its if you would like to visit it.

Anonymous said...

I love to crocet . . . but get crazy frustrated because it never fails that one of our girls will nibble on my blanket/afghan right after I've completed it! Bad girls.

I have a couple of tattoos with a couple more I have in mind. My beautiful daughter is covered and my son almost as much. I think they are a form of self-expression and to each their own. I like your latest one - beautiful colors.

Shashi Nayagam said...

I wish I could crochet like you. For some reason I never seem to finish crochet projects when I start.

Barbara said...

Ok, so here I am again, relating to this post. I can knit, but not crochet, go figure. However, at 71 even knitting has become a challenge with arthritis in my hands. Oh me, it's always something. So, weaving is now my armchair project. Are you still trying that? I got interested in Penny's punch needle also, but never invested in the tools. I don't think my hands are up to it anyhow. Keep plugging along!

Eileen The Artful Crafter said...

Go to craft - anything digital, next is paper crafting - cards, etc.

Fave TV show - Downton Abbey, Doc Martin

Tattos - taboo for me at my age, okay for my sonn - he's got many!

You've been a busy little bee!

Unknown said...

Catching up a little... Love your tattoo from Corey! Congrats to him on the win in the MMA. Keep your family in my thoughts and especially your FIL. Stay safe, you guys are really getting a lashing with the storms coming through. I'm so glad Corey is there to help you and Terry. Sending you big hugs, Carol!